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When I met you I thought my life would change
I thought my life would have meaning
I thought I was becoming a man

When I met you
My life changed
Not the way I expected though

I stopped doing drugs and smoking
I found love and loved it
I found friendship and cherished it
Friendship betrayed me soon after
Love sent me on my way
I became a party animal
And drug addict

When I met you
I thought my life would have meaning,
But my thoughts were deceiving
I was blind to what I was seeing
And lost myself

Tomorrow I'll send you on your way
And there'll be no way to make me stay
I'll never forget you
I'll never regret you
I'll never miss you
Tomorrow my life will change,
But wasn't that how all this started
Just frightened about leaving home and joining the military
Brewomble Oct 19
Bones-Let’s let them be dry and ******
As if that be the way they were found
Let them crack and fracture and bruise, amongst the concrete ground
Let them have their space to break and wither away-
Let’s turn the other cheek-while behind us they quickly decay
And then let’s use their fossils for fuel, weapons or laddels in every size
As simply as to stir the ***, and smug at their great demise
If not ashes to dust, then what'll be of our bones we fast to give away-
Sewn better than not, twist an arm for play-

But simple pleasures wither too, bones we toddle but dare not fix
Let them wonder how we toyed our hearts- like a feverish game of pick-up-sticks.

-Bre Womble
Julia Shaw Oct 10
Once I had an undesirable roommate
I was in college at the time
I was assigned to a girl not so great
She did things I considered crimes

I thought if I don’t get some relief
I will lose what is left of my mind
My stay at this college will be brief
How can I leave my troubles behind

I walked down the hall of my dorm
Feeling very sad and forlorn
Then suddenly I had a brainstorm
That would heal all the hurt I had born

Quickly I slipped into another room
I met a girl I had long admired
Holding my breath, did I dare presume
She was working quietly and seemed inspired

I didn’t know if she knew who I was
If she would even listen to my request
I told her the problem that had caused
My world to be so greatly upset

She seemed not a bit surprised at all
For in a dorm rumors fly like the wind
She smiled at me and my southern drawl
Would you like to join me and move right in

Her words were like a balm to my soul
I quickly moved my possessions in before
My old roommate could return and stroll
In to make a drama scene that I abhor
That was my college freshman year
I remember many friends and good times
But the best decision I made was clear
Moving in with Jean Shuey was prime

She was smart and always a lady so fine
Five years older with some gray in her hair
I was an extrovert and spoke my mind
Together we made the ideal pair

All that year she gave me much pleasure
Studying and talking late into the night
I always thought of her as my treasure
Without her I would have been in a plight

Time has its way of rushing on
After college we lost contact
I saw her a few times over days gone
But I failed to call or keep track

Today I decided to contact her again
Soon I found her address and phone
I wondered if her would still be my friend
Or would rather just be left alone

We talked for hours of good times and bad
So much to catch up on after thirty years
We both had lost our dear mom and dad
But we said good-bye without any tears

We planned to email each other often
And meet at a restaurant for a meal
I hope we never again let years soften
Our love and admiration, time will not steal
I wrote this poem a few weeks ago about my roommate during my freshman year away.   She now lives about 30 miles from me and we plan to get together again after about 40 years. She was very special to me.
Karly Codr Oct 6
I'm tired of getting thing pushed onto me.
Karly, write this essay so you can get this scholarship.
Karly, apply to this college.
Karly, why aren't you going to this college event?
Karly, make sure to decide what you want to do right now.
Karly, this college invited you to a choir rehearsal.
Karly, make sure you get this done by midnight tonight, but don't stay up too late.
Karly, make sure to get 8 hours of sleep.
Karly, you listen to music too much, take out your headphones, they're warping your brain.
Karly, why are you crying?
Karly, are you okay?
Karly, you have nothing to be stressed about.

REALLY? I HAVE NOTHING TO BE STRESSED ABOUT? YOU KEEP PUSHING THINGS ONTO ME, AND TELLING ME THAT I'M MESSING UP, AND YOU REALLY WANT TO TELL ME THAT I HAVE NOTHING TO BE STRESSED ABOUT????? *sobs in my bed, wrapped in blankets, hugging my stuffed animals, not sleeping because I'm thinking to much
Everyone keeps asking me to do all of this stuff and it's wearing me out, to the point where I hardly get any sleep because I'm too busy laying in bed and sobbing into my pillow and thinking about everything that I have to get done :(
Henry Oct 5
Baseboards lined with spiderwebs
That shimmer in the slanted sun
Next to worn, wooden chairs
Feeling sturdier than ever
Shelves and shelves of
Outdated textbooks and encyclopedias
Crinkly and brown and yellowed
How many trees went into these pages
This forest rearranged
And defaced by movable type
Oct 5, 2020
Henry Oct 3
I sit in my school's dusty library
Like a picture taken on film
Full of grain and texture
Frozen beams of light
Through slanted venetian blinds
Capture and hold dust
Suspended like dew in a spider web
sitting in the library
Henry Oct 2
Rigid, impasto clouds
Stick out of the sky
Like Van Gogh
Put them there himself
Sky peaking between
Buildings and towers
Pushed and pulled
Twisted and ripped apart
Like fabric tearing slowly
Moved by the breeze
Invisible currents slicing
A silent cacophony of air
I reach up and feel
Solid, dried paint crackles
Under my finger tips
I pull my hand away
Digits stained white and blue and gray

Shifting streets and their buildings
Pulsing and moving and shaking
Jagged and prickly corners
Edges of windows glint
Like drops of blood
On the edge of a sword
Walls and sidewalks
Rough like a giant cat's tongue
The skyscrapers carve the landscape
Into a distorted forest
An amalgamation of today
And yesterday and the day before that
I reach forward and feel
I pull back in shock
Fingers pricked and knees scraped
imagery from where i live now
Arabella B Sep 21
Sitting here alone
in my dorm room
listening to music
as those around me laugh and go on adventures
has made me realize
that it's ok to be alone

School comes first
yes that may be true
but so does my health
Here at school
I sit in my room
sealed up
brick by brick
constantly doing school work
I can go out

Sometimes I miss my house
I miss the hugs
I miss the cuddles
I miss the warmth of my home
Sure school can never replace a home
But for some reason I thought it would
I wanted the experience like everyone else
I want to laugh and go out
Be a real teen

The leaves are starting to change here
It's starting to get cold
I am in the fall of my teenage years
Next year I turn into a real adult
I just want to live my life and not think
Instead I sit here and analyze everything in my life
Bottles scattered across my desk
Along with a clutter also sits an unmade bed
A bed that shows worn but also eerily neat
This poem is not for pity
Life is not everything we imagine it to be when we're young
our tiny little feet grow up and our strides widen
Life goes on whether we like it or not
It all depends on how ready we are for it
Moth Sep 13
everyone in sync
lining up together
words and actions
that flow just right

out of the loop
unable to connect
like some secret
I couldn't find

how do they connect
like wires to computer
making memories together
I feel disconnected
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