Revolution institution
Gather up the calvary
Empty glasses for the masses
Raised in unity

From the fires, cue the choirs
Sing a hymn of suffering
Generation desperation
As the angels sing

Don't you know?
You can't let go
Cause it's so hard to say goodbye
To what we dim the lights for
Killing truth with lies we die for

Programming emotion
Manufacturing our lives
We are the products of
An over-processed love
That is chemically defined

Cheaper, faster
Blood and plaster
Heart-pumping machinery
Gears and veins
Rewired brains with
Television dreams

Burning engines
Fueled by tensions
Apprehension industry
Mutilation of salvation
As the angels scream

Don't you know?
You can't let go
Cause it's so hard to say goodbye
To what we dim the lights for
Killing truth with lies we die for

Programming emotion
Manufacturing our lives
We are the products of
An over-processed love
That is chemically defined
Self vs. Nature vs. Nurture: Eternal conflict of the thoughtless mind. Mass produced, quantifiable identities that wage war against themselves. All sales are final.
Eric Fraley Feb 2
We are who we are  

But we are still all human

No matter how vast the world we live in

No matter how near or how far

We are where we are

We are all human

No matter the hue of our skin

We are all human

We are not all men

But we are all human

No matter the nationality or origin

We are all human

No matter how thick or how thin

We are all human

No matter how great our sins

We are all human

No matter faith

Or what we believe in

We are all human

We do not love or hate the same things

But we are all human

No matter how strong the convictions

Nation against nation or between simple citizens

We are all human

No matter the civil

Or social unrest that has risen

We are all human

No matter the wars we wage

No matter the battles we win

No matter the violence that's made

In the end it's humans both sides are burying

Human life lost that both sides are mourning

The weight of human life in the caskets they're carrying

But both sides are still human

One thing we all have in common

Times not our friend

It is and should be our only end


In the news

I only hear about humans ending humans

Why is it that I see violence  

Why is it that when I look around

I see humans


Little humanity
"I see humans but no humanity."

-Jason Donohue
elizabeth r Jan 26
before i met you,
i believed in fate.
that something,
was controlling my life,
sending me on a path
full of goodnight kisses,
tongues stained blue from popsicles,
toes covered in sand,
and bedside tables filled with love notes.

when i met you,
i knew fate must exist.
my nights ended the way they started-
with smiling lips pressed together,
not wanting to let go.
we ate cold popsicles
and laughed when we realized
that our mouths had changed colors.
i walked in the sand with you
and smiled when you made fun of my dirty, sandy feet.
I slowly grew a collection
of words from you next to my bed,
a constant reminder of how real fate must be,
that i was able to have you.

after i met you,
after you left,
the theory of fate,
the theory that the universe had led me to you,
seemed childish,
foolish even.
for how could i ever
believe in fate,
if it had brought us together
only to have you break my heart?
Hunter Cyrus Jan 23
She wakes up every morning, love in her heart and guilt in her head.
A forbidden love doomed to fail.
Modern day Romeo and Juliet.
Her love is only matched by her fear.
A love that crosses continents and traverses oceans.
A love simple and pure, golden.
Crushed underneath the only forces selfish enough to try,
Religion and family.
Traitorous little things, beliefs.
Every belief will tell you it’s for your own good,
Yet often they seem to crush the youngest and happiest into misery.
Her love for him is battered and bruised,
Pushed into the deepest recess she could find.
She’ll discover the only thing worse than forbidden love,
Is the depression of forced separation.
I think some of the beauty in this poem is lies with your interpretation, so I shall refrain from telling you the "proper" interpretation.
Who's life belongs to oneself
Who gave life.
Who takes it away.
The giver of life comes from God.
With whom shall you compare me.
Says the Lord my God.
My ways are not your ways.
And my thoughts are not yours.
My plan for you is different from
The plan that you dream for yourself.
Listen to me.
Hear my voice
Seek me with all your heart
For the time is near.
Draw life from my well.
And I will heal all your diseases.
Alivia Evans Jan 10
We are saturated in our consolation of a rotary picture which continuously retells itself
are we drifting forward or is the illustration merely reoccurrences of our ancestors
Clouted in coldness, dazed hideaways through snaking passages- the euphoria of intoxication
contemplating the rationality of it all
Can we control stronger mindsets or are we only composed of lost moral and the decomposition of others triggered by ourselves
Twines of fanciful traditions are slit only to be streamlined by degenerates
Are the values once taught to us forgotten by the shortfall of mortality
The pedestal of beliefs fought against, demolished for- weakening our freedoms and sensuality
are those the catastrophic terms to which we lay our foundation upon

