I see a creative class...

where there's
no class to teach the past.
No passing kids
for the fact that they remembered all the facts.
No black and white
No stress to fight
the inner bliss of the creative kids.
I wrote this in my college class
Nel 2d
I’m scared

I could mess this all up in just a matter of minutes

Colleges are looking at me

One has reached out to me

And wants to talk the 30th of this month

I’m scared
I’m not that good at playing clarinet

Am I?

Do I present myself to be a senior?
With how I talk?

Teachers have raved about how I’m more mature than my peers
How I see the world differently

One was surprised that I got the true meaning of a poem, one that colleges students don’t even get right

He also believes I’m an old soul

People brag about how I play
People brag about my maturity
People brag about my looks

I don’t think I’m that good
I don’t think I act that old
I don’t think I’m that pretty


People do

Colleges have asked me to play at there pageants
People ask me if I’m in college or if I’m married
People tell me I could be a model

I’m scared
I doubt I can do this
I don’t see what other people see
I doubt it all

Spa D is on fire
Administration is a liar
Student body has a desire
Let's fulfill our needs before we expire

You think your threats can stop us
I'm sure we didn't want to make a fuss

What makes you be at a nonplus
Let us know when you are ready to discuss

For how long will you bluff?
Don't you think it's enough?

We've suffered enough over the years
We have overcome all our fears

Don't light up the fire with our tears
You better stop playing with our careers

All that we ask for is some trust
But you left us all in utter disgust

Spa D is on fire
Administration is a liar
Student body has a desire
Let's fulfill our needs before we expire
Rosey 4d
You need minds like me
I've bent over backwards to sculpt a vision of a human being
Some 3D model of a stained glass church window
I see that you've turned me into numbers
How thick and how tall?
How much time did I spend in the library?
But you missed the golden numbers
The ratio of the bones in my fingers which I have so carefully crafted for you
You overlooked the seventy hour work weeks (I was a first responder at a climbing site)
And I'm sure you failed to notice the pictures of my therapy dog on the website I built for you
I keep asking myself what went wrong
What about this wasn't good enough?
Braxton Reid Mar 8
You're getting married on my birthday this year.
I'm just saying that it's weird,
And I don't mean to pry,
Or ask you why.

I just remember the time,


You were all I thought about,
And all my friends laughed aloud
When I told them I loved you after only knowing you a few days.

I can see why now, but that felt real;
You felt chill.
And after a long time without love
You were the only thing I thought of.

What I'm trying to say is ,

I still think about you.
Not in any particular way but you pop in and out,
Like a visitor that forgot their keys on my couch.
And I don't have any feelings or regrets.
I'm just saying you had an effect.
AvengingPoet Mar 5
But I cannot even function
Without you by my side
It’s a damn shame that I can barely take the day-by-day
The grind of everything that shall be, this natural world

A focus on all that is good and pure
Those things I love and cherish
You most of all
The only thing that keeps me from losing it all…

I hope I don’t die on this hill
This place that looks like something out of a painting
Yet only seems to hold emptiness and loneliness
As we’re surrounded by the shapes of silence and the suffering of thousands

The tectonic plates are starting to shake
And I’m afraid I’m starting to lose balance
Maybe you can keep my balance steady as I need to find

That steadier footing.

I’m not sure if I can
But the day-by-day
The shaking, the shapes of silence taking form
At all hours of the night
Well, I can barely sleep
But at least you’re right next to me

What is the meaning of this?
I’m sure I’ll probably never know.
Amanda Mar 2
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Declinism: is the world actually getting worse?
That seasonal edition perfume
Might smell like another
Retail brand attempting to
Make a quick buck
From the “cool kids”
Who only shop at their shop.

I, on the other hand, recognize
The smell as that night
I wore a camo zip-up hoodie,
Another retail brand’s
Pink v-neck tee
With the words “American
Eagle” printed in purple on the front,
And a pair of jeans.

I walked into that freshman
Dorm hoping we’d do more than
Just your English Composition paper,
But then you showed me where your
Desk was and I sat down to write
An “A” paper for you.

You sat your left cheek on what
Was left on the seat that I was sitting on
So you could see better than awkwardly
Laying on your bed which was against the desk.

I told you to sit down.
You sat down.
I, then sat on your lap,
“Because now we can both see.”

You said “You smell good”
And the rest was history.
a man
in his
cerulean fit
always flight
his fascination
there with
his striped
shirt clean
that wimples
shall lie
in bed
with asters
attached in
beanie caps
today tonight
& tomorrow
in bloom
university town
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