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When you thought it was over
I am afraid to say it
But my social anxiety is coming back.
I lost a really good friend because of it.
And I am so scared that i will lose someone again.
So i am fighting really hard to get over it.
But i need someone to help me.
I know I need help but the last time I asked I lost somebody who I loved.
So yeah
If anybody wants to talk, I like to listen.
I still remember to this day Doctors calling me Into a private room telling me no more could they do to save Helen
I had make a decision to agree let her go as I went back to sit by my sweethearts  
Helen reached out and took my hand but the grip of her hand was
much weaker tried to stop my tears from flowing which somehow
managed to
But knew these were a our last days  together I cared for her the Doctors had given Helen
days at most throughout her last three days I held her hand but her grip on life was slowly slipping
away I
Tacopie5244 Jul 4
fill me up
with your worries
so you dont overflow
its okay if i spill
no really
it is

i have too many cracks already
im bound to break anyways
Johnny walker Jun 18
A silence fell apon
the midnight air that crept
Its way through my
open window nothing
to be heard than ticking
of the clock on the
A deathly silence now descending on my life
now alone just the tick
tick of the clock It's hand slowly sweeping Its face
Since my sweetheart left
this life
clock now has started ticking just for me I hear It ticking my life away as a silence
fall upon the the midnight
air there to creep slowly through my open
I'm slowly losing you,
But in a different way.
You might not think so,
But it's you.
It's always been you,
And it will always be you.
Anastasia May 13
A girl, made of glass.
A boy, made of brass.
Hearts of paper.
Tears turn to vapor.
Not enough time.
They say it’s fine.
Hearts turn to ashes.
Skin burning, from the lashes.
Liars sell their secrets and lies.
While every rose slowly dies.
Katja P May 10
My mind keep quiet.
I hear flowing quietness.
I feel relax of flowers on my skin.
I breathing deep by ocean.
Ocean of healthing, ocean of love.
I go swiming in fredom ocean.
It washed away strain of muscular srtucture.
I hear sweet music of harmony.
My vision clear like vision of the hawk.
I hear slowly music of the peace.
I deeply breath in fresh air of hope.
My mind is bright like a light.
That light guide me from black tunel.
I see the light in everyday.
I see the light in each moment.
I see the light around me, everywhere.
I clearly understanding everything.
My memory remember each words I was read in life book.
I see straight road, road in future.
I am alive, the life around me in this moment, that bring me joy in everything I'm doing.
The time slows down its course like beating of my heart.

Your words are
killing me,

s  l  o  w  l  y


Making me meet my grave
much too early.

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