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MoDavid Jul 6
It’s been ten years, long but short nonetheless,
But these last few weeks seem most valuable:
With the many tears, shed but shown much less,
With what was and still isn’t; days, countable,
Unwind the deep depths of my mind, as I press
And **** what memories I have left, unable
To realize, much more see, how near sunset’s
Come. For me, it might be time to buy a shave.

I’ve got a lot to look back to, much more to look at:
Those days I cried because I couldn’t fight and
The days I’ll fight because I wouldn’t cry… That,
That and why things are the way they are without
Having to ask “why?” are the things my mind can’t
Help but think of. It’s my time to wake up now.

Sunset nears, but there is no need to fear the night.
All nights pass as if there is none; hence, sleep is time
Travel. Sunrise will come just as soon as sunset; right
After the sun waves goodbye it greets us with light
So brilliant. Indeed, it is time to wake up… Tomorrow
Is just like any other day, just that it starts another
Ten years… of pain and joy, of sorrow and laughter,
Of new things and old habits… I’m not even halfway there!
It might be a little too late sharing this with you, but for your information this was written on the 27th of December 2019. It still carries with it what I had in mind back then...
Nylee Jul 2
her hand so cold
she comes at night to play
as the hours fold
she finds a partner
and twirls in her white dress
leave a mark behind.

her presence magnetic
smile mesmerising
eyes twinkling
hiding the truth
and the piano
in background.

The house was full
she was awake
with a masquerade
no one knew
where she came from
blending in.

and swift talks
dreaming the future
meeting the one
rhythm with beats
and the day began
where she didn't exist
not from the last decade.
Some days it feels like the world has twisted
Like the earth took a wrong rotation
Then it tried to fix it
but something didn't quite fit
There must be a crack somewhere
Where we all keep stumbling
One after another, day after day
Like a pile of dominoes
Welcome to the year 2020
20 dominoes that fell down
20 things that went wrong
A decade starts, leaving the previous one behind,
The whole world celebrates.
And the history’s put to rewind.
For the next ten years.

With so much lived in the past
And so much to live in the coming ones
I hope I don’t find myself aghast
Of the next ten years.

It’s definitely a long journey
And I’m ready to take off
To take up a different sojourn
In the next ten years.

Lives will be changed
And a turn will be taken
Leading to something strange
Up the next ten years.

Many new goals will be set
And people will thrive
And will do anything to get.
In those ten years.

All I am stuck thinking
Is how much I will change
Leaving my old self behind lurking
Through the next ten years.
I think this poem is self explanatory, yeah!
hannah b Jan 8
i will learn to taste the honeydew
and pretend to like it

i will taste the honeysuckle
and not have to pretend

i will feel grass in my hands and
say it is the best of life

and not the woman i need between my teeth

i am not ferocious, not demanding, not unwise,
simply at peace.

i am the sparkler to the firework
the star to the sun
the kitten to the lion.

but are these not all one and the same?

i see dandelion seeds and
though they are weeds i will
watch their dance anyway

i dive into agua dulce
wishing to be stardust instead of glitter
but glitter is certainly better than ash

under the water i have a moment to myself
where it
takes my screams into pockets of air
floating up without consequence

escaping my body at last in
a beautiful anonymity

may watchful eyes devour my body
unmarked, unblemished, devoid.

and they will watch as i make myself perfect

…but if the powdered sugar somehow melts off of my skin
i beg you to look away
for your sake and mine
wish me luck
Bhill Jan 3
The whole decade thing came at us fast
Or did it
Was it really, what, 10 years?
*** (where the f¥€k did it go)
Surprising that it passes and so many people missed it
DO NOT miss the next one
Jump right in and start it robustly

Just mumbling some morning banter.....
I didn't even realise it was Friday...****
Brian Hill -2020 # 203
Morning rant and banter...!
The last day of the decade in which I grew up.
Funny. Every year felt like a decade itself.
A poem every day.
Mitch Prax Jan 3
Dear Diary;
this year already
tastes like last year
and I can see the
rot ahead.
S H Violet Jan 2
As the decade began, 
I felt a rush go through 
my entire body, 
like how it felt
when we were kids.

You stayed by my side
just so you could be 
the first thing on my mind.
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