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Zack Ripley Sep 20
Red cheeks.
Flaming heart.
Soul stains and rusts
As it's consumed by lust.
But not for you.
Payal Dhiman Jul 31
Water stained glass windows
Tear stained pillows
Heart spilling blood staining my brain
I feel so cold
This air is stained
Stained with the smell of you.
someone once told me

-long before when i used to play music so loud
so loud to help keep the whispers at bay
      the monsters hidden within
            the unanswered questions, doubts, unanswered,

that to be able to appreciate music,
lower the volume, take it in, softly, gently, and
hear it calmly.

but then,
        the whispers
            the monsters
                the unanswered questions

 ­  are louder, s c r EA mIng,
                   loud, louder than

     the heartb e a t,
       dum, dumdum, dum.....
                    too soft.... too..

i wanted to, but i can't hear the soft music in the screaming of what's within.
Kaley Apr 17
In your eyes, I see a contrast of hues that paint the windows of your soul like stained glass paints the inner walls of a church in the early rays of morning - a kaleidoscope of heavenly light.
A poem for my love. Your eyes captivate my heart in ways I can only hope this poem conveys.
DT Feb 9
Just a warning if you intented to love
a poet with a blood of ink and words
flowing in our veins..
Your eyes can be our saving grace
that will lead us to a better place
Through our eyes you are beautiful as Aphrodite but wild and powerful as medusa making us feel petrified by your beauty
Every details on your face is worth every letters,  every ink and every thoughts
In our world you are immortal,  and you'll live forever and ever with the poems we stained in your skin cause our poems must find their way home and and that home is you.
For us love can be poisonous too
all your words against us is like ink spilled on blank page it's a mess and silly thing.  And I promise you later on your soul with be longing and searching for something that you can't undo. You know why?  
Cause we leave mark under your skin it was all pure all the passionate kisses, of how your body shifted reminiscing our skin to skin connection,  those magical moments that I'll forever be treasure.
Note: Sorry for all the grammatical lapses I hope you understand.  If there is something you want me to correct just pm me thank you. And keep writing!
Grace Haak Nov 2019
your crystal eyes
a kaleidoscope
crisp colors changing each day
like stained glass
these patterns pass
reflecting light in a most beautiful way
one i wrote a while back
Ya Boi Sep 2019
As though her skin was stained porcelain white
She slipped back down from the sky cracked and marred
Though every second of my gaze was wasted
As in her final instance; before departure
She was stained porcelain white
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