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Lily Apr 21
My prayer this Easter
Is for you to experience
The true and everlasting joy
That being a child of God brings you.
I want you to fully understand
His love and compassion for you,
And I want you to believe
That He died and
Rose from the grave
To give you eternal life in heaven with Him.
Happy Easter everyone! <3
Peter Balkus Mar 29
Some need a prayer break,
but I need a break from praying,
as the time I spent talking to God,
seems like was spent in vain.
Some nights
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
And in His mercy,
let me die as I sleep.

But instead
He fills me with His view of reality
And in His mercy
He brings me His peace.
Please just let me sleep
For it is dull and I am wary
I am drowning on my tired feet
So please just let me sleep

Please just let me sleep
For I am done with the world
And all it has to offer
So please just let me sleep

Please just let me sleep
For I cannot bare another second
Being awake in the harsh light
So please just let me sleep
Kai Schultz Jan 21
Whoever or whatever it may be
Up in the sky watching over me
I know I don't really pray to you much
but if the world may end
Please save him, not me.
I know I'm broken up over him, but I still care...
Olivia Jan 7
I thank God for another year of life, for keeping you here longer each day.

I remember as a child I would pray my heart out to keep you safe forever, “God don’t take her away from me,” I’d say.

You told me at age 50 you prayed the same “God keep me alive till she’s grown,” you’d say.

28 years later and he hasn’t let us down.

It hasn’t been the easiest of years but God please forgive me of my sins.

Not today she’d say, not today.
Quin Rosenheart Dec 2018
6 feet underground
My life turned upside down
Why have you left me here this way

1000 feet above the earth
Heaven is now my hearth
Too bad theres no one left here to pray

Gone away from those I loved
I'm here watchful from up above
Atop the clouds I listen as I lay
she remains anon Nov 2018
my hands do violently.
Carousel horses why do you run from me?
In a world stuck spinning,
I am a girl caught thinning.
Carousel horses, how can this be?
All my dreams, they do escape
and I, a women of the flock, always await.
Carousel horses, will you hear my plea?
So I pray;
my hands do violently,
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