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Nina Dec 2019
I'm reading all of our old messages
And imagining those days
Reliving those memories
I cant help it but to smile
And laugh
Such a wonderful moment
And yet
It hurts so much
That I'm crying
Crazy how its just old messages
But im still able to remember vividly of those days
Just through texts
Caroline Oct 2019
I don’t care if you think I’m beautiful


Am I beautiful inside

                                              Yes you are
Peter B Aug 2019
He is contacting me,
regarding the delay
in getting back to him.
He bothers me all the time.

He is reminding me
that he has sent me a message
with all the information
regarding our potential cooperation.

He is disappointed
not hearing back from me.
He is asking
what is wrong with me.

I carefully check my mailbox,
all folders, including spam,
I want to find a typo,
which would prove it's a scam.

I want to find a reason
to get rid of him, but I can't,
I can't find anything,
God knows I try.

Devil is texting me
all the time.
He wants me to work with him,
I get many calls from him,
which I decline.

I wanted to block him,
but it didn't work.
He's got so many addresses,
so many accounts
he sends his emails from.

I thought that one day he would stop,
he would give up,
but no, he won't,
I know it now.

I realized
that he'll always be around,
gotta get used to him,
get used to ignoring him,
and carry on with my life.
Your brother jo. Well Madison's brother but soon to be your brother. I wanted to say I'm super ******* sorry for treating you guys like a bag of ****. I've come along way. You gotta understand I got into the wrong crowd young and was heavily influenced by bad **** early on.
Alot of that was repressed sexuality and struggling with my identity. It wasn't ok to be gay or bi in my circles back than.
So I bottled alot of **** up. I just gotta say my sister could not have chose a better guy. And I know your very loyal and loving to my sister. It's not easy for me *** me and maddy have a bad past and I always try to mend the bond but alot of the time before I would build up a trust just to **** up and burn it down. I really love my sis. And if you could do me a favor. Is remind her every day that theirs beauty in all things. Even the bad and unsightly things. That theirs beauty in her craziness. And never let her forget that your touch and your kiss is a promise. A promise that as long as you two are together you will find each others hearts in whatever trials life may offer. Seeking her hand for the joy and stability she brings you. And the rugged honesty and willingness to grow you so earnestly show her. I pray that my mushy gushy text reminds you that although I am sort of an outsider in this family I have a huge heart. And just like theres beauty in a rose
There too Is beauty in the thorns. And remember If anybody ***** with either of you. I got your back. I can sense your Leary of me. Kind of rigid. Hesitant and a little bit timid around me. You shouldn't be
You should always remember that I  got your back. And that your a ******* Gablehouse. Take that wherever you go.
And hopefully you can get to know me and I can get to know you. K goodnight bro. Love ya lots.
Texts to my brother in law. At 4 am. Listening to the hot tub jets in the green house and feeling like this particular text needed to be shared. Idk why. Maybe some things are better left off the internet. But I thought this was extremely profound and sincere so what do I do? Make it public like the ******* beautiful narcissist I am
Oskar Erikson Jul 2019
Hey babe
I wanna do
anything you wanna do
like my god honestly
I want some more pics of us
Hi babe
how’s the day going?
I don’t know how you feel knowing
like christ
this love is one-sided and it’s
But babe i’ve done all i can
you have to tell me
what’s your plan
like my light
my lovely
my lad
our moment of time
is ending
everyone feels sorry for us
we’re both
Faith Jun 2019
Every time I drink from that bottle you gave me,
I think of you
Every time I meet someone with your name,
I think of you
Every time I look at yearbooks,
I think of you

Every time I talk with my friends,
I think of you
Every time your best friend texts me,
I think of you
Every time I try to move on,
I still think of you
He's addicting.
And a clarification!! The best friend line sounds really weird, but it's not. His best friend is a mutual friend of mine who's phone number I have. It's just they were so close that when his best friend texts me I think of him. Hope that clears any confusion/suspicions!
Darryl M May 2019
She gets the story behind the story even if I’ve hidden the story.
Heck, she gets it even if there is no story.
The one who is the work behind my work,
Yet still removes my yoke.

They say beautiful Ones we play with,
Ugly Ones we marry,
What if she’s a beaut and I like her?
It’s beginning to be scary.

She looks good and I keep analyzing the goods.
Her eyes, the shape of a small gem stone.
Her look glows.
She services me with her beauty and I take care of the rest.
My once in a blue moon.
Why would I miss a chance to be with her?

She’s a catch, I want to ******.
But she’s a catch that’s not easy to catch.
She’s a unique one from the batch,
makes me want her more.

Lost in the bushes of my hunt for her.
Her scent gives direction.
Camouflaging all the others away.
Better guiding me towards the real thing.
I’m the compass and she’s the north.

A sip of her love hits the right spot.
Just a shot a day is enough.
But a gulp more is even better.
Intoxicated under her care,
why would I ever want to be sober from her love.
It’s medicine.

She knows all my known unknowns,
And I’m looking to have one of our own,
Coz I believe in us.
Completed: 29th December 2017 [01:45 AM]
=She Understands
Inspired by a Unique WhatsApp Chat.
Darryl M May 2019
We made an order
and we were shipping hearts.
She’s the cap’n.
Got me handicapped.

Sometimes I tease her.
We even have pet names.
She’s a girl with a husk.
I think it was dusk,
when she called me hunk.
Then I took it too far and call her sugar lips.
She took me even further, but I’ll hold it right there.
Or was it nicknames?
I’ll take it with ease then.

Even though what we have is digital.
It won’t be broken even if it gets physical.

It’s like a deck of cards.
She shows me the black heart,
I show her the diamonds.

Tell me you don’t love me.
So I can show you how I don’t care.
Because our love is still on the cards.

It’s funny how I still don’t have her.
I’m a pirate looking for her hidden treasures.
I’m still searching for the key to her heart.
Titled with help from: Andiswa S.N. Mzobe
Paras Bajaj Apr 2019
Our conversations are getting shorter,
our phone calls are disappearing.  
goodbyes are turning into silence.
Forever is turning into a lot shorter.
Faith is getting smaller,
love is getting weaker.
Heart is lost,
friendship is dying.

Can we help this...or is it just life?
-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
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