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you would light the candle on your desk
just as your mother told you
and you would pray
just as she told you.

i wish i could have been with you.
Payton Mar 1
"Oh God," she says, hands clasped together, fingers entwined, knees bent.  
He doesn't answer; /he does.
/he answers with earnest, continued, devoted worship,
head bowed, eyes closed, his mind devoid of all else but this
—this soul-shaking, earth-shattering pleasure, this blessed communion between man and woman,
the Holy Spirit an undoubted ****** through the candlelight,
this holy practice wherein they do some of their finest praying.
This poem was written in 2020.
Nikkie Jan 29
Have I done enough praying in my life,
to have brought to fruition, this caring man
that God sent my way?
He cares for me and how I feel,
he pulls my chair so I can sit.
He holds me close on the dance floor,
and beckons me to follow his masculine lead.
He raises his drink and toasts to my honor,
which makes me feel unbelievably special,
like winning our own private lottery drawing.
He puts me on his pedestal and holds me
in the highest regard.
But yet he still worries; will I always be,
the same me he sees every day.
Am I going to change who I’ve introduced him to?
Is my love for him going to change?
Are the words I pen from my heart, going to
end up hurting our divine connection?
I am here to stay for the long haul,
I am not afraid to share my feelings.
I dig this power that you emit my way.
That slow drag you had in the beginning
is still locked down inside my soul
agatha Jan 5
i've never been one for surrendering to a higher being.
but if it only takes for the clasping of hands
and speaking into silence to finally, finally close the distance,

i lay down my sword
and kneel i shall.
Isabella Howard Dec 2020
The stars look crueler

As they watch you die

Beneath their light.

There are too many of them in the sky

With too much hate filling their eyes

They've seen hundreds of you before

They will see

Hundreds more

You think you deserve to be here

You've been praying quietly

These past few years.

You think you can hear them

Whispering about you

Above you

They knew you'd never make it

You know you don't belong

You know this mountain will be

Just as cold

Just as lonely

In two hundred years

As it is tonight

Finding warmth in a broken body

Found dead

By light

There are too many stars in the sky

With too much hate filling their eyes

They've seen hundreds of you before

They will see

Hundreds more

Did your family know you went terminal

When you booked that flight?

The way they held you as you said goodbye

You think they just might

You wish you could call home

With your last dying breath

And tell them you'll be gone

Someone finally chose your death

But that call will come

From an unknown number

From a voice too rough

Calling on a night

With too many stars

Filling up your sky

And from then on

Your sister wears a smile

That says she just wants to die
If each of your wildest dreams
Came suddenly true today
Would only your life improve?
Or others helped on their way?

If each of your fervent prayers
Came granted complete this hour
Would the entire world be blessed
If you had this praying power?

If each of your inmost thoughts
Formed full into worldly shape
Would everyone feel more joy
And out of despair escape?

Seek for the true prosperity
For you - for me - and for all
We are called to be as one
Let us work to heed this call
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My wife shared with me an idea and said, "Why don't you write a poem about this?"  So I did.  She heard it from a Pastor she was listening to online.  He said something like, "If every one of your prayers were suddenly answered, would it bless the whole world, or would it only bless you?"
So I elaborated a bit on the idea and put it to verse.
Khaniek Oct 2020
We can not win Lord.
“You” ask me to trust and hold on.
“You” ask me to forgive and love without question.
“You” ask me to give of myself more than I believe is there.
“You” ask these things of me, expecting me to bend willingly..
And I want to..
God, I don’t know how.
Annika H Sep 2020
I haven't prayed since that fateful day back in sixth grade
but lord knows for you
I would've knelt beside my bed
clasped my hands
and spoke to god
I would've asked him for a girl like you
with hair that calls for my fingers like the call to morning prayer
a laugh that wakes me better than a steeple ever could
a smile brighter than the pearly gates
eyes more beautiful than any stained glass window
a voice that sounds better than the loudest hymn
a mind that holds my own personal bible
and god would've sent me you
the angel he knew I needed
to make this place feel like heaven
Lane O Sep 2020
Black rosary beads
Holy prayers uttered to God
Penance for my sins
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