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we have been assassins for a while
we just didn’t have targets...
pillows and records
“Memories of an old friend”
Carmen Jane Aug 29
Clearing  up the lenses,
I take another look
And I see you,
As beautiful as ever,
Smiling and seductive,
Beckoning me
In the woods
Where owls hoot
I want to follow
Every step you take
I know you'll show me
Castles and magical worlds.
You'll teach me
How to fly the clouds,
How to reach all paths
Of possible turnouts,
How to choose
The right perfume,
That transcends me
Into epiphanies
Oh,how I adore you!
As I travel with you,
You always hold my hand
And to you I always can vent
You'll take my tear
And you'd whip it into a river
Where crocodiles swim,
Slaloming white lilies
You'll take my frown,
And you'd make a hammock
For you and I
And we'd swing
Feeling the summer breeze,
And always if I need to go
You would wait for me...
Axel Aug 8
when did we become a stranger?
walking pass by but we didn't even
see each other.
when did I become so wanting,
wanting to write about you
when all you do is running?
i love you,
like I always do,
but why can't you?
Carmen Jane Aug 2
There she goes the little princess
In her garden, majestic place
Filled with flowers and a well
There she looks at her own face

She sees golden curls support a crown
Made of rubies, silver and gold
And then she sees a little frown,
As her middle name was never told

She sees her eyes, the deepest green,
She sees her rosy and plum cheeks,
Across, a smile - the widest she's seen,
She sees her lips that truth don't speak.

She hides a secret deep inside
She acts like she already forgot
That her heart is a bit dried,
And sometimes it feels like it's a knot

It was revealed to her one day,
In a forgotten book she read
Her garden wasn't hers to stay
Or else the flowers will all be dead

She packed her things, she sold her crown
She then was told her middle name
' t was Hope and now she went downtown
To buy her ticket for her train...
Ten tiny fingers,
Ten little tiny toes,
Chubby cheeks,
Dimple chin,
Like grandpa's and his cheeky grin,
Eyes are blue,
Mischievous  same as grandma's too,
Complexion fair,
With mama's silky hair,
As tradition goes,
Family's small button nose,
Papa's  sweet frown,
And his boring yawn.
Welcome to the happy family little one,
With lots of kisses,huggies and cuddles,it's going to be fun.
Poolza Mar 22
Don't pull a frowny face
They'll just bury you in questions

"Are you okay?"
"What's wrong?"

Just smile
Arduino Mar 11
I'm exhausted from having to force a smile

It's not socially acceptable to be sad in public

So **** it

I guess I'll just die with a broken face.
i guess i bit off more
than i could ingest
Madison Mar 7
Every time you frown
I feel the need to make you smile.
All you seem to do is lift others up,
even when it pushes you down.
They love you.
But I want to care for you.
To all those people out there you put others before themselves. I want to make you smile! And if you don't believe me, I'll show you
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