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Jade Nov 23
I possess a
vile & extraordinary
JKirin Sep 25
the beast aims to ****
but I am frozen in place.
My blood's running still
in its frightening grace,
and I smile—
about being mesmerized by a beast
Hamna Jun 14
Do you know what is backbiting?
It is when submerged in the ocean,
the entire ocean will be cloaked by a vile smell.
And when reigned over the humans' hearts,
all of them will be fragmented.
Never see others deficiency,
Nor talk about their frailty.
And Say NO to
Allah Almighty has stated in the Glorious Quran:
"And do not backbite one another. Would any one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would not tolerate it! "
[Kanz-ul-Īmān (Translation of Quran)] (Part 26, Sūraĥ Al-Ḥujurāt, verse 12)

Please don't reveal the faults of other people. Always protect their honor. Your honor shall be protected too!
Graff1980 Jul 2020
Too ambitious,
too **** vicious,
watches suffering
and thinks
that’s delicious,
I can use it.

Gets the crowed
stirring rage
hatred growing,
a perfect way
to stop them
from thinking,
and getting them
that bitter Koolaid.

Turns a cheap phrase
into a simple slogan
turns a bitter man
into a bomb exploding.

So, the rich men
get richer,
the middle gets scared,
the poor gets trampled,
and only a handful
notice and care.
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2019
Venus of the drains,
Receiver of their prayers and offerings.
Tires of the gifts washed down the streets,
From the city of the rats.

A goddess, prisoner of the rats,
Down in the belly of Cloaca Maxima.
Like the bud of a tossed away cigarette,
They’ve opened a forest fire.

This is how it ends,
Drowned in their own tithes and offerings.
The prisoner of Cloaca Maxima,
Is sending every prayer back to its sender.

Corruption, death and disease,
All flows down in the city of the rats.
When you try to call pest control,
Your blood will fill up the streets,
In the city of the rats.

You are fools, trying to build the ark when the flood has already come.
You never learned how to swim, all you vermin are going to drown.

You are up to your neck,
In your own **** and ****.
Out of all the ways to go,
This had to be it!

You thought you were rid of us,
When you pulled the handle down.
All little things add up over time,
We’re coming back up to drown,
The city of the rats!

Venus rises out of Cloaca Maxima.
Rising out of every sewer.
She’s come to deliver,
Every prayer back to its sender.

Venus pull the handle down,
Flush all this **** away.
The only way to get rid of ****,
Is to flush it all away.

We are coming out of every faucet,
Pipe, plughole, shower-head and toilet!
Swimming in a flooded landscape,
Eyes, nose and mouth just above it.

We’re rising up,
Venus’ rising up,
****’s rising up.
Out of all the ways to go this had to be it,
Drowned in your own **** and ****!
Somewhatdamaged Dec 2019
Born for greatness
Got stuck in this gutter full of madness!
He was all that you call life
Then the conditions and circumstances we put him in
He turned out immoral and vile!

Now in the pursuit of paper
Thinks he's after happiness.
Forgot how black his heart turned over
Even after saying never
Never will I become like them but just better.

Better he was
Born for greatness
Little did he realise
He was really good with violence!

It was'nt just about the money
He said.
Its about proving they're wrong
With his crooked smile
Never did he realize
He has become a part of something
That he never wanted to belong!
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
I drank poison
of hate and resentment tonight.

I wonder whether my eyes
will be tumid tomorrow
of all the tears that were shed
and glow with malevolence
or wouldn't event want to lift an eyelid.

I wonder whether my
tongue will spew the vile remaining
or it wouldn't even utter a word.

I wonder whether my muscles will
fulminate with the energy of hate
or it would be too heavy to get off
bed tomorrow.

I wonder if my mind will be raging
tomorrow or would've drowned and
been dissolved by the venom coursing through me.

I wonder as I slip into sleep.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
A vile of acid on your tongue.

You words are like toxins I inhale,
suffocating every breath I take,
injecting self doubt in my veins.
Muscles trembling with every pace,
landfiling my heart with every beat.

Blaming and calling
crazy and emotional
in response to your says,
leaving me to question
my own sanity everyday.

You felt like a insidious catalyst;
a cancerous wound,
a rabid havoc,
a malicious destruction
withering me in the subtlest of ways.

But here we are once again,
rekindling old flames
even when we know it's poisonous for us to stay.

Don't know if we're too weak to leave
or are too mindlessly lusting
for the poison to infiltrate our bloodstream
and corrupt us  to our cellular level.

Either way, it's a grosteque addiction
for the soul, mind and heart.
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