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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Make heart too heavy to hold
Beautiful thing to burst
Nobody else has the power
To break if you do first

Today the day to take control
It may be too late
Worried about romance failing
Proof of eventual fate

I am not just repeating words
A sock puppet limp and hollow
My opinions are my own energy
Do not trust other instinct to follow

Gentle reminder is not good enough
Gentle with only your hands
Let voice have authority over yourself
Answer no commands
I always always expect the worst to avoid disappointment. It's working out pretty good for me actually haha.
Simon Jul 2020
When you measure something once, it doesn't always go the way you fully expected. Nor was it how you solely intended for its very actions to not solidify your commands very nicely, either. That's exactly why you need to measure those very commands twice, or else those very actions (which became the dreary outcome beyond both your own expectations and how you never intended it to go the exact opposing opposite way you truly "not so wisely" measured it, the first time). All this isn't as solidifying or even unifying when you shed the costs of the simple mistakes that turn into even more dreary outcomes! Either ahead of time, or entirely beforehand. (Since sometimes the most basic mistakes of our very actions towards our very messy commands, shows we perceive the outcome ahead of time, instead of taking it easy once and a while to urge our decisions beforehand...just in case.) You need to make utter sure when (the next time comes around) too measure things twice...from NOW ON!
Actions, commands, outcomes... There ALL the same for why it doesn't make ANY difference at all...when all you need to do (the next time comes around) is too measure things twice!
Far away from here,
There is somewhere.
I dnt need to cry,
and bow down to all your whys.
The questions and demand,
Here i  burden myself with all your commands.
But somewhere,
My view matters,
My choices are better,
I dnt need to follow command
And my desire expand.
I wish to meet you there too,
So that you see how happy i am without you.
Meet me there in a better place
Commands were
for alphabets and
numeric to dance.
On there Codes?

© Feelings Coated
Angelique Oct 2016
the impact of mankind is profound
it's ridiculously simple
--childishly intent on giving commands and ordering respect
meanwhile leaving behind fierce footprints of disrespect
Shaina Aug 2014
It's taking over my life.
It's taking control of me.
I give into its wishes.
I listen to its commands.
It declares my every move.
I'm a puppet and it's my master
holding the strings,
holding the reins to my life
It dominates me.
It restrains me.
It keeps me paralyzed.
But I can't ask for help.
Asking for help admits defeat.
I can never admit defeat.
Defeat means weakness.
Weakness means I'm powerless.
When I'm powerless,
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