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Poolza 1d
Don't pull a frowny face
They'll just bury you in questions

"Are you okay?"
"What's wrong?"

Just smile
Arduino Mar 11
I'm exhausted from having to force a smile

It's not socially acceptable to be sad in public

So **** it

I guess I'll just die with a broken face.
i guess i bit off more
than i could ingest
Madison Mar 7
Every time you frown
I feel the need to make you smile.
All you seem to do is lift others up,
even when it pushes you down.
They love you.
But I want to care for you.
To all those people out there you put others before themselves. I want to make you smile! And if you don't believe me, I'll show you
Becca Feb 25
‘I need help’

I said as I grasped for words to describe the un describable

‘You’re fine’

My hands slipped off the mountain as I feel into the colorless void

‘Thank you for everything but now I must go’
Poolza Feb 20
Don't pull a sad face
Pretend to them that you're fine
Then it may come true
Turn that
upside down!
You're breathing and
and you can see
the sunshine.
There are people that
have worse
than you,
so don't complain
get up and
Are you sad
or unhappy
Feeling lonely
Each day
dark and dreary
or blue?

Do not worry
my friend
I know just
how you feel
I have all
the right answers
for you

So to counter
the downward
You start
thinking upward
Bad thoughts
will stick to you like glue

It takes more
than just effort
You must
remain strong
So this trip
you'll see through

Now I want you to think
of a time
you were happy
When things
in the world
all seemed new

Full of love
and carefree
Truly pure
Crisp and clean
Much alike morning dew

When inside
of your mind
you project
types of thoughts
that are positive;
A "dream come true"

It rewires
your brain
new connections
Gets rid
of the old

But you must
stay the course
Don't give up
in distress
And in time
it will start
getting through

It is hard
I confess
But could never
Would I make
a false promise
to you

So if happiness is
what you want
from your life
Yet it always
finds ways
to elude

The change comes
from inside
Must have faith
Must believe
Make a batch
of fresh
"positive brew"

As you drink
this elixir
In time
you will see
Billiard *****
have all left
but the cue

A blank slate
to create
What you want
of the world
Every color
No longer
just blue

or debate
If you finish
the race
Like a big
gust of wind
that just blew

All the darkness
now gone
Feel like
'here I belong'
Peace of mind
A life filled
with love too
Written: October 21, 2018 (started) & January 31, 2019 (finished)

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Heptameter format]
I miss my old me, that very young boy at the school yard
Now I am a teacher in that old town
Always filled with hatred and frown
Once taught teaching was a crown
but here I am with nothing but cloud full of bills of next month
Waves Q Nov 2018
Let your tears flow if they supposed to
Let your smile glow if they supposed to
Put your frown on before they think you soft
Let them know what they want to
But don't let them know your real complexion
The cry of a chimpanzee
"Don't let them know your real complexion"
Emphasize your ideas, don't tell anyone. Just give it to the world. Make the world better with your idaes
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