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Nat Lipstadt Jan 20
“a decade old is forever new, for
truth is never old.”
Pradip Chattopadhyay 

this man, ten years of inspiration, ten years of friendship, here,
on HP,
provides nourishment to my lagging body as it nears eight decades
of Earthly occupation, for
his eyes and heart and his mastery
of the songs of the tongue,
have wrenched me straight,
we, attentive to the tears
he makes me weep, for his insights penetrate my insides,

even now as one, unexpectedly, reflects midst
yet another first poem of the day, my eyelids blink away
the wet,
my brain revels at his pithy, how he corrals,
encapsulates the daily smoke and fire of life,
it truest value,
in words that make one wonder,

what admixture of mineral, chemical, history,
adventures, atmosphere, parentage, spices,
love gives him these super powers to gentle
seize the moment, size our souls, causing my
cheeks to wide smile, while mine eyes sheds
monsoon droplets of feelings so deep, that
my repaired heart oxygenates my very soul,
making me high, my mind reels that a day will
come inevitable
that one of us will be unable to sit by side,
swapping tales of granddaughters, and
other earth meaningful events, to walk his
streets or he, mine, finishing each other’s

to think that I awoke with no intention of
composing this paean, but his brief pearl
knocks my head side to side,
and with the
tears, come words,
that age, or an entire
cannot restrain,
retrained to modesty,
for regarding my friend

my boundaries expand and cannot be
contained, even by my delimited vocabulary,
the paucity of my skill, the insufficiency of
the adjectives acquired over a lifetime, but
do my unequal-to-the-task best efforts,
but without choice, but compulsed, compelled,
one more time, to say,
to my new day,
perhaps my last,
I love this poet~man.
this is one of my truths.
Wed Jan 17 8:31am
City of New York


read the poetry of
truth is never old.” Pradip Chattopadhyay  lipstadt
Randy Johnson Mar 2023
It was a day that I was bound to dread.
I woke up in the hospital and found you dead.
I told the nurse that I thought you had died and she examined you.
She found no pulse and she confirmed what I believed to be true.
Your death occurred ten years ago today.
After living for 64 years, you passed away.
I woke up my brother and told him that you died.
When I went home, I licked my wounds and cried.
I had to accept the fact that your life had come to an end.
You weren't just my mother, you were also my closest friend.
I loved you and people know how important you were to me.
You have been gone from my life for one tenth of a century.
You died even though I begged God to save you when I prayed.
Rest in Peace, Mom, today you've been dead for an entire decade.
Randy Johnson Dec 2022
It has been an entire decade since we last spent Christmas together.
Less than three months later, you died and you were gone forever.
The last Christmas that we spent together is something I hold dear.
Time certainly does fly, it does not seem like it has been ten years.
After spending many Christmases together, your life came to an end.
After you died, it took nearly two years for my broken heart to mend.
You once cooked Christmas dinners and we opened gifts that were under the trees.
The memories of the years that we spent together are very important to me.
When you were only 64, you had an abdominal aneurysm and I lost my best friend.
Merry Christmas, Mom, it's sad that we can never spend Christmas together again.
Randy Johnson Jul 2022
Andy Griffith found success when he starred in "The Andy Griffith Show".
That sitcom is still popular today and it was created over sixty years ago.
It was one decade ago today when Andy Griffith took his final breath.
Andy didn't have a funeral, he was buried immediately after his death.
He starred in "Matlock" from 1986 to 1995.
Andy would be ninety-six if he had survived.
Ten years ago today, a famous man died.
Andy had Charisma and talent and that can't be denied.
Dedicated to Andy Griffith (1926-2012) who died ten years ago today on July 3, 2012.
Winnalynn Wood Jul 2021
The birds are whistling
and the trees are listening

To the sway of a branch
and the ending of a decade
gone away with the facade

Of trickery wrought from calloused tongues
And seeds of deceit planted in the young

Come away my friend, watch the decade of the end
Again once more, before the flowers get sore
Bending into death, and ending their breath
Come away to endings, and the long awaited sending
Watch the decade of the end
my dearest friend
It was two thousand and ten
A minute ago
And now the year
of the deadly virus
ten years hence

Like a dream -

A decade passes
Like waves crashing on
The shore

And I hibernate in
The visions of yesteryear
Picking out my psychic

A hermit?
Oh! No!
A Saint in hiding
Shivangi Singh Jan 2021
Yet another decade begins, another choice we get
To create  a nexus or a vicious circle

Its time to reflect back, and know
What it means for your soul, your inner sparkle
Nylee Dec 2020
Three hundred and sixty
the days blurred away
I have had so many thoughts
I have lost them in time and places
no memories come to mind
only insecurities in the face
all my connections hard to find
It has been a surreal time.

The lush green picturesque view framed in mind
It is the year twenty twenty
No sunshine touched my face
up and lost like every other day
nobody new came in my way
same struggles and my prayers
My hair four inches longer
the only thing grown this year

Twenty fifth year of mine,
slowly approaching
The previous decade had me
losing hope with time
I am just curiously watching
what new problems
would headline this new year
A new decade to remember.
The last poetry of the year.
M Jul 2020
It’s been ten years, long but short nonetheless,
But these last few weeks seem most valuable:
With the many tears, shed but shown much less,
With what was and still isn’t; days, countable,
Unwind the deep depths of my mind, as I press
And **** what memories I have left, unable
To realize, much more see, how near sunset’s
Come. For me, it might be time to buy a shave.

I’ve got a lot to look back to, much more to look at:
Those days I cried because I couldn’t fight and
The days I’ll fight because I wouldn’t cry… That,
That and why things are the way they are without
Having to ask “why?” are the things my mind can’t
Help but think of. It’s my time to wake up now.

Sunset nears, but there is no need to fear the night.
All nights pass as if there is none; hence, sleep is time
Travel. Sunrise will come just as soon as sunset; right
After the sun waves goodbye it greets us with light
So brilliant. Indeed, it is time to wake up… Tomorrow
Is just like any other day, just that it starts another
Ten years… of pain and joy, of sorrow and laughter,
Of new things and old habits… I’m not even halfway there!
It might be a little too late sharing this with you, but for your information this was written on the 27th of December 2019. It still carries with it what I had in mind back then...
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