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Lexi 4d
Here's a little of what i see of society...

We continue in our loneliness, telling others how we hate it,
how much we want to change,
we cry every night praying to God that He will fill the emptiness inside of us;
bring someone along and take away out loneliness,
but DEEP DEEP inside our taunted we crave this so called loneliness,
this isolation we put ourselves in.  The waves of emotion hits us hard and with each they get STRONGER and STRONGER,
weakening our desperate bodies,
ripping our skin from off our backs.
We stand there.
Waiting for it to hit us, begging it to hit us harder.
To tare us apart.
This loneliness all will feel sometime on our line of string, will either be declined or welcomed with arms wide open.

We tell each other how much we despise of it, but yet we do not know the TRUTH.
If life was as simple as it was nowadays
Would I have appreciated my bad days more?
Would I have given up on God without knowing the truth?
Would I have stopped praying when I became upset?
Would I have struggled with the thought of being unable to love myself?
If life was as simple as it was nowadays
I could say
Thank you, God, for giving me strength
Thank you, God, for loving me when I couldn’t
Thank you, God, for allowing to see what my life could bring to others
If life was as simple as it was nowadays
Could this poem stop right here?
kolsmusing May 8
the one
whom you prayed for
the one
whom your heart longs for
the one
whom your mind speaks
the one
whom you want to spend the rest of your life with
the one
that you will choose everyday
if given the chance
Silently praying that the one that got away will come back one day.
Traveler Mar 28
Looking into a mirror
Studying my reflection
I don't know who I am
I can't find a connection
Not sure how to wear
This hansom blimpish face
As a Traveler I explore
The whole human race
Hoping but not praying
My soul need not to rest
Memory foam I lay upon
I've forgotten less and less
And I....
Can't find no connection
Studying my reflection
Not sure if we're all going to make it...
Traveler Tim
Euphrosyne Mar 6
with my silent ways,
i will love you.

i'll be whispering
your name in
my prayers;

i'll be talking  to
the moon about you;

and i'll be wishing
to every star tonight
for you.
I will always be wishing you the best and praying you will be mine next time. Even though I'm always silent.
Johnfrancis Feb 11
How I wish my eyes could Grace love
And my heart embrace nature's freshness,
In it finest and purest from.

Oh,how I wish I was a poet,
How I wish my hand will listen to my heart,
I would have told the world how beautiful it was
With words too deep to say.

Oh,how I wish I can make words come alive,
Live would have been more easer for me.
How I wish I can write,
Love wouldn't have died,
Peace would had last longer.

Oh, if only my heart will speak to my hand,
Then I will whisper in to the world's ears
That her smiles are hidden in hope.

Oh, I wish I was a poet and nothing more😒
Alas, I could only wish and always wish
That I wish I was a poet!!....
Dream isn't those things we see when we sleep
It those thing that don't let us sleep
Empress Asa Jan 12
What I have asked to Allah ??
I don't even remember it..
I only know that everything I need is always available..

Maybe I change my point of view when I asking before..

I ask everyday, but you never come..
Until I am tired for ask..
I thought it will become hope that never exist..
I feel it just wishes..

I am trying to make one more ask..
I ask only one sentence,
but he is really come more faster than I thought..

I don't even know,
What kind of word that I want to pray right now..
Troy Jan 4
I have a few more days
In this prison cell
That they call
A hospital ward

Too long has it been
Since I have tasted freedom
I now feel like
I'm on a bed of roses

Feeling my skin
Getting ripped apart
Bit by little bit
It bleeds over the thorns

Soaking into the petals
Staining the white buds red
Dripping down to the floor
And making a pool of crimson

Waiting with anxiety
And anguish
Hoping to be free
To roam around once again

To walk amongst the living
To cast out my shadow
And inhale the fresh air
With my toes in the sand

But that seems like hopeful wishing
And maybe it is
But that is my wish
For a perfect vacation
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