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I’m not a religious person
I’m not a Christian
I’m not a Muslim
I’m not a Buddhist
I’m not any of these
Or any other

I don’t believe there isn’t a god
I don’t deny God
I don’t deny Allah
I don’t deny Nirvana
I don’t deny any outside force
I just don’t follow their rules

I want to be my own believer
Disclaimer: This is not meant to make fun of any religion and I respect all beliefs. I only ask that you respect mine.
Can I die
Without knowing the time
Can I leave
With the warmest of embrace
Can I see the outcomes of my faith
Only to know the why’s of despair
For I’m not done by God’s grace
And little am I in the home of saints
But dreams conquer all hate
Of where I stand and where I’ll stay
And tested am I, in the actions of all myths and reals
I want to fly but I am failing
falling in the deep
dying to myself
resurrecting old beliefs

struggling to comprehend why my being is now still
I am sick of being boring
I lead myself into the thrill

the abyssal oceans blue that sway inside my mind
searching for a label
a diagnosis of some kind

Time is not real
Structure cannot be measured or weighed
I wait for the big moment when my wires become frayed

being "good" does not matter
I just want to be free
But freedom is subjective when I lose sight and still see
Who thinks they are perfect
Have one major defect;
Assuming one can be,
Themselves especially!
Yassine Dec 2018
Reveal on your beliefs
And i will get you on your knees
Some are made to Speak
Others are made to Feel
No matter the Shapes and Colors you take
You remain in the Bleak
ApocalypsenoW Dec 2018
"Show must go on!
We own this life,
We set the tone,
We roll the dice.

It's ours to own,
It's worth the fight,
We will move on,
And make it right.

Don't fear decisions,
They are you.
All the illusions ,
Are not true.

You make your own fate,
Set your course,
Walk your own path,
With no remorse.

In darkness,
Stars will guide your way.
They shine inside you,

Don't look behind,
Don't stop and stare,
Don't feel ashamed,
Just live, just dare!

Dance in the rain,
Breath in the air,
Feel pain,
And love, and loss, and fear.

Your life is yours,
It's yours to keep,
To set your goals,
And find your grip.

So live my friend!
Inside this world
There is no end,
No truth, no hold.

Just you, existing,
All at once.
A single thought,
A consciousness.

Creating worlds,
Creating lives,
Creating thoughts,
That never die."
Inspired by Queen
Spicy Digits Dec 2018
Look at me all fat from self indulgence
custard cream and chocolate pieces on my face
I barely take a breath
from my gluttony
See me swimming in a vat of cinnamon cream
Big juicy congealed bacon-fat emotions
And this little piggy is hungry

Everything you said was bad
has me spinning
Swimming in it now.
I'm flicking cheesecake at your conditioning
smearing mascarpone over my ***** chest
without shame I don't
I don't have shame

Lock me up in your prison of doctrine
But I'll eat through that too eventually
Engorged in self release and painted in '**** that's'

Mousse feels good on my skin
Coats my teeth
Sherbet and berry compote in every orifice
Watch me choke on caramel
Choke on life

Laugh while I lapse into a sugar coma
And cover me in told-you-so's
While I come to,
Diving straight back in wearing only a smile
Shame from childhood experienced into adulthood
Julia Gorrie Nov 2018
I want to live a little bit longer,
Love a little bit harder,
Feel a little bit stronger.

I want to bask in my emptiness,
Then fill it with you.

You make me feel like I can fly.

You allow me to be myself,
Let me feel comfortable when notes errupt from my core, flowing out in what ever Melody I desire.

You love when I'm in nature, because that's when I'm closest to you,
You let me vent out and be real with you,
You never gave up on me and never will, and I'll never give up on you.
You let me live.

I know if the world goes down how you have shown me, you will be with me and they will all know.
They will see who you really are, not what those ******* books say, not who those preachers preach, not who my father says you are...

And in return, I will let you be you,
I will give you a break, I will be your friend and I will listen and look for you, because in the end there isn't anyone who can fully understand us, that's something we have in common.

I feel your sorrow for the world, but in the quiet moments I feel your peace.
Thank you for standing by my side and giving me my imperfect, hectic, interesting and beautiful life.
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