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Jammit Janet Jul 9
Literal anticipation 📖✨
****** frustration 🌶✨
To ignite 🔥✨
The ultimate sensation 🌈✨
Millie Jul 7
Stringing out what consciousness remains
Straining eyes as they ruminate their imagined future
Never coming to any real fruition
All the while life passes by
Opportunity slips through my peripheral
Friends laugh above my frozen figure
Some stranger flirts with the shallow flesh that hovers above my rotting corpse
And I giggle a little
Because I’ve played this game before
And like a fool think I can win
Norman Crane Apr 30
on sunday mornings
the streets sigh
with hideous anticipation
awaiting an answer to a question—
is the city dead
or not yet awoken?
With all the glow
Of San Francisco
Lighting up your face
Highlighting in lightning
Every word you say
I heard it then
Clear as day
“Something’s coming.”
Don’t forget it
Don’t you dare neglect it
And by God may you never try to perfect it
It's divinely inscribed that loving means patience
and kindness, honesty, humility, and hope:
Most things that are lacking in my personnel essence,
a setback tying me down like a rope.
Now the challenge arises, to tread a new pace.
Take the road less traveled, unlearn what I knew.
As for weakness written well all over my face,
I'm not only hopeful, I'm horrified too.
To watch things unfold to the slow beat of my heart,
see things as they are instead of how it might be;
and though I am eager to see the next part,
I revel in the unrushed, gentle moments of happy.
Because good things come to all those who wait;
I know that one day, it will surely be great.
I haven't written a sonnet in forever, but this one came to me with ease. Consistency in things have been painfully absent in my life, but one can definitely be surprised about which things last when supported with the right amount of work.
Allesha Eman Jan 19
You anxiously anticipate evening restlessness
feeling the pain of resilience deep in your bones
but dying fires from the sunset sky cool your eyes
and a horizon line is sewn into your heart
where blazing sunset colours go to rest
after evening blues wash the sky
and leave behind droplets of stars
you fall asleep - dreaming of hope
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