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Realize that the loving
Sea lulled my burning body
And its crashing memory,
Echoing with illusion.

Me, an obscure jewel
Hidden beyond the world;
Changing, wandering
Without form.

And the shore still
Spoils me with hope.
For “R” series
Siyana Sep 29
Let me hold onto you
mindless of the weight of the world
and the untold truths...
Please be my shoulder to lean on
when things get too much and life gets rough,
i just need to know that I can count on you...
B D Caissie Sep 24
What has become of you? Your missing from our homes, our families and our relationships. People are forced to work multiple jobs just to get by never mind keeping up with the Joneses. juggling the responsibilities of home and work. who is affected most by this but our children and who they become.

Something we must remind ourselves on a daily basis that we live in a country that is free. Although there are cracks and flaws, we are blessed. We are all guilty of taking for granted all that we have and dare I say above and beyond our needs. Which seems to have become an epidemic of sorts. So lets not forget the word thankfulness and what it means.

our hearts to those in need, not just as individuals but as a country. It could be used to describe transparency for our government. Open to new ideas and not close-minded, free of walls and obstructions and not just in the physical sense. It could mean so much more than just a sign hanging in a store front window.

There's something to be said about the power of positive thinking. Sometimes it seems every word out of our mouths oozes negativity. Its a far to easy habit to fall into. We need to retrain our thought process and pay more attention to the words that we speak.  I'm reminded of that old misguided saying "sticks and stones..." Words can wound or words can heal, the choice is ours.  

Angel Hendry Sep 3
I used to sleep with my doors unlocked , now you check them twice before We go to bed  , I used to show my body to feel vailidated , now I use my mind to show you I’m more than that. I used to cover up with makeup because I didn’t like who I was , now I haven’t wore it in days because you kiss it all off anyway. I used to beg for a lovers attention , now I need to tell you to stop squeezing so hard.  I used to believe that love meant shouting , now I like sitting in silence in your company , I used to think I’d never have anyone, now I have you.
Written for my boyfriend David.
We don’t put a label on it
Because we don’t want to fit
And commit.

We keep it fun and chill;
Nothing serious
No consequences
No future
Nothing romantic
Trying to keep it platonic.

Doesn’t it sound ironic?
Because I am frantic
About you, boy.

Trying to be ice cold
Pretending we are something,
when we’re nothing.
I am losing my mind.

You play these games
Trying to make me insecure
About all these other girls.

So I play along
Because it’s love,
Maybe not long lasting
But real.

But we’re just spiraling
No end; not infinite
I guess I can not pretend
For I don’t want to be this type of girl.

I want to us to burn;
Our hearts to yearn
Our souls to learn.

I want attachment,
Security and stability.
I want it to be long lasting
And not a temporary fling
Bansi Adroja Feb 19
I love the idea of us
having a place of our own
somewhere to share discussions
about the meaning of life
and drink good wine
a place we can hide
from the world
and all of it's cruelties

I imagine us choosing the paint
or the perfect coffee table
being content with the small act
of decisive stability
we chose to be there
in the place
that feels like home
A Poem a Day: Day dreaming home
Nade V Jan 26
You have the knife and I show you where my heart is.
The blade is hovering right over the beats, but I know I'll be cutless.

You have the poison and I'll pick out my favorite drink.
One drop would be plenty, but I still take a swig.

Your foot is on the gas, but I don't need a seat belt.
A wrong turn and I'm dead, but I still roll down the window.

You have the gun and you have a bullet.
Where did you get it from?
Will that bullet still blow my brains?
Or is it a blank?
Is it the right caliber?
How will I know if the bullet is going to be instant?

I know you not to shoot me, with all of my will,
But if the bullet isn't trusted, how do I know it will ****?
Brandon Conway Oct 2018
Our arms lock and embrace
I stare at your lovely face
the reflection in your eye
shows another guy
that's standing behind

Dagger stabbing, blade twisting
back bleeding, stomach turning
eyes blurry, ears ringing
mouth drying, brain denying.

Am I just your stability?
Anya Sep 2018
My mother’s favorite color is green
But I never understood why
I don’t dislike it
I couldn’t see myself being attracted
In flights of fancy
I understand

To me
Is the color of the plants,
leaves of trees
My mother’s favorite color

Of those things I take for granted
Those everyday things...

That are essential to me

It may not be the color that grabs my attention
But rather
Like a steady boat
Keeping me afloat
My stability
Not a want,
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