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I love the idea of us
having a place of our own
somewhere to share discussions
about the meaning of life
and drink good wine
a place we can hide
from the world
and all of it's cruelties

I imagine us choosing the paint
or the perfect coffee table
being content with the small act
of decisive stability
we chose to be there
in the place
that feels like home
A Poem a Day: Day dreaming home
Nade V Jan 26
You have the knife and I show you where my heart is.
The blade is hovering right over the beats, but I know I'll be cutless.

You have the poison and I'll pick out my favorite drink.
One drop would be plenty, but I still take a swig.

Your foot is on the gas, but I don't need a seat belt.
A wrong turn and I'm dead, but I still roll down the window.

You have the gun and you have a bullet.
Where did you get it from?
Will that bullet still blow my brains?
Or is it a blank?
Is it the right caliber?
How will I know if the bullet is going to be instant?

I know you not to shoot me, with all of my will,
But if the bullet isn't trusted, how do I know it will ****?
Brandon Conway Oct 2018
Our arms lock and embrace
I stare at your lovely face
the reflection in your eye
shows another guy
that's standing behind

Dagger stabbing, blade twisting
back bleeding, stomach turning
eyes blurry, ears ringing
mouth drying, brain denying.

Am I just your stability?
Anya Sep 2018
My mother’s favorite color is green
But I never understood why
I don’t dislike it
I couldn’t see myself being attracted
In flights of fancy
I understand

To me
Is the color of the plants,
leaves of trees
My mother’s favorite color

Of those things I take for granted
Those everyday things...

That are essential to me

It may not be the color that grabs my attention
But rather
Like a steady boat
Keeping me afloat
My stability
Not a want,
xakilah Jul 2018
you are everything
you are everything good
and sweet
you are everything i deserved
but not anymore.
i am not what you deserve
you deserve more
than a damaged girl
that can’t quite
get over
a boy that has tried
to destroy her
Brielle Bishop Jul 2018
7.3.18 //

In the biblical sense
Orange represents deliverance and
Passionate praise
In other forms of literature,
It is referenced as symbolizing
Health and Balance
To some this resonates
To others it is an orange bottle of pills
Maintaining symbolism
The blossom of a Saguaro
Like the ones you’re often compared to
Bright and Blooming
Withstanding the elements
Those that have built nests internally
Unaware of the damage
Or the collapse
But still the thick columnar
Stands tall
Branching out,
Only to gain more orange blossoms
And perhaps taking on more inhabitants
The cracks in my mind
Mirroring the cracks of said Cactus
The comfort of others
Bearing the weight
Of fragile birds,
Where you feel most at home
Is where my orange glow follows.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
This day and age, our surface matters.
And when I wonder why the rich
end their lives, I know that
wealth, fame and status
are grands cape of
This poem was influenced by not only Kate *****'s death but many of the celebrities who have committed suicide over the years. There are many suicides that have hurt me over the years, one that's still a raw wound is the death of Robin Williams. I still can't believe he's actually gone.
Just because they made it in life - they drive fancy cars, have big houses, clothes, jewels everything ordinary people desire, doesn't mean that they themselves are happy. Sometimes their own inner demons get the better of them. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I only ever want stability, financially, mentally, emotionally, physically. Fame I see can be a double edged sword. It had both made and killed people.
It's sad...

I'm close to 100 for my lesson learned collection! YES! ^.^
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
I will succeed. I will succeed.
Give me time, that's all
I need.
A personal mantra of mine...
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
I'm so tired of people
pushing me from
the calm into
their storms
Nor am I
in a
where I can
pulling into my
peace. A peace I do not
have. A strength I seem to
lack. A comfort that has left me

in the dark

All I want is a haven
away from the
noise of the

by discord
In the fingertips of Man
I'm so mentally drained...
Is it too much to ask for stability for once in my life?

Be back soon
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