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Jeremy Betts Apr 5
A brain like mine, the brain of an addict, can justify anything
Drumming up excuses that defy reasoning
Connecting dots with miles of red string
Coming to conclusions that are baffling
"The problem was this here faulty Icarus wing"
"Setting me up for failure back when I was seventeen"
Not the fact of the constant nosediving
Bracing for impact, the anticipations paralyzing
It was easier to hide it in the begining
Can't hide it now, so let's call it ageing
The lack of a fatal crash is a bit puzzling
No complaining
It's just surprising
Kinda thought I'd be death defying
'Till I became stuck in the sky flying high,
Ignoring every warning
Didn't think it possible to hit the ground running
But now I'm panicking
I didn't plan for a second half, that fact is terrifying
Far scarier than any thought of dying
I wish I was lying

A cake shared with everybody
Except me

Everyone anticipating slices

So no wishes

No blowing out tiny fires in vain

No spitty frosting
Little traces of yourself embedded deep into the pits of other's stomachs

Instead tie a balloon to wrist

Showing age in slow shuffling

Open ribbon
Unwrap the gift I painstakingly chose for you this year-
When someone else has their cake, eats it, and then proceeds to eat your slice as well.
Anais Vionet Jan 6
It’s going to snow tonight. It seems the brick shoulders of Elm Street will ooze, like watery eggnog, with a light snow tonight and we’re twitching with delight.

The vibes of it are too much and sure, it will just turn to slush, but you know how romance twists reality - snow seems laced with pageantry.

After two snowless winters the light dribbling, like a flirty look or a stolen kiss, will be exciting.

When I chose Yale, I was promised - ok threatened with - cruel winter weather.

I’m going to dance however I want, and if I commit to cruelty, I’ll accept it with all of its honest challenges. That cruel weather never materialized.

We returned to New Haven yesterday to be here - for the snow. Earlier, the wind was blowing in from the sea - but hurray! That’s changed.
Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
I've always been the kid in the hall
Outside the office door of some metaphorical "principal"
Donning a dunce cap, back to the wall
Anticipation spikes in general
This time it's special
When waiting for the next hypothetical, often hypocritical, shoe to fall I make it a double
Dribble and drop the ball
Taking on the challenge of life was a bad call
The order's too tall, don't try it y'all
What I've been given to work with is abysmal
Can't rely on it being factual at all
A criminally out of date owners manual
A For Dummies series appealing to a low level criminal
Vaguely creating, and/or aiding, this failure ritual
Oh the unmitigated gall
Scheduling my burial service to take place before the funeral
Fuucking brutal
I hate it and it seems the feelings mutual
The line stepping is habitual
The backward motion is perpetual
Not sure any of this is avoidable
But, what do I know...
...everything and nothing is impossibly possible

David Hilburn Aug 2023
Angel's of better through
Myself, to a fascinating yarn
Of what went where, a since of owe...
That collect a share in more, to earn

Callous decision begins the day...
When is a legend of promises and due count?
Of a shadow in the grand scheme of things, say
The utmost of tries and tribulation, within a certainty's pout

Credence to verify a care, the toil of just
The riddance of guarantee, to account a new play
Oft the light of simplicity, but complex in sides of must
That have harrowed a call, a cause of means in altruism's way

Stepping forward, in the name of a treatise vaunted
We spy the court of prodigious example, for a nefarious ghost
My time here, is a walking and silent myth, a risk haunted
For the gain of truer heed, in a wish there is patience for most?

Could a faring wealth of passions decree, be?
Here is the solace of worth I will know, a caring hardiness
Made shall, a redemption to a tow and show of order, to lead
The audacity of a hand of fortune, to the rise of charisma I bless...

With that, the treasure is many and magnificent
Couth in final compare, in the spare and presiding
A wish of summation and its thought to drive, a share meant
With the lips of dignity, that shall continue without airs of denial

At role and delve of omnipotent trust
The tooth of the day, is to hope, is a forth and will of kind?
Long looks and summations hope, is a silence to discuss
Letting ours begin here, with purpose beyond fear, is mercy to mind?
Is the gift of a new friend, of the hand or land? Some would ask, is a handsomer view of life to be shared?
she waited
discreetly checked the time
continued to wait
patiently and impatiently
flashing a smile
at what felt like
appropriate moments
a stunted laugh
or an "oh"
"really" or "yeah"
if she felt
she'd been wordlessly
quiet for too long
hours had been lost
to the smallest of talk
the bane of
real conversation
of truly meeting a person
all that effort
of getting ready
the makeup
meticulously applied
the hair
styled and restyled
the outfit
chosen then doubted
then changed
to be put on again
all of that
for this
Alex McQuate Jun 2023
Dread and Gloom!
All these emotions running through my head to name a few.

Taking the plunge,
And self-publishing one's first book,
Uncertain of this loving recreation's first foray into the world,
Will it be loved?
Will it go unread?
Only time will tell for this collection of prose and truth.
I decided to self publish my first collection! I can't wait to see how it goes and it's all thanks to this site and the wonderful people on it. Thank you all for your kind words and support!
Aspen Mar 2023
You came to live inside my house,
crossing the threshold that does not say 'Welcome'
You made your bed,
and now you will not wake up

"When will you leave?"

But you don't hear me,
and the sun has gone away.
we heard them talking
about a meteor shower
expected later that night
highly anticipated
set to accompany
the rust red supermoon
that we caught
following us home

lay down upon blankets
a meagre effort
to provide at least
a little comfort
while we witnessed
this astral magnificence
the significanceof which
none of us was certain
childishly imagining
a spectacle from
the dazzling of shooting stars
trailing tails like fireworks
pointing in wonder
appearing briefly
before burning out

we found ourselves staring
up at one of those
countless  spots of white
     drifting across
          the stratosphere
it could be a meteor
maybe just an aeroplane
or simply a twinkling
trick of the light
yet still we watched
without excitement
without direction
without relevance
Rosie Toes May 2022
You fell asleep first tonight
Now here I am

You must know
Melatonin can't even touch you
Suddenly it's 4am
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