Aleeza 5d

the thing about us is
we're on the verge of something
something beautiful? maybe
something disastrous? maybe

the thing about us is
it wasn't always like this
how could i have known
the day you told me your name
that someday i would always remember it?

and you were there
you were there when i cried
you were there when i laughed
you were there when i had all the stories
so i am not used to you being absent

and i was there
when everything was unfair
when the world seemed to hate you
when there was nowhere left to run

and in the way that things are
it all got messed up
the very day i stared at my ceiling
and i knew that it was you

and the thing is
it rarely ever works out the way we want it to
it rarely ever gives us the chance

but if i was allowed
if circumstances were different
i would have found you again
and i would have told you every word
and i would have drawn every line for you

but the thing is
i will stay where i am right now
i know where i stand
and it is not by your side
holding your hand

Ayu Rafina Sep 30

How can i love
when i can't even love myself?
How can i make you settled
when my heart is nowhere to be found?

Come with me to my nowhereland
Get to know me at this stand

I visit this place quite often
It is solitary, dark and silent

Sitting hours leaving everything
Feel nothing and be nothing

Here i meet my truer self
Sit here blank, lost in myself

Don't tell me to comeback just yet
Don't ever try to bring me back

You will get to know me better
Or maybe we will lost together

Why i am here? you'll understand
Come with me to my nowhereland

Understand people in there dark
Away from the world
In soliude...
Just be nothing ..
Brianna Sep 7

I want your lips against mine.
Your hands all over me.
But you're in California and I'm over here thinking-

why the hell do I always fall for the guys nowhere near me?

Shadowhollow Aug 30

He's out there somewhere I know he is
But for now I must settle for lustful looks from men's eyes that aren't his

He's out there somewhere
I whisper to people who are not there
I store words of love like trinkets
And for what use ? I don't say this but think it

He's out there somewhere,in this dark abyss
Ready to give me absolute happiness and bliss
I say as a silent prayer
To a man I know is nowhere .

elise Aug 7

I need to escape

But there's nowhere to run

So here I will hide

Life is a highway to nowhere and we are drivers lost in a moment without realizing the beauty of the world passing by

ICN Aug 1

i feel so alive
so caught up in the moment
i forget how to try
it's all just genuine
it's all amazing
for now

before i go back home
before i leave
before i realize i have nowhere
i can truly call my own
i'm so caught up in the drugs i forget
i'm just alone in the world
it's all about now
its all about escaping all the things that i've been through

i forget how to live
without the vicodin
mixed with vodka and rum
i forget how to live without supplementary help

//i think i need actual help\\
Hannah Jul 31

I'm walking down
the railroad track.
I have a cigarette,
a bottle of jack,
and a wife at home
that thinks
I'm coming back.

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