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we heard them
talking about
a meteor shower
later that night
highly anticipated
set to accompany
the rust red
that we caught
following us

lay down
upon blankets
a meagre effort
to provide
at least
a little comfort
while we witnessed
astral magnificence
the significance
of which
none of us
was certain
childishly imagining
a spectacle
from the dazzling
of shooting stars
trailing tails
like fireworks
in wonder
appearing briefly
burning out

we found ourselves
staring up
at one of those
of white
drifting across
the stratosphere
it could be
a meteor
maybe just
an aeroplane
or simply
a twinkling
trick of
the light
yet still
we watched
without excitement
without direction
without relevance
Tran Thuy Anh Jul 19
If this is it,
don’t tell me so.
I just want
to breathe you in
for infinite moments
Tran Thuy Anh Jul 19
a palette of blue and white
swirls around the drain
while the reflection of us blurs in the mirror
you sit with your back turned
out of shame or modesty?
for my comfort?
or yours?
i wash your delicate white hair
trying not to lose any strands to the stream
and stare at how your spine
protrudes through skin
how the muscles in your back
expand and contract so slowly
as your lungs search for oxygen
you close your eyes and enjoy the warmth
while tears form in mine
for how time eludes us
for how the past becomes the future
for how fragile you feel beneath my fingers
you might break, any minute now
or maybe it is i
who will break first.
Rosie Toes May 27
You fell asleep first tonight
Now here I am

You must know
Melatonin can't even touch you
Suddenly it's 4am
Dave Robertson Dec 2021
We’re waiting for you, little pearl,
not that we need you to rush
take your time as the arms to catch you
will cwtch forever

Your mama has laid layer and layer
of love on you,
egg-shell cautious love

So be rambunctious on arrival
and we’ll mostly forgive sleepless nights

Just come little pearl
come in little girl

our world awaits x
Jammit Janet Jul 2021
Literal anticipation 📖✨
****** frustration 🌶✨
To ignite 🔥✨
The ultimate sensation 🌈✨
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