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Andrew Rueter Jun 29
There’s a message
under the last text I sent you
that reads Read Yesterday
my heart was red yesterday
my heart you read yesterday
my heart had bled yesterday
so my heart has fled yesterday
into today
the sun’s rays
cure the dumb craze
brought on by that one phrase
that reads Read Yesterday.
Zack Ripley Jun 22
Just as yesterday became today,
today will become tomorrow.
And although these days
are connected by time, what happens isn't. Even though tomorrow's a mystery,
today, you can learn from yesterday.
Today, you can go your own way
Raven Feels Jun 9
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, not that I'm ungrateful----I found peace in the blindness---so redeem me my sight your highness:l

what's old from new???
float them hells been clenched in potted stew

stupid match made in the hit of the feels
underestimated for a mess that would strangle my wheels

road apart from the notice on a stair case scare
a moonshined a hazel dressing in a lonely flare

guitars mindless strings flaunt my flower spine
things a crushing one would never shower a define

nice try mocked
second even blocked

not sure a curse has been clocked ahead
sure thing plasters not for me cause I'm the dead

                                                          ­                 ------ravenfeels
mark soltero Apr 5
once you’re by my side
high off of it
nothing can deny me of your heart
no more time to live in yesterday
Towards every sound, I can only move.

My eyes tied back masked in the fog.

No light shining through

No one to guide me.

Like a glacier in the vast abyss floating towards nothing.

Only accompanied by the echoes of yesterday.

Grey Mar 21
She spoke
with half-smoked cigarettes
and lilting cursive scribbled over last night’s letter’s return address,
her bags packed with only a backless dress.
Nails dripping black and red
blood and paint indistinguishable
in the darkness of the winding alleyways
zigzagging her heart.
She was truly, unendingly lost
in the mazes of her mind
as she traveled backwards with a string
lazily trailing after broken stilettos.
Yesterday’s rain still dripping from empty window sills
and illuminated by lanterns lit with fireflies
found solace in her silent tears
for they were companions,
cut from the same paper-thin cloth.
Maybe a goddess had worn it once,
but those days were long gone
when she lit it aflame with a cigarette
fresh from her lips.
Desire was never a question —
this she had learned from the fire
overtaking her overflowing mind —
and yet it was soundlessly spoken
on empty bottles
not yet broken and swept up by the sea.
Only the blind man could see her now
just as the deaf girl heard her cries
and thus she remained unanswered.
This, however, she did not mind
for being lost was no longer not a choice.
She had passed the exit of the maze, and yet she did not hesitate to continue on just as she had done the hundred times before.
M Solav Mar 20
Who has decided that yesterday
Should ever rhyme with distant and gray
(Is this the product of a rapidly fading memory?)

Who has chosen that this tomorrow
Should ever rhyme with hopeless sorrow
(Is it the consequence of our inescapable fatality?)

Well I think that this person ought
To have paid it one more thought
For that yesterday rhymes with far away
And this tomorrow rhymes with glow

And why is it that sunlight
Should ever come to rhyme with night
(Is it perhaps that in what we lack we find similarity?)

And how come it is that this shadow
Should rhyme with "oh well, you know"?
(Is it that maybe we're always stuck in some circularity?)

Well I guess this buddy of yours ought
To have pondered for one more thought
For that sunlight rhymes with insight
And this shadow rhymes with "let go".
Written on June 2nd, 2018; completed on March 19th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Brumous Mar 18
The wounds of breathing today,
Brews the anxiety of tomorrow.
Mahima khatun Feb 28
Love you
More than I've words to show
Love you
More than you could ever know
Love you
Not just for now
Love you
Till the end
And it's a vow
love you
Right now and forever
Love you
This is the truth will change never
Love you
More than the ocean has shallows
Love you always
More than yesterday
And less than tomorrow's
I wrote this for someone special
And I really love him more then anything
Why did you toss me out the back door like yesterday's trash?

Sweet moments swiftly kicked far from your life without a second look or thought

Something innocent at first grew to be such a ****** excuse for a relationship

You cannot ever undo your mistake

I will never let anybody else throw my love away ever again
Some things cant be fixed
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