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it wasn’t until the sun had set,
and the moon took over its shift,
and the morning came
that i remembered that:

yesterday kept many secrets
from me,
tomorrow makes promises
it can’t keep,
(yet still, i always find myself
giving it chances),
and today probably won’t
be any more trustworthy.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 8
       the yesterday,
                             the tomorrow.
On the edge of the cliff above me
dirty rusty barrels loom
full of pollutants
detritus massed
from the darkness
of my errors
poor decisions
momentary failures to recall
and then act on the ideals
I rely on to inspire and move me.

Here I am at dawn
on the brink of a new day
full of possibilities
laughter, tenderness, listening and lingering
here I am at a moment of genesis


I have the sense
and shameless audacity
to simply notice and accept those looming barrels
and their polluted contents
as yesterdays
and leave them there.
We are all here today
Courtesy of yesterday.
So fear not tomorrow,
It's just a broken arrow.

Take a look at everything,
Do you miss something?
Everything, everyone here today,
Began their journies yesterday.
Fear not what tomorrow brings,
It could be some good or bad things.
Things allowed by yesterday
Just to manifest themselves today.

Yesterday is the same as today,
It's just a day that has passed away.
Though it takes a part of us with it,
Tomorrow is what we all await.

Fear not yesterday, its a broken arrow.
Anne Aug 18

you’ve gone.
all those memories

you and me.

Rocking by the swing
humming to myself
fingers reaching to

where you sat.
Karijinbba Aug 17
Lennon was asking us
to imagine a place where things that divide people religion, possessions, did not exist.
would Earth be a much better place to live?
This song is a strong political message that is sugarcoated in a
beautuful melody Lennon knew that a gentler approach would bring one poetic song to a wider audience who would grasp
his creed, he like Jesus tried
to change the world and like thorn birds both paid a price

change while innebitable encounters an sbyss of resistance
but just one immutable voice
one tini stone into a sand pool creates the meaningful ripples.

Imagine how hard it is to "imagine no possesions" when one's personal worth is in the vicinity of half a billion bucks.
Imagine is the best
song in Lennon's entire career,

As the collective imagination of our species produces actual occurrences and manifests our own destiny.
Science has proven that our upper levels of consciousness are linked and the more people that become aware of truth and reality force the rest of the species to evolve.
Fact: we have receivers and transmitters attached to your neurons that vibrate energy "Imagine" by John Lennon
his lyrics on this album
on Oh My Love
tells you where he is
"I see the wind I see the trees everything is clear in my world" He was feeling being alive he as a poet was expressing to us the intimacy of life.
Imagine was a wish an aspiration No war no possession The song coined from Yoko Imagine from her book Grapefruit espoused a world without war weapons and mad men running the world.

He knew we needed liberated women to make the world a better place to effemanise soften male aggression.
It is not about atheism but it is about RELIGION using it as a means to hate not LOVE.

He, like us wondered what created everything that mattered in all our lives a special song by a special human in a special place at a very special time, the song holds a very special place for me
If we all imagine, but finding the secrets of our conduct.
How we resolve ourselves.
Can we win when we lose?
Imagine, What a Wonderful World, Blowin in the Wind, Amazing Grace and a handful of other songs still give me chills each beautiful song.
And well-intentioned.
Too bad it is about communism and is misguided.
Man's evil didn't start with nations, possessions or religion. We were stealing from each other and slaughtering each other well before any of those things existed since pradise fell
We started to CHANGE that.
Our goal isn't to have NO nation. Our goal is to have ONE nation.
for peace on earth
to reign under God.

( In memory of my true love
jPcRc who Sang to me his song
"Yesterday" in Veracruz)
Two hearts that beat as one. Two minds and one single thought throwing one single stone creates a riple effect that can change the world may we cast our rock and may a poem become the moving action ripple effect yo change from within one person at at time?
~l Rights reserved.~
Ellison Aug 11
Each and every page that goes by
Out of the corner of my youthful eye
I can see each and every passing thought
I expected fate should have bought.

With tears tumbling down each cheek
Them bright happy faces are so sought to seek
Did those eyes seven months ago know of today?
Did they know his mind would ever be okay?

And with trembling fingers, I can scarcely believe
That memory misplaced in my web of weaves
I used to be able to say that I had HER heart
Now I lay on the floor waiting for the inevitable depart.
For every smile I see knows not of what we now do
And we've changed from the years that changed even you
So should I still be in love with the girl that flipped me upside down?
And risk all those months again wearing that same darkened frown?

Because each and every photo from yesterday
Lacks what is present here right now
And if I ever could relive any of my years
I would still experience the same fears.
Xaela San Aug 10
Our never

Has been
and safe
Lewis Gray Aug 6
I died yesterday.
Doesn’t exactly mean anything
How could it?
I woke up, went downstairs
to see two kids eating, smiling.
I look across the table
to a chair full of nothing
trying to say something
She died yesterday
for something
I don’t know what for
but She died yesterday
and that’s it.
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