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Yesterday ...

she was wrapped ...
within her soul
deeply ...
with a feelings of love ...
lived it ...
as if it were for eternity ...
to feel as she was ...
as a morning's butterfly ...
happily ...
with a new coming sun rise ...
as all her dreams ...
to dance crazily ...
all night ...
on the acres of love ...
with a hope ...
may a new day come ...
to rise on her ...
with a shine ...
as that another left day ...
with a lover ...
to keep him ...
all her life ...
with a love ...
last with lust ...
forever ...
as the moments ...
she lived ...
yesterday ...

hazem al ...
It seemed yesterday
Heart was happy awhIle
Will it be again?
Yesterday love was such an easy game to play...
Allesha Eman Mar 5
These years, they ask us questions
answers that tomorrow never knows,
held in the arms of yesterday.
The weight of this dreaming
pushes the clouds onto the ground
and our fleeting conversations
with this flooding rain
breaks the boats we built
that were already too unfit
for this ocean between the clocks we build
and the time we chase
Allesha Eman Jan 27
Between us and this divided sea
Between us and this dying sun
Between us and this pale blue sky
Between us and the raging tide
Between us and running time
Between us and yesterday's dreams
Between us and tomorrow's sleep
Between us and the drying leaves
Between us and winter's grave
Between us and summer's taste
Between us and this beating heart
Between us and what's beneath
Are the remnants of our interlaced
Still holding onto
And some reason to
WickedHope Aug 2021
I hate it when I don't get to be the cat.
Andrew Rueter Jun 2021
There’s a message
under the last text I sent you
that reads Read Yesterday
my heart was red yesterday
my heart you read yesterday
my heart had bled yesterday
so my heart has fled yesterday
into today
the sun’s rays
cure the dumb craze
brought on by that one phrase
that reads Read Yesterday.
Zack Ripley Jun 2021
Just as yesterday became today,
today will become tomorrow.
And although these days
are connected by time, what happens isn't. Even though tomorrow's a mystery,
today, you can learn from yesterday.
Today, you can go your own way
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, not that I'm ungrateful----I found peace in the blindness---so redeem me my sight your highness:l

what's old from new???
float them hells been clenched in potted stew

stupid match made in the hit of the feels
underestimated for a mess that would strangle my wheels

road apart from the notice on a stair case scare
a moonshined a hazel dressing in a lonely flare

guitars mindless strings flaunt my flower spine
things a crushing one would never shower a define

nice try mocked
second even blocked

not sure a curse has been clocked ahead
sure thing plasters not for me cause I'm the dead

                                                          ­                 ------ravenfeels
mark soltero Apr 2021
once you’re by my side
high off of it
nothing can deny me of your heart
no more time to live in yesterday
Towards every sound, I can only move.

My eyes tied back masked in the fog.

No light shining through

No one to guide me.

Like a glacier in the vast abyss floating towards nothing.

Only accompanied by the echoes of yesterday.

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