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beth haze Jul 29
Your games and
childlike attitude
always put me
in a bad
It's like you
were trying your best
to leave a
permanent crease in
between my
- frown.
When I was on the way to grow,
To understand anything I was slow
Like a river in own way I love to flow,
In my dream world with truth, my face glow
All happiness were kept and devil gloom is to blow,
Only I walk to the way that I draw
That was my dream world where my face glow
But now I am grown,
For my mistakes, people call me frown,
I met people many of them are con
They are happy as they are and say,
This way they are born,
In my dream life, I flow but now I can only drown,
I felt pity and for them, I mourn
But this is the way life goes on and on and on........
When you know what to do but don't know how to do it.

Eyes for the best.
Going to the outskirts.
Upon the fresh.
New bodies.
All over.
And opened.
Of her
Left alone.

Garrett Johnson.
Cigarette for the troubles.
Meysa Apr 23
you fight depression
armed but with a frown
your mother's tenacity
I hope that they told you
that for every bad
you did
a tonne
of good
- bad habits don't make you a bad person
["Lucky Lucky (Original Mix)" by Jake-Tech & Paul HG is playing in the background.]

"You're a blessing."
"You're bad luck."
"You're hard not to love."
"You deserve a raise."
"You're a young god."
"Hey future Grammy winner."
"You're so ******* sweet."
"You smell good."
"He smells good as ****."
"I wish I would have aborted you."
"Won't you leave my house on this beautiful Sunday?"
"You're nothing special."
"We'd be the talk of the club."
"We can be friends."
"Are you interested in being friends?"
"You look so handsome."
"I love your outfit. It looks amazing."
"I want your jacket bro. Where can I get it?"
"My main man."
"Employee of the month right there."
"I love you bro."
"I hate you."
"I thought you were gay when I first met you."
"You're such a kind person and you have a good spirit."
"You deserve all the happiness that comes your way."
"Give it up you ****."
"I had a lot of fun with you."

1,000 words. 1,000 smiles. 1,000 tears. 1,000 wounds. 1,000 scars.

So much joy. So much pain. So deep. So uplifting.

I greatly enjoy the compliments. I love the attention.

I love it so much. It's like a rush.

I love it when people notice me.

It's like an addiction that I never want to get rid of.

What can I do but welcome it all?

After all I can just bottle it up and stuff it down my throat, right?

I can ignore and demolish the negative.

I can smile and invite the positive, right?

After all, I got all of these cam models, strippers and escorts to provide me with ****** companionship and limitless intimacy.

And as long as I got these cam models, strippers and escorts to provide me with said ****** companionship and limitless intimacy

I'll be alright.
tmartin Dec 2019
men have enslaved each other since they invented gods to forgive them from doing it’
Excerpts from “Pillows & Records - memories of an old friend” by tma_rtin
Skye Nov 2019
Today wasn't easy
I thought I saw you
Standing there
Your hair, perfectly combed
Soft and fluffy
I've never touched it
Never felt my thin fingers glide through your
Brown locks
But I can't say
I haven't thought about it

Your face, your beautiful face
Maybe it wasn't, not in your gray eyes
Maybe it wasn't, not in their dull eyes
But in mine
In my eyes
Your face ɢʟᴏᴡs

And the smile upon it
There was a secret dancing on your ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜʏ lips
Something you whispered
Into their ear
I wish I knew
But you were far away
And not just in distance

Your hands
sᴍᴀʟʟ and delicate
I remember comparing them to mine
Our palms pressed together
Yours were ᴛɪɴʏ

Small like a dandelion flower
Fresh from the earth
And soft as the seeds
Before they take to the ᴡɪɴᴅ

And that's what you did
You took to the sky
And didn't look back

I thought I saw you today
Standing there
Like ɴᴏʀᴍᴀʟ
And my heart spun wildly
Like normal
My face heated up
Like normal

But soon it all dropped
Fell to the ground
And I was left
sɪᴍᴘʟʏ wishing that
You were here
And wishing that
My feelings

Were not
I miss you
an0nym0us Oct 2019
Before I first opened my eyes
Even before we had our first breath
You have always suffered
You have always felt his wrath.
He was supposed to protect you, us
He was supposed to love you, us
But he's as irresponsible as a child.
Painful truth, a true curse
So long as he exist,
So long as he breaths,
The circle continues.

I'm the last line of defense,
I'm the last one left to protect you.
But I also have suffered enough,
But I can't be weak, I cannot turn back.
Because It is my greatest duty;
My solemn oath to you,
I promised to always protect you.

Though, I cannot erase the fact...
I'm really... really tired.
I want to take a break from him.
I wish to get far from him, really far.
My siblings left you, me...alone.
I am just a child, I've held my ground;
I've held my ground till I'm finally broken.

Why do I have to be traumatized by him?
Why did we deserved all this?
What did I do to deserve this?
When will this ever end...
Because I'm really tired...
To protect you , all alone...
To face him all by myself...
an0nym0us Oct 2019
Its been two years and a half but I still like you...
But I no longer see you...
I'm still concerned and wish to talk with you...
From time to time, I think about you...
How foolish of me.

I don't know if it's just me.
But I know you don't give a **** about me.
Honestly, you're still the fairest for me.
I guess fate is just not nice to me.
Still, best of wishes for you.
tmartin Sep 2019
we have been assassins for a while
we just didn’t have targets...
pillows and records
“Memories of an old friend”
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