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mace May 11
it didn't sneak up on me
i fell slowly
with every act of kindness where she'd go out of her way for

i could lean on her.

she loves me unashamedly.
but i was afraid and stuck in quicksand
but she pulled me up
again and again
no matter how many times i mistook the sinking death trap as ground

our mutual sacrifice for eachother
out of concern, out of care, just because;
is what love is
just another love poem for my gf don't mind me
Danica Apr 10
As bitter brew meets parted lips, do tears accompany my sips?
In shadows cast by memories, do cries echo through the eclipse?

With every whispered plea for closure, does anguish tighten its grip?
Why did you choose her over us, leaving love's vessel to slowly rip?

In this café of shattered dreams, do my heart's cries reach your ears?
Or are they lost in the cacophony of our unspoken fears?

As bitter brew meets parted lips, do you taste the salt of my tears?
Or have you moved on, leaving me to drown in love's endless spheres?
yet they still carry the echoes of their love, forever intertwined with the bittersweet memories of what once was
Zywa Mar 24
The lunar orbit,

the decline of my body:

it all goes slowly.
Poem "The full moon climbs slowly, slowly higher" (1610, Yuan Hongdao)

Collection "Stream"
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2023
Your journey has come to an end
Mourning for a soul no longer here
Love slowly will help wounds mend
In heart presence will never disappear
Trying to write a poem for the program for my mom's celebration of life
Anais Vionet Apr 2023
love doesn't dash, it loiters
with repeated movements like music
and beautifully crude endearments

love doesn't dash, it lingers
with rhythms like dance
and boastfully rude aphorisms

so dally with me, my love
lollygag, lounge and in a while
we'll share breaths and mess about
Onu Abah May 2022
Falling slowly,
Through eyes that know me
I can't go back

Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react

And events that never
Amount to more than they're meant will always play themselves out

I don't know you
But I want you
All the more for that

Take this sinking boat
and point it home
We've still got time

We would create beautiful memories
Even through sad ones
If we hold hands

Raise your hopeful voice
And make a choice
I know you will...

Eyes that know me...
Words fall through me and always fool me.
Andrew Rueter Apr 2022
Time passes slowly
like **** in an hourglass
sitting watching hours pass
while no one knows me
in my internalized identity crisis
my multiple identities fight this
feeling of being lonely
I’m with all the people I’m not with
this is my fallacious fantasy’s gift
I can hear myself groaning
like a zombie foraging in the mist
I blindly eat what’s in my fists
in the distance lights are glowing
but all I see are tiny dots
in an electrical gridlock
my definition of recently keeps growing
as the rest of my life keeps shrinking
it’s hard to keep going
this deep into sinking.
Jay M Oct 2021
Apathy, oh dear apathy
How I suffered slowly
Heart so lonely
Even safe in their arms
Your coldest embrace
Hides my tear-stained face
Save me from the shell
From the nothing I have become

Dear apathy, dear apathy
My heart rings lowly
An echoless bell,
A great empty shell,
Ever trapped in the greatest of hells

Why you come to me I do not know
For you cover my soul and call it home
Shelter me from the rain in my head
Even when I wake from my shivering bed

There is no more dread
There is no more pain
Not sorrow nor aching
Only nothing again
Nothing but numb
What have I become?
What have I...become?

Dear apathy
Even when I should be happily
Joyously so
You refuse to go
Oh the great things that you know…

Dear apathy, dearest apathy
My heart, it suffered slowly
Until you came to me
Took me into your embrace
You shelter my tear-stained face
From all of this disgrace
That has become me…
Whatever am I to be,
With or without you
My dearest apathy?

My dearest apathy
I suffered so slowly
Heartstrings, tear and fray
For indescribable reasons I stay
Even whilst they play
Ever so lowly

There is no echo, no ring or sound
There is no song, no feeling at all
There is no care, not a bit in the world
For I have given all I have to give
In this great life that I live
I give and I give…
Until I can no more
Until I can no more
My heart opens the door…
It opens the door
Welcoming you into my coldest embrace

Dear apathy, you came for me
When I needed you most
I was but your host,
A wailing ghost
Until you came to me…
Now my greatest emotions
The vastest of oceans
They rest, now
They leave me be…
Since you have come to me
They leave me be…

Dear apathy, dear apathy…
These times you come to me
Shelter me, hold me to be
Lulled into your coldest of arms
Silence the alarms
Out with the candle
Out with me…
And welcome, dearest apathy

- Jay M
October 11th, 2021
I have been in and out of a state of apathy since Friday evening. I finally willed myself to write this song, this great poem.
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