Memories from a history I call yesterday
are not the reason why I feel so miserable today,
for my misery isn’t because of what I lost yesterday,
but for the history I’m not making today.
Written o January 17, 2016
Composition number: 541
It happened so suddenly on a Friday evening.
I was alone in my room when I heard a voice talking to me.
I started listening to some music to avoid it,
but the voice was getting louder.
What is going on? Could it be my thoughts?
Where is this life that I dreamed of? Who knows!

Regrets and mistakes flood my inner being.
What I’ve always feared is what I’m living.
You fled out the window, jumped off the fence
and didn’t even leave a footprint, not a single trace.
Are you forever gone? Could all this be a lost cause?
Where is a friend when I need him the most?

The hours, the days pass, the routine separates us more.
Outside there’s a war, we can’t even realize what’s going on anymore.
No matter what, we’re on our own.
Here we are today, tomorrow is unknown!

Once I break the chains of yesterday, what does lie past everything that’s ahead?
Should I be afraid to flip through the pages of a chapter unopened and unread?
Where will I end up? I don’t know. Will I make it on my own?
Somehow against all odds I will learn to trust in myself alone.
Written on August 20, 2010
Composition number: 365
I met myself
I was like
tasted like gold.

My edges were
my feelings
color coordinated
wet without
the use of water.

But I realized
I no longer
to live
in my own mind,
not even
a second longer.
Actions are like a loaded gun,
once it’s been shot, where can you really run?
Caring lost a fight where apathy had already won
and I can see every heart breaking down.

I never would’ve imagined I’d witness the day
where hope would feel like a thing of yesterday.
Every one of us has a role in this real-life play
where love’s decided to go away.

I give up is something that I just can’t say,
yet this won’t change, so I won’t hold my breath.
Where is the love that can save us in the end?
Because right now we’re crashing down like an avalanche.
Written on June 26, 2017
Composition number: 592
Wyatt 7d
I stiffen, I stumble,
I'm static, I'm humbled
and slowly I mumble
these words of defeat.
You're reading, I'm writing
of all of my findings.
I'm digging, I'm hurting.
Outcome, bittersweet.
The past is my mask,
and today is a blur for me.
That mask has molded me,
the future's grown murky.
In depths of despair,
I write out my affairs.
Devil thought he got me,
yet I've drained all my worry
onto the page in front of me.

I'm bitter, yet triggered
to reveal how I feel,
I'm the sender of mail
made out to you to no avail.
The girl that catches me
inside miles of magic
won't know how I'm feeling,
these words of mine are tragic.
I cannot grow wings
yet my words make me soar.
I've never had a voice,
yet the page hears me roar.
I've bled, I've fed into mistakes.
Hands write so fast I can't keep up it's pace.
That mask of my past no longer fits my face.

I hurt, yet I write to deal with that hurt.
Clutching to pens, for better or worse.
If I either merge with the clouds or go in reverse,
just know I was happy that you read these words.
It's a daily conflict and come to find out
that it's a daily that's also become my reward.
That word has multiple meanings to me,
I've always used my pen like it was my sword.
Yesterday was a day that I sold out to misery,
yet today is a day where I claim a victory.
I've come a long way. This is expression of that.
today i'm dead
and I resurrected

or I died yesterday
when the window was
stars and fire

today i'm dead
and took the torch with him

and the birds sing again on the street

K N Brown Jul 2
the scars of her yesterdays

would not allow her to see

the beauty in her skin of today
Just a candle in the dark,
Here I am all alone
trying to reason out the love
That you had, never shown
Tear drops in my eyes,
Remembering you, and your voice
I guess that’s all I can do now,
For I have, no other choice.

Just a candle in the dark,
But yet, shedding lights for them
Love’s in the air for everyone
But for me, it’s not the same.
Days do not pass
Without a thought of you,
And I always see you further
Even in my dreams too.

Just a candle in the dark,
Wonder how long would it be there?
I have lost all hopes now
There's not a tear I can spare.
I can’t hold on to memories
And linger on
and cling on to thoughts of the days
Long gone

Just a candle in the dark,
Keeps you awake for a while
It would just sparkle my day
If only for once I could see you smile

I presume it’s all pre-written,
A thing called fate
but I would still keep waiting
Until I am, but long gone dead,

Copyright © PS
Maxim Keyfman Jun 28
Today yesterday tomorrow  Blasts my head
That friend that girl   blast my head
Today yesterday tomorrow  blast my head
That the holidays that school Blasts my head

Blasts my head
Blasts my head
Blasts my head

Let me be the one you blast me
I'm so tired
I'm so tired

Today yesterday tomorrow  Blasts my head
That friend that girl  blast my head
Today yesterday tomorrow  blast my head
That the holidays that school Blasts my head

Blasts my head
Blasts my head
Blasts my head

Blast my head

Blast my head

Ahh ahh

All over.

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