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In the grey fogs of the cities -
Like mushrooms in the moist,
There grow beggars in the corners,
"Just a penny, sir!" - voiced.

You may find them in any genre;
Old men next to a jar,
Sad blokes without roof nor goods,
Lads playing a guitar.

All they want is only a coin-
Giving them needs morals;
Only God knows, you may be there,
Begging with them for alms.


Every time, I bypass by one,
My throat knots in a ball;
I feel an urge to seek coppers,
Always giving them all.

However, once it happened that-
I ran out of changes,
When an old gypsy woman was
Looking for my wages.

She blocked the entry of the shop:
"A coin, may God bless you!";
I excused: Now, I'm short of posh
While trying to get through.


She grabbed my arm and hugged my waist:
"My dear, my kids need food!"
Get out of my way, you witch! - thought,
"Witch?! You'll pay for b'ing rude!"

I was shocked: What, she read my mind?!
She spat between my eyes,
Hugged me harder than a python-
While murmuring weird rhymes.

"Pale face - hard heart, now you will pay,
Pale heart - hard face, you'll own!"
I fear'd if there were watching crowds,
But none, I've seen none, none.


The witch's gone as if never been,
Leaving my eyes in pain;
Taking my sight away, to say:
Oh my God! Am I sane?!

No doctor could cure my blindness:
"Nah, you must pretend it."
Then, a charlatan informed me:
"You're cursed, I'm sure of it".

Knowing being cursed let me sick;
"You'll need her to be cleansed",
But how to find her in Paris?
Been blinded and uneased.


I digged through the darkest quarters,
Meeting gypsy kings and hags;
Though, they were all laughing at me:
"A witch-beldam who begs?!"

My dispair led me to the shop:
Maybe, I'll find her here;
Time has strained my face and my heart,
Begging there year to year.

"All I want is only a coin-
Giving me needs morals;
Only God knows, you may be here,
Begging with me for alms."
Published in Constantine the Bridge Poem Collection.

Written in 2017, Oktober 11, Algeria.
Perdue Poems Sep 11
"oh goodness me"
"oh sorry"
"excuse me"
"gosh **** weeds"
"yikers bees!"

my tongue how you censor me
around my Christian society

but how I wish I could say

Carl D'Souza Jul 30
When people are saying cruel words to me
it helps me when I say “They are being cruel to me”
as I name and blame their behaviour
then what they say loses moral-credibility
then I don’t have to listen to them anymore
then I don’t have to be affected;
When people are saying cruel words to me
I do my best to ignore them,
and I re-focus my mind on striving for my joy and happiness.
I watched a squirrel panic this morning as it was crossing the road first because a car was coming on the other side and second because I’m crossing the road on my bike... so it runs half across the road then realises “**** a car”.. at this point had the squirrel not hesitated and continued it would have made it across fine.. instead it decides to go back across the road towards me on my bike who is crossing the road, the squirrel sees my tyre lift up for the curb and panics and decides that between me on a push bike and a car doing 30mph weighing a ton approx..  squirrel chooses the car that can’t stop and gets swilled right up under neath it and with a hollow bang and a thud .. then comes rolling out the back side to then get up and run off in the bushes... I spent 10 minutes looking for this squirrel with no luck what’s so ever!? Poor little ******. Moral of the story... never hesitate never second guess yourself! Trust your instincts!
Hope he’s alright bless him?!
Chris Apr 7
First it needs to be noted that the REAL commandments, the set of
ten, come after these in the bible, but for purpose of mockery, I shall use the popular version instead.

1.Thou shalt have no other gods before me.(except for drugs, alcohol, your job and TV.)
2.Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image(except a Jesus magnet, Holy mother Mary and a picture of Moses for a magnet on a fridge.)
3.Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain(except when you're having ***, or hitting your head or having vaginal pain)
4.Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.(Do I need to say anything, in America it seems, the thing that is sacred- money only.)
5.Honour thy father and thy mother(except if you want to do drugs, **** and party even harder.)
6.Thou shalt not ****(That ones easy, you can hire someone who will)
7.Thou shalt not commit adultery(But that loli across the street makes this list a mockery)
8.Thou shalt not steal(except from people who can't defend themselves and you need their oil, for real.)
9.Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour(except if she's an evil witch a Muslim or a traitor.)
10.Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house,
thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife(No, you'll just mimic his behavior in order to have a richer life.)

Now, I'm not a man believing, but it seems these lost their meaning,
Somwhere in between the Moses climbing,
Up Sinai and later finding,
The Lord has changed his mind a bit,
And he's made a brand new list.
I am an atheist, I am just calling out hipocrisy of the people who'd have me be sexually repressed and punish my evil thoughts but who at the same time commit every sin almost every day. Freedom is not negotiable. It is the only imperative.
HTR Stevens Feb 27
What if the world that was once so bright
       be now hidden from my sight?
A world where people used to care
       is simply no longer there?
A world now built with concrete with no soul…
People struggling to live hand to mouth –
       just for their rice bowl?
Are we all wandering blindly into a dead end,
Taking for granted something will turn up
        round the bend?
How long can society survive without compassion
When caring for others is fast going out of fashion?

What if we’ve reached the top of the hill,
       we now have to roll down?
Not agreeing does not matter, we just have to
       look at our town.
There is no such thing as society in this day and age:
Life is about grabbing what you can while you can –
       there’s no gauge.
Giant hands grab all, just leaving behind
       dry morsels and crumbs.
The little people are left speechless, are
       horrified, struck dumb.
Once we had vision. Now the world around us
       is a wreck…
When life falls apart, we will all get it
       in the neck!
skye Feb 19
it's sad to know that
there are people who
only hungers justice
when they need to
have a taste of it
we don't live to save ourselves but to save our kind from all the bad things that happen in life

we should be helping one another
ok okay Feb 5
How many songs can you salvage from a dead person's voice?
They are gone
And, although their voice still lives on
These songs aren't truly theirs
They have been altered and manipulated
Yet, we love them even more
Because people love to want to know
About someone who's already gone
Lil Peep, X, etc. Is it moral to recreate someones songs for profit?
M-E Feb 3
Open a window to the subconsciousness
Sun rises on broken lamps
In the city of slaughtered lambs
With nocturnal jobs and diurnal breaks
Red, red, red lights
Pen bleeds on paper leaves
Paper cries and streams to you
Penciles sketched a naked Plato
Shadow cave imprisoned Aristole
Once right and true, now hyperbole
My room of fallen dreams
Smells of eggs and smoken beams
Triple *** and Triple 666
Sold books and bought a Twixt
Watch yoga beggard with red lipstick
Hands that wrote, punched a face
Threw anger with a victory fist
For playing on a piano of benefits
Pray a prayer and Trust In God
Pay justice for In god We Trust
Zara Turner Dec 2018
I'm all out of love,
I'm all out of time.
I give you my best,
but you just decline.

How can I rise
when you stoop so low?
I'm already falling,
so take your last blow,
and I'll fall a little deeper
before I let you go
just a poem that I wrote about the struggles of taking the moral high road
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