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We all have our beliefs
And we follow them
Wherever they take us
Sometimes they bring us luck
Sometimes we are stuck
By the same
Unable to move beyond
The mistakes
Unable to acknowledge
They bring us whatever we believe in
The beliefs
Allow us to live through
The mistakes
The luck
The success
All the experiences
And soon
We learn to live
Life is a stepping stone
She didn't always receive what she deserved.
But she understood that not everyone was the same.
She kept her distance a lot of the time, always watchful but not always careful.

Protect yourself and your dignity at all times.
But she was the kind, to not always listen to advice in time.

She gave out honour to just everyone around her, she encountered.
But she was careless when it came to herself.

She was the type to take it all in...
Absorbed the wrong energy from the ones that surrounded her.

She read them like a book, she said to herself.
But the words they recited to her, didn't always mean the same things that she comprehended.

She kept building walls up, to defend her fragility.
But allowed the wrong ones to tear them down brick by brick.

But she still refused to avoid her beliefs, she still gave out honour even if it was the last thing she did.
can't take on another lover
I'm just looking for a friend,
I gaze out of the tinted window
as the night washes away
the pain in the end,
would you like to sit next to me
when all that you've held sacred,
falls down and does not mend?
while we watch chaos overrun the world,
and now there's no time to pretend.
I'm not a man who sold the world, neither am I another shoulder for you to cry upon.

When it does happen, I'd prefer front row seats to watch the end of the world unfold. Are you up for it?

PS:  Inspired by Jim Morrison's soulful vocals in 'The End', the perfect apocalypse song for me.

Apparently, he was also the first rock and roll artist to have been arrested on stage during a show.

Sarah Flynn Nov 2020
to cross the earth,
you'd need to travel
over 24,901 miles.

there are over
7,800,000,000 humans
in 193 countries
on 7 continents.

the average person meets
less than 80,000 people
during their lifetime.

statistically speaking,
you will meet less than
0.001% of the people
walking this planet.

I've always had trouble
believing in the things
that we cannot prove.

from mythical creatures
to certain phenomena to
bible stories and religion,

faith is something that
I can't seem to find.

but statistically speaking,
we should have never met.

statistically, we should still be
two strangers living our lives
thousands of miles apart.

right now, I am looking
over at you and realizing
just how ******* lucky I am.

there are over
7,800,000,000 humans
in 193 countries
on 7 continents.

yet somehow, we defied
those statistics and
we found each other.

maybe I won't ever
believe in religion
or phenomena or fate,

but I do believe that
sometimes miracles happen

and the most unexpected
feelings can become reality.

I believe that love
and happiness do exist,
and I believe that
all because of you.

this world is not
as bad as it may seem.

hope is not as dim
as it may appear.

sometimes, statistics
don't matter at all

and life gets better
even if you didn't
think that it could.

I believe that now,
and you are my proof.
Truth be told I cannot tell
why people, each and one another fail
to see the twinge, the strain of his neighbor,
by cause of conflicting beliefs and chosen leader
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
if I were to get famous
for some talent that
I haven't discovered yet,

and stand in front
of an audience with
hundreds of people,

I don't think I could do it.

but that's not because
of my stage fright.

I don't need to imagine the
audience in their underwear,
or whatever trick performers use.

I don't think I could do it
because my eyes would never
stop scanning the crowd.

even in a sea of
people who love me,

I could not stop
searching for you.

and it's so much easier
to imagine that the audience
is wearing something dumb

than it is to imagine
you being a part of that audience.

I couldn't trick myself into
believing that you are there.
you're not.

my imagination can't change that.
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
fall in love with yourself
the way that you want
to be loved.

stop letting strangers take
refuge in your body.

you are not a
momentary place.

you were not built to be
someone’s hideaway
or vacation house.

you were not designed
to handle people
walking in and out
of your life.

your body is tired
of hurting.

tell these short-term
visitors to leave.

the scratches and
scuff marks left by
their careless actions
do not define you.

you expect abandonment.
permanence feels foreign.
someone staying feels
unnatural to you.

but please remember that
you deserve to be
so much more than a
resting spot for someone
to briefly stop at, and
continue on their way.

despite what you may
believe about yourself,
you are not temporary.

please, be kind to yourself.

as you travel through life,
remember that it doesn’t matter
whether you believe it or not.
you are worth it.
and not believing that doesn’t
make it any less true.

please, stop searching
for another guest.

find someone who
feels less like a tourist,
and more like a home.
mayur Sep 2020
A man, stood on the deck
proudly admiring a joyous crowd
gathered at the bay,
I did it!
I sailed seas, discovered lands
and conquered formidable oceans.
I did it!

The Ship, cried out loud.
hey it was me!
I am the one, who did it.
I sailed wild tides,
felt the depths of earth in my belly
flagged & wrenched in the mighty winds.
while you my friend,
never left safety of the deck.
It's me who did it.

You! you are just a ship
I created you, I made you.

My goodman, you believe that
'God created you
and everything else on the earth'
so either you can be a believer
or a creator.
not both, you decide!
left to your own beliefs
John McCafferty Sep 2020
Try to see that we're all on repeat
Improving techniques
Familiarity comes with a fee
Feel free to pull up a seat
but take this receipt
Déjà vu is approved

Repetition helps us relate too
A translation of trauma
Through authentic remnants
When fragments come loose
from sourced attributes

Filter your core beliefs
The further we seek
Higher levels of attainment
require persistent maintenance
No rehearsed alliteration
or forced informal acquaintances
Be true to you
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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