Aa Harvey Apr 14
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is nowhere to be seen.
Love is gone,
So I guess I am stuck with me.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Yule Mar 29
What a waste. Such a waste.
All the effort and time going down the drain.
The solution's so easy
So foolproof
Yet why does it have to be us to suffer
I thought we're going to be set free
Let all the hard work be paid off
I was excited to taste that sweet ecstacy
Yet in one glance, it's still out of reach
Another chance slipped away
Such a waste,
disappointing how the universe can't let us be
Ah, I must have forgotten how unfair life can be.
It screws you up whenever it got the chance
It's such an easy way out, yet why choose a more difficult route?
And that everyone ask me to be practical?
Why must I be the one who's selfish?
It's not all the time I ask for myself—
why must I be the one who will look bad?
This is why I kept my mouth shut
Bury myself in these fort of blankets and pillows;
at least here I can find comfort
What's a home if you're conscious of every move you make in these four walls confining you?
Do I not have a right to be upset?
Must I act like a robot?— it's not every time I can act perfect
I will instead mope around, I can't even whine
As if I can do anything about it, right?
I'll say goodbye to my dreams to aim high and spreading my wings
Wave at the anticipation of leaving the nest
I'm still stuck down here, dying to break free
For more years to come till my grave...
At least I have something else to anticipate, right?
May we let go of old ways that's keeping us from moving forward?— no, I apologize. I must not speak.
I'll just stay here and rot in silence.
And silence where I'm supposed to be kept.
this was a poem I made last Feb. where I was in my lowest low, I may say... this mostly concerned with how I view my future and how I feel limited by my "superiors"... everything went down the drain with me and my future plans with this "oh so minor" set back...

I am not vocal when it comes to this, and I am not viewed "mature" and "deep" by my family fml. I still am not sure if I am able to continue my dreams off my homeland, alas. | 180212; 9:28 pm
RyMo Mar 5
Waiting to go nowhere, standing by the door,
Thoughts are swirling all around the ceiling to the floor,
People stare with eyes that judge, but they do not know,
The darkness and the light each which grow in me slow,
Yes together but apart it’s sometimes hard to tell,
One day whispers softly yet another it might yell,
A child screams, it stirs me up,
I want to scream right back “shut up!”
Like magma rising from the deep,
Fast at first but then it creeps,
The lava burning the present that be,
The fire blinding my eyes to see,
Although I can sense it it’s harder to stop,
The bubble gets bigger and weakens to pop,
Then I’m left standing there cold and alone,
Wanting nothing more but to fold and go home,
The fire it transforms to ice in my chest,
Smoldering visions of me at my best,
Shedding a tear for the darkness within,
Quieting back down just to rise again,
The breath takes back over, leading the way,
Presence in consciousness now here to stay,
Yet nothing is permanent, the good and the bad,
Fleeting like every emotion we’ve had,
Here in the moment but then gone the next,
Leaving my soul feeling perplexed,
Wondering how but not asking why,
Choosing to crawl when I could just fly,
The light brings wings but the darkness adds weight,
Trying to escape my preconceived fate,
Feeling too tired to chew and then swallow,
Feeling the hole in my soul grow hollow,
Sometimes a vacuum is how it appears,
Filled with the worst of the worst of my fears,
Darker than skies on nights of new moons,
Like a storm out on the horizon looms,
Lightning and thunder and buckets of rain,
The sky opens up and cries out my pain,
No one to hear and no one to see,
My soul screams out just wanting to flee,
Thoughts still swirling from ceiling to floor,
Waiting to go nowhere, standing by the door…
Samvel Jan 31
Sometimes I really wonder,
What would it be like,
To be like a thunder,
Always ready to strike.

And yet there are days,
Whit this simple blue sky.
And warm sunny rays,
That make me wanna fly.

There are also some nights,
When stars seem like flakes,
And moon slowly glides
Upon reflection in lake.

Beauty really has no limits,
Every given present time,
There's always chance to seize it,
Words like thunder, strike with rhyme.

All I see is nights follow days,
Or the other way around.
We are dust in the space,
In the train, Nowhere-bound.
Irina BBota Jan 14
Give me a one-way ticket to Nowhere,
to be like a solitary, unique flower,
to see thousands of morning stars,
to be the longing's sweet desire.

Give me a one-way ticket to Anywhere,
my wings have forgotten how to fly,
for going back to my world in seconds,
the resignation will have to pass me by.

Give me a return ticket Anytime,
to give. Because I forgot to receive.
Am I in the clouds or on the ground?
I have loved and I love now, I believe.

Give me a return ticket Anyway,
I do not ask for me to be understood.
I do not want any self-consumption,
angels wouldn't care, but I would.

Tonie Jan 13
Standing in the middle of the terminal
Confused on where to go
I have an empty bag but my heart is full of emotions.
I've been everywhere,
Searching here and there
Looking for something that I don't even know
It's not when, but where will I stop and grow?
I hope one day I end this confusion
And find a place I can call my Home.
Anatoly Dec 2017
From nowhere with love, on the teenth of martober.
Dear madam, my darling, my sweet- but of no
Importance that is. For your features no longer,
To tell the truth, can be remembered. Not yours,
Yet no one's best friend. I salute you from one of
Five continents, which rests on the cowboys. Then
I loved you more than angles, and even "Omni...",
Hence, farther I am from you than- both of them.
Far away, late at night, at the bottom of valley,
In the town, where snow reaches the doorknob. I ,
Upon the sheet wringling, at least not as may be
Described somewhere in the further line,
I fluff up the pillow with "you" in a murmur,
Over the mountains, which have no bounds or end,
In the darkness, with the entire body, all your
Features, as would a crazy mirrow, I recreate.
Anatoly Dec 2017
Here's a bridge, a damb, and a scarecrow-forrest,
And a barge patrols, as do gulls, a fortress
With its chimneys,smoke that are used to tower
Over curtains torn with a drafty howl.
Here your dreams don't sway to the roar of blizzard,
On the eyes they're hard, and a teardrop isn't -
Hence the moonlight slips. Here the moist cheek hinder
Peek in your dark window.

Here, in winter, snow seldom toys with bareness.
And you gaze at stars (for the lack of letters)-
Ones you'd wish upon - not the kind to cozen-
Yet to skies they seem either nailed or frozen.
Here's your elsewhere-land. Spared of "ever after"
In the distance tolls a familiar laughter.
Here's your nowhere-den, shades of black and lead.
If you care for that.

Here's your fairytale. Mark a spell it mutters
When a snowflake swarm chases fleeing lanterns,
And trees toss and turn in their idle slumber,
As it won't be long, 'fore your fable sunder,
Leading you astray (that's from it's perspective),
There you'd find a place just a bit too hectic
To point out a change in the midnight glow
Only you two know.
Aleeza Nov 2017
the thing about us is
we're on the verge of something
something beautiful? maybe
something disastrous? maybe

the thing about us is
it wasn't always like this
how could i have known
the day you told me your name
that someday i would always remember it?

and you were there
you were there when i cried
you were there when i laughed
you were there when i had all the stories
so i am not used to you being absent

and i was there
when everything was unfair
when the world seemed to hate you
when there was nowhere left to run

and in the way that things are
it all got messed up
the very day i stared at my ceiling
and i knew that it was you

and the thing is
it rarely ever works out the way we want it to
it rarely ever gives us the chance

but if i was allowed
if circumstances were different
i would have found you again
and i would have told you every word
and i would have drawn every line for you

but the thing is
i will stay where i am right now
i know where i stand
and it is not by your side
holding your hand
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