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Ken Pepiton Sep 9
As we flow imagining we motivate
our selves to go on,
crack the whip,
try oomph-ala
like… take and read the little book, or swallow
what you're told…

for any mind a thinking thing is companion,
welcome the strange
little light leading on,
for minded beings do not live by bread, alone.

Inside, we see alone.
Outside, I see all one. Am I enlightened,

I ask my closest confidant.
Ah, I utter

as a sigh, slack jawed awe, a we is made
right now --
me and thee, dear, dear reading being thinking

do you mind?
Did I capitalize on your confusion to stick
a point into a bubble you believed?

How would you know?
Omphalos is the hub of any bubble of being,
center of gravity, if I may
make that assertion
as certain as
may be in these days of knowledge expansion.
May is you word, now. You know.}
A stitch. Point of purpose, needles need thread, thread needs fiber, fibers must be spun. the point of a needle is for piercing, the eye is for sewing edge to edge, with thread. Nothing is simple.
Jay M Aug 21
The light shines so brightly
When all is well
And the heart is complete
Holding on so tightly
All was swell
The world at our feet

Then a force ripped it all away
Told me
That was no place for my heart to stay
Why, why not leave us be?

The light began to hurt
The night began to call
Now and again I fell
With half a heart
Holding on tight
My heart refusing to let go without a fight
Walking like just another day in hell
My soul incomplete

There are many things
That I regret
Some things I wish I could forget
Hit reset
But there isn't one
It's gone

So I hold onto the memories
The big and small
Knowing that I have to let you go
But still refusing to fully do so

Missing you
Through each passing day
Refusing to say
Instead holding it at bay
Keeping a bird in a cage

Searching for a day
When I may
Say my formal goodbye
Knowing it would never fly
My words never to reach your ears
Probably not to see you for years

Come what will
I remain still
Unsure to move
In the game of life
Dreaming to make it through strife

Remember me,
Just as I remember thee,
For 'tis all we have
Now and for a time to come.

- Jay M
August 21st, 2020
I'm aware that the last stanza has a slightly different feel than the rest of it, but to me it felt as though it needed to be there.

Make of it what you will.
Mark Wanless Feb 8
i can not see
what i refuse to look at
the darkness the dark
Bhill Feb 7
enormous and graceful hands reached out
hands glistening with sweat and pain
pain from years of hard and intense toil
searching the world for his one authentic desire
the desire to save me....
me, the one item in his life that did not need saving
who is he to think that
who am I to refuse

Brian Hill - 2020 # 38
AtMidCode Jan 28
i have come to terms with the fact that in order for me to go on every single day of my life
i have to feel
i mean not feel-feel
but you know
feel as in act like there is something burning inside of me aside from numbness, apathy, and i dont know ... resenting the existence of feelings?

so i will tell you all about my feelings
hey, listen

so i am mad at you
mad at you for not bothering to check up on me
today i saw you on my way home
talking to people that i do not know anymore
as you saw me and i saw you
i raise my hand like this*, give a little wave and was very determined to not have an eye contact with you for more than three seconds
because according to the books entitled "How to Look Like You Don't Care That Much About Them Anymore", i am supposed to look ahead, keep walking, and basically act like i didn't want to go towards you because i desperately wanted a hug from a person who claims to be my friend
who told me she admired me
and she treats be as a "bestfriend" and calling another that same title

(i mean sure
maybe you can indeed have two bestfriends
and the rule on superlative degree should adjust)

so i walked ahead and shut that thought
that there is a possibility that i can really get that hug
because in this universe
you will never initiate something
for me

let's face it
you don't care
and you are the best teacher ever


this is not a poem

this is a thank you note

in the interest of all that is supeficial (see also our friendship)

you do not know how the shards you have made of me were the ones i used to cut myself

if you know
i remember i am supposed to have feelings

darling, thanks for maiming me
this is a how i tell you i do not want you in my life anymore
keep the door open on your way out
Leah Jan 4
cutting my finger and it hurts
breaking a bone and it hurts
hitting my head and it hurts
you refuse to love me and it bleeds
Pyrrha Aug 2019
No matter how many times you give your heart to someone or tell them that it's theirs, if they say their heart is someone else's you can never get your heart back quite the way it was.
Lily Apr 2019
I refuse to be the puppet
That you dangle on the string,
I refuse to be the person
You always count on for things.

I refuse to have everything
Dumped on me,
I refuse to always be the one
Begging on her knees.

I refuse to be lied to,
Purposefully ignored;
I refuse to be the one
Who is left out in the storm.

I refuse to be left out as refuse;
Worthless, forgotten trash
That you threw out your window,
Scattering my soul to ash.
Sometimes you have to get rid of the toxic people in your life to make some space for positive people
A Simillacrum Mar 2019
Nothing but a cyst
Sloughing skin
Kept within

Nothing but cancer
Sloughing skin

Dirt pop
Nothing but a dream
Simple wish,
Spinning disc

Meat pop
Nothing but a dream
Nothing good
Nothing grand

**** me. Rend me.
Pull my soul
Out of my ***

Hold me. Taste me.
Rub my flesh
Dance into death

The apartment lies just on the hill.
Beyond the defunct track, beside
The working track. Tall, pale grass

Pressed under trash. Food bags.
Food bags and drink cups.
Cigarettes, butts, and packs

Watch as the refuse stretches
Just as it is
Sharing light of morning sun


Watch as the refuse stretches
Just as it is
Paper and/or plastic

Beautiful, isn't it.
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