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Spicy Digits Jan 31
I have seen the hurricane

I have caused the avalanche

the firestorm met me where
I lay in bed at night

I want you to see my alabaster skin
And Pan Am smile

I want to show you my matted fur
and smoking breath

I want you to ask me why I'm angry.
It's awe inspiring.
It's wonderous.
I truly believe.
I'm IN.

I do wonder.
Doubt creeps in.
Then thought.
Now insight.
Now I don't.
I'm OUT!
Ikimi Festus May 2023
They say you're the embodiment of hope, a beacon in the darkness,
The one who listens when prayers are whispered, and responds with love and kindness.
They say you're the salvation, the one who offers forgiveness,
No begging required, for your grace is boundless and endless.

They say you're the way, guiding us through life's strife,
And as we forge our own paths, you're with us in every step of life.
They say you're near, intimately involved in our joys and our pains,
You never abandon us, even when doubts and questions remain.

They say you're the divine, beyond what our eyes can behold,
Yet your presence is felt, in every story left untold.
They say you're the healer, mending broken hearts and souls,
Restoring the innocence, making us whole.

They say you're the power, mighty and grand,
Yet you're found in the humble, the meek, and the sand.
They say you're the reason, the purpose we seek,
To trust in you, to find strength when we're weak.

So when you ask, "Who do you say I am?"
I say you're the embodiment of love, the Great I Am.
Carlo C Gomez Jul 2022
Dear sweet filthy world,

Photographs can lie,
so put away forbidden playthings,
that's how you got killed before.

Why, oh why,
can't an ordinary stand up
with the nefarious gods
on the second floor?

For the other end of the telescope
is leaning toward science fiction,
and this love from a cold land,
this sad burlesque,
is a bottle of smoke
on the deep dead blue,
one watt above darkness.
Our attitude, and what we believe,
Is a big part of this life, every day,
How we react to certain situations,
Can lead us forward,
Or leave us where we are to stay,
It’s the same, for everyone,
No matter where you’re from, your work, or how you pray.
Our beliefs, will always change,
Examine both sides of each situation, every time,
Rules, laws, along with many other circumstances,
Were created, to keep negative thoughts and fear, within our mind,
We have to have trust and faith for ourselves,
Have confidence, and always watch for positive signs.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 1/10/2022AD
7:45 PM
What we learn, and see, then believe,
Is how we live our life each day,
Our life, a maze of situations,
Our thought’s, actions, and ways,
Decide, if we move forward,
Change directions or stay.
Our experiences, from our past,
Along with watching others, work, and play,
Creates, who we are, along with setting up,
Our home where we stay.
We are each on an individual, limited tour,
A piece of this unlimited universe,
Your spirit inside, honest advice, along your way,
My soul remembering, the first Christmas day,
Our savior Jesus Christ, born, animals in the manger,
Sharing their bedding, a bright star, guiding the way,
Everything, peaceful, calm, strangers gathered.,
Listening to feeling, the message, in their souls,
True, positive thoughts, guidance, for all of us,
They were all, lit up, by the guiding light,
Shining on everyone’s, face, a gleam in each eye.
We are losing touch with the true meaning of Christmas.
Still the best wireless communication today,
Lay down your phone, stop and say a prayer,
Thanks for the first Christmas day.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 12/17/2021AD
John McCafferty Jul 2021
Let fresh conscious breath take hold
when another day awaits in present tense.
Expand belly and chest for a stronger posture stretch, as our sun unfolds to shine on us below.
Unknown forms take shape with whispers of support to maintain your core beliefs and direct identity.

You are new too but your eyes remain the same, even when we vary as our inclinations change.
Certain keys can help create a sweeter harmony, tune into stable tones which hit those silent notes.
Time is vast and so the flesh grows old, but decisions we make frame our future states.
A higher sense of self holds longer term goals, corresponding with tolerance promotes fairer play.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Our visions, that we see,
Never are the same,
Mine are realistic,
Yours are just a game.

We can see the beauty,
The stars, bring at night,
Stare at them for hours
Never seeing, the light.

The moon appears,
So big, bold, and bright,
It’s the suns reflection’
Illuminating, our
evening nights.

The trees are swaying,
Are they waving, at you and me,
The force behind them,
The wind we will never see.

Our life this time,
Not a rehearsal for a play,
It could end, at any moment,
Then you will look, at those wasted days.

Those lost years, are gone,
You can not go back, and change,
For the time that’s left,
You can start to rearrange.

There will always be things,
That are different than what we see,
Why add more confusion,
Saying words, you do not believe.

Tom Maxwell © 01/03/2004 AD
Jellyfish Jun 2021
There's something I desire
more than other things.
I can't stop this craving;
this longing to be free.

Maybe in another life, place, or time
bigger than you and me,
I'd be running through a flower field,
or exploring new cities.

Honestly I just want to run,
run far, far, away..
I wish I didn't care what they all say,
I'm sick of all this ****.
The tricks, and the gimmicks
Why cant I run away from it all?

Is it the rules I was given?
Or maybe the trauma I can't fix?
The way I start and always stop
just to get stuck in the midst?

The flashbacks that don't stop
or the drugs I just throw up,
I'm too scared to take the hint and
start to think "maybe I'm just not meant for this."

Even though I know,
I want to run so far away from here
and stop caring what they say.
I'm sick of all this ****.
The lies they make me say.
Why can't I just listen to my soul?

I hear her yelling deep inside,
telling me I should just go!
She says I can leave any time,
to where, I might not know.

I just can't fathom what might happen,
when I'm all on my own.
I'm scared it won't be worth it,
but what might happen if I don't go?

I'm tangled up in a mess,
the mess of life versus dreams.
It's a ribbon I'm afraid to untie,
because of this it'll always haunt me.
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