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B D Caissie Oct 8
It was as if only yesterday...

The endless sounds of rippling water passing me by.

Birds whistling a soothing song that all is well.

A gentle breeze rustling the leaves above and the grasses below.

The smell of earth, air and water filling my lungs.

Exhaling my troubles onto the gentle river and watching them float away.

I miss yesterday...

Oh dreams to where I want to be It to there I'm most happy just let the world pass me by whilst lost In dreams of
I'm Sat drinking coffee In a cafe and writing poems about by wife and watching through the window at the world just passing  
In what seems like blink of the eye one blink and It's all gone people rushing everywhere but getting nowhere
Since darling Helen has been gone I've learned to live my dreams It to dreams I escape with her the only place we both now can
To dreams I go with my sweetheart now the place we can be
in the chronicles of our days,
the agonizing ones
are the most

flipping through pages
of history books
it’s always
war war war

expired lives
settling differences
with violence and force

and now the living must
barter time and
for absolution
in order to honor
the dead with tradition

but yesterday was yesterday
and yet we carried around
like dead weight
on our backs
without thought
of letting go

and somehow, someway
the problems we’ve already
countered seem to attack
us the most

as I stroke my beard
and watch them spin
down the endless well
of dread, sorrow
and regret.
annh Sep 22
Each day is broken
At the zero hour,
Splintering like a derelict,
On the craggy shoreline of the morn;

Flotsam abandoned,
To the oceans of yesterday,
The beach combed for treasure,
To keep for tomorrow.

When you find yourself googling ‘marine+law+salvage’ it’s time to stop poeming for the day. Have obviously been watching too much Poldark!

‘Every day we reconstruct our lives out of the salvage of our yesterdays.’
- James Sallis, Death Will Have Your Eyes
Bhill Sep 18
It is a new day
Today will always be fresh
What is on your mind

Assume that today will be
Will be the start of something
Something unlike yesterday

Take hold of these times
Times can not be repeated
Forge new memories

Brian Hill - # 234
Have a great NEW day!
Aylin Chavez Sep 10
Coming back home meant
Returning to the feelings
The ones that I left behind
To get rid of you

Even if it was for a few days
I felt so free and so alive
You weren’t on my mind
I was stress free

But as I came closer to home
I felt a shadow over me
All the troubles I left behind
Suddenly found me

And as I finally was home
I found myself missing you
But I know it’s not meant to be
I wish it was...

Yesterday I enjoyed life without you
And today I missed you more than ever
Tomorrow I’ll want you back
Kai Aug 13
Long ago in yesterdays
your cry wasn't heard
when you scraped
those fragile hands
on the cruel ground

In those yesterdays
you were found there
sitting curled up
with tears falling
underneath the slide

Those hatful yesterdays
full of grit teeth
pulled into a smile
bearing bandages
under long sleeves

Dreaming in yesterdays
wishing for today
to be the past already
blinded by harsh light
of the morning sky
You were my yesterday, but it doesn't always get better.
Remembering the first time I kissed and held Helen In my arms magical moment lost In her beautifully spell cast upon me her mistical
Memerised by her eyes that told all with a glance from that very first moment I was For I hooked on Helen from that day on I never left her side
I knew In that first moment what true love really meant to me I'd been searching for this all my lonely days my prayers had finally been heard a day I will never
Tess Aug 2
I know that feelings end and feelings change

But how could you love me yesterday and not today

How could you make me happy then make me hurt
Give me roses then give me dirt
Call me pretty then not reply
Make me smile then make me cry
The world is an oyster at best
Love tranquility as the heart begins to beat inside your chest
Hold dear those who love the best
Do not abandon but encourage the rest
Love one another its just a test
Who then leads if not from within the crest
Life is precious and the wind is calm upon the waves
Love never fails to free the slaves
Who then controls the mind
One can say we must be kind
Touch the soul and remember the real gold
Its never bought or even sold
These are the legends that have already been told
This is why the world is never cold
Learn to love what is lost
Because there is no cost
Regain the faith of the words in deed
These are the heavenly seeds.
Johnny Apple Seed had an axe too.
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