Perhaps contemporary life cannot be told through simple aspects
Svode Jan 7
Through the walls, in the streets.
Contrasting forces in anger will meet.
Differing ideals will turn into action,
Only one will remain as a faction.
God is the giver of life.
and  devil  declared  death.
God rose from the grave .
The devil was defeated
God says I am  the way the truth the life
Max McGrath Dec 2017
The exponential term of the heretics,
All the lies and the gimmicks.
Everybody, rejoice in the freak show!
A melting pot of incompetent hosts.
A salad that's burning, turning
Hurting, learning and merging
Into a concoction full with disorder.
Into a world filled with borders.

Nobody knows.
Hey, who has time to learn and show?
Certainly not me.
Even the priest or a normal person, his time is not free.
As such, he hides the world's holes.
With words filled with selfish goals.
"Who are we?"
"We're the important humans, and that's all we could be."

4 years of understanding, is what I'd ask.
To get rid of the extravagant and unnecessary mask.
888 days of confusion,
And 666 days of rebellion.
Grab your forks and torches.
To destroy the flag of snakes, and let us come to our senses.
All these insignificant nonsense.
It doesn't make sense to take defense.

3 more kings giving gifts.
More men prosecuted for giving his race a lift.
"All of this is for nothing."
"I am nothing."
Isn't it confusing?
Is a more sensible thing to keep on living?
Without gods, or prophets.
The modern era doesn't need more puppets.

The modern asphyxiation.
Everyday, full of idiots that can't handle vision.
The idiots who will argue and argue.
Bleeding ears for the few,
Who understand, but will never speak.
Because they are still weak.
But in the end.....
But in the end.....

Who am I to talk?
I'm in the minority.
The sheep who flock east,
Feeding on the feast.
While, I, alone on the west.
And live my life.
Away, from these crumbling heights.

Prove me that your theories and your beliefs are the right ones.
Call me edgy, but people nowadays are being too clingy or dependent on a god that won't be there for them all the time. Pray this, pray there. And at the same time, atheists rant about all these shit about "Oh, gods don't exist."

How can we be so sure, and what difference does it make? We make our way by ourselves.
I am not a believer in the popular notion of God or Allah or Yahweh or Prabhu or Bhagwan or Rabb or any other concept.

I do believe that something has created all of it but that power isn't as selfish to make its creations worship it. The power will be happy if we remain faithful towards life on Earth and do not conduce in destroying any form of life that can express its pain animatedly.

I despise the promise of a place in an imaginary place called heaven or paradise if we comply with the words conveyed to a single person by the fictional creator or the punishment in boiling oil if we don't comply with the words conveyed to that fictional man.

Heaven is nowhere if logic is to be heeded to, but heaven is now here if love, compassion and brotherhood towards all creatures on this planet is on our minds while all of us humans loyally comply with our duties.

Any creator, that will tell a man (probably on marijuana) in his dreams that nonbelievers are to be either converted or killed before the descent of Pralay/Qayamat/Doomsday, is a figment of imagination which propagated through the course of time.

Do good, practice fidelity to your family and your Karma will be balanced to help you attain Nirvaņa.
Another piece of my thinking.
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