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A girl
had seen
the once
stars before
her eyes,
as small
as they
they saw
a refuge
in the place
she called
in the
night, she
lands in
the garden
of the moon,
she had seen
every petal
as a word of
poetry, a
the flowers of
her becomes
a guest within
the heart,
they asked,
“how did
you know
of our
to which
she says,
“I am
love and
so are
Raven Blue Jun 2021
Refuge from loneliness.
Thought it was love,
But that was just kindness.
I should not have hoped,
To have those delusions.
I should not have confessed,
And just kept it as a lonely love.
Robert Watson Apr 2021
I long for solitude;
The day's barking tyrants
Drained my reservoir.

Thirsty for life,
I search for my oasis
On life's arid expanses.

I witness the crucifixion;
I watch firefighters burn books;
I can't resist the sirens' call.

The ionizing words mutate me;
I read, and I'm pierced.
The tyrant's visage, shattered.
Try to spot the allusions!
Black Petal Mar 2021
No matter what comes
I'm making it beautiful
Here in this refuge
You are asking for advice
but you can't see reason
You are tired of her tantrums
but going against her? Treason

You know the facts
this is an issue
She may be waiting
but she doesn't miss you
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
Elvis Furtado Nov 2020
When tears don't work no more,
When words spoken don't mean anything,
It is the refuge of the written,
That soothes my aching heart

For it is the record of a pain,
captured in time that can freeze that moment,
And forever live beyond the pain that existed!
iamgone Nov 2020
my mind may have layers
stairs and levels
and turning
halls and rooms
but don't be fooled
my mind is not
a building
my mind is not
a home
in fact
my mind
is where i get
lost the most
I can't find refuge
not even in my own head
what day is it?
Tony Tweedy Aug 2020
You step out into the world and its tendrils seek to entwine.
It takes away my hopes and all the dreams I once held as mine.

You are faced with expectations and choices so not of your own.
You come to think it not so bad when life is both empty and alone.

It becomes just easier to forget about hope and any form of dream.
Responsible to self and away from expectations endless scream.

You close the world outside behind your safeties solid door.
And give up on love and dream like clothes discarded on the floor.

You accept a life of little value and so too the feel it will never end.
All for reassurance outside consequence wont reach in to offend.

I write of being sad and lonely in many of the poems that I write.
But I am conscious, it is I who cast love and hope out into the night.
I know there are many who have come to feel this way. A loss of something that makes trusting the world and others just so difficult to do. Sometimes finding a light at the end of the tunnel doesn't have the appeal others may expect us to have. Controlling the light switch even in darkness offers a level of security that some of us prefer. Your expectations scare us and it is what made us seek darkness as refuge.
Give me the shelter of your warm embrace
Let it unfurl and cover me like the wings of an angel
For its only in such moments that i feel safe

Give me the affable comfort of your light
Let those rays pierce through me and chase away the dark
For its only in such moments that i feel at peace.

You've turned my forsaken shack into a gleaming sanctuary
And given me a hideout that I can turn to when stormy clouds arise

You've turned my hollow hovel into a glowing hearth
And given me a a place of refuge that I can retire to when I am weary

Let me retreat into you once again
There I will dwell
And return to a place that I know so well
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