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I love her more than yesterday,
Or any day before
And when the morning ‘morrow comes
I’ll sing this song once more…

Aphasia Nov 10
Mudslide muscles
Coax me into the couch
The cloud of distant ache
Coursing rivers in my legs below.

I welcome the pain with warm embrace.

I felt well enough to run.
For some, sore muscles are a minor distraction post-exercise. For me, the sore muscles increased an already significant fatigue. But I'm grateful for it, because yesterday I felt healthy.
Allyssa Oct 5
The past is a rundown motel that hasn’t had any visitors in a while but yet you try and stay.
You know the walls are molding and the ceiling has long since caved in but here you are
Residing in a bed with the springs pricking all over your body,
Numbing you to reality.
You cling on to when the room smelled of fresh paint and it wasn’t so dark.
In fact, you can even almost see the sun peeking through the window as if it was yesterday.
But yesterday,
Was many years ago.
The rust,
The damp air,
The rot,
It takes over Yesterday.
Overgrown weeds and musk cover the floor,
You still walk barefoot as if it was the carpet that was once there.
You checked in to this marvelous moment not even thinking it could turn into a place.
A place that you began to frequently visit even if the people that loved with you there have no longer occupied the space since,
Yesterday, it seems.
You sink lower into those springs,
Unaware of your broken bones and puncture wounds because you decided to live in that moment,
Instead of walking out the door at the first sign of flickering lights.
When you knew,
Deep down,
Staying wasn’t an option,
But revisiting became a habit.
Only if it was Yesterday.
It’s time to check out and move on.
Jasmin Joy Sep 19
Tomorrow will happen to us
it happens after every today..
But yesterdays will not come back
It's just a memory that happened just a moment ago..
[Offical Full Poetry]

Thought, I had lost me
when I hadn't got this goal.
Maybe a part in me had become
somebody that I had needed to
                                             meet too.  

It was sentimental although
they said: "you will breakthrough!"

There were sharp stones on the track,
thorns could bleed me really bad.

Some said walk away, some said
don't even hesitate in this room.

I got pretty occupied with the world,
more than I need, (more than we need).

There is no turn for backwards now
because all we can have is now.

How precious is 'now' that you won't
have this moment in another 'now'.

Why are you wasting your tears while you
can evaluate these golden hours to shine?

Therefore you don't have to impress or prove
anything to them, Some will still be 'wow!'

The moment will end, will stay in the past,
another "now" will come till every
"now" of you ends.

Now is remarkably precious, use it wisely;
before it gets late to complete all your amends.

Don't afraid to die because 'death' isn't disappearing
it's changing your vehicle to get to another land.

Don't rush your life to become old or get what you want;
the process is where you can still decide.

Decide what you want to add to your vehicle   
the lands you can live forever, heaven or hell.

If you use your days flawlessly in the best,
you may have better 'now's in heaven forever.

© Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
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The morning dew shines a crystal blue
A mirrored sky welcomes a fresh dawn
Worries from yesterday lie behind us
Bask in the weightlessness of a new day.
An old poem, one I wrote ages ago that I suddenly remembered.
Nylee Sep 2
Today is tomorrow's yesterday
Today is yesterday's tomorrow
My half life in past and in future
I don't know much about today,
the very same day,
what about now.
Different versions of today.
Myrrdin Aug 29
I got tired of filling my gas tank
Seeing fences around fields
Driving a decaying highway
I woke up to the sound of a lawnmower
I thought about the grass
How it never gets to grow
I got tired of filling my gas tank
Just to go no where with you
Listening to apathy echo
From minds I never could change
I thought about the yesterdays
How I never got to grow.
Betty Aug 28
Todays are unique
Tomorrows lost yesterday
Only happens once
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