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np Sep 2019
I did it
I regret it
I owned up to it
I apologized for it
and apologized for it
Apologized for it again
What more do you want from me?
What more do you need from me?
What else is there to say?
What else is there to do?
What else can I do?
I won’t apologize
I owned up to it
Regret nothing
I did it.
Wolf Jan 2019
True apologies
Form in the heart
A warm hug
A thought-out letter
Or a string of humble words

To my family
To my friends
To a stranger
To God
To the earth

Then why can't I
Say sorry
To myself?
Simply because
I won't be forgiven
Skyler M Sep 2018
It feels weird to be alone,
With nobody else in my home,
Can you see the scarecrows,
Lining up to take my gold,
Their greedy, beady little eyes stare through me,
And into the treasure behind me.
With every ounce of my being,
I know I cannot let them get to the pile,
Of all the things I cherish,
I cherish the gold the most,
So don't doubt me when I say that you mean so, so much to me.
The scarecrows taunt me,
Saying that things will always go wrong,
I can't trust anything that enters my head,
Even my own voice,
So I'm sorry if those scarecrows start to scare you,
Cause they scare me too,
And I don't want to lose you to their vice-like grips,
When the sun begins to set,
The shadows in the corners of my room grow,
Then their eyes begin to glow and teeth grow long,
Somehow they sneak past me as I'm paralyzed in fear,
The voices sink into my treasure,
Tearing it apart one by one,
What do I do?
My eyes have fallen out of my sockets,
I'm doubting everyone I've ever known,
I remember there's a gun in the room next to mine.
The sun rises and I'm awake again,
Shadows gone along with the scarecrows,
My treasure is intact, but where did my head go?
I don't miss you and I don't care,
This isn't right,
And I realize that the scarecrows never touched the treasure,
but ripped through my body like fresh meat,
Eating through my core while hissing doubts into my veins,
I'm sorry, God I'm so sorry.
Find me and I'll love you again.
Jay Apr 2018
There was a time when I was willing to forgive you,
But that was a long time ago.
That was before I had terrifying horrors of you playing behind my eyelids as I slept.
That was before yelling came to send me into panic attacks.
That was before everything associated with you made me hurt.
That was before you said that I broke our family.
That was before you said you couldn't wait until I was gone.
That was before you said I liked wanting to die.
That was before you made me sob so hard my lungs felt like they were going to collapse.
Forgiveness is not an option here.
And for once, I am not sorry.
I will not apologize.
You hurt me.
You continue to.
And even though you say it will never happen again,
It does.
And you deny the pain,
And distrust you have caused.
But I guess that's okay, right?
Because I am a kid,
And you are a grown man.
My age makes my pain invalid,
And my *** makes me weak.
So it's all okay.
But never again,
not for another day,
Will you be my Dad.
You have no right to that name.
It has to be earned,
And you have never done anything but knock your opportunities down.
I will not break myself down to say you can hurt me for one more day,
Because maybe you will change.
Because you will never change,
No matter what you say.
So no,
I'm not sorry to say
That I am not willing to forgive.
That time of forgiveness
Was a long time ago.
ronnie b Mar 2018
i'm so sorry, love
i told you -
i'm bad at descriptions
what i meant to say is
you're one of my favorite people
and i love our conversations
and god i'm going to miss you when you're gone
but i didn't
i was noncommittal
i said "nice" and "interesting"
and made it sound like
i wouldn't miss you that much
that's wrong.
i already know you're going to leave -
you're a senior,
after all -
but i'd prefer it
if you didn't leave sooner
and if your leaving
wasn't permanent
you're worrying me now
so please listen
i'm so sorry
i'm bad at descriptions
and you mean more to me
than i could ever say
A A Mar 2018
I would apologize but it would be futile,
Since an apology is meant to serve as a promise that one will never let something of the contextual nature happen again.
But I can’t promise you anything
Because I know this'll just happen again.
Of all the facets I have
You just had to find me wearing this one.
Tuffy Mutombo Oct 2017
I Don't know how to Apologize
But when I look into your eyes
I realize
I was telling lies
Ignored the truth
Just to feed my own ego
Until It outgrew
My deepest emotions for you
Feeling feeble and non verbal
Scared to look vulnerable
Hear I go
As I muster up the courage to say

I am sorry
Meg Jul 2017
In advance
Because what I'm about to tell you won't make you dance
You see
I've dealt with heartbreak and I plea
I plea because for some reasons the one time I give heartbreak back
It suddenly hits my face with a smack
Maybe I shouldn't pretend that I'm something I'm not
Maybe I'm not cut out to be what my parents said I ought
She was someone to me
She was someone who actually knew who they wanted to be
You see
She was my star
She asked me and I bashed her down, creating an even bigger scar
I was nervous
I was afraid to love again
She swept me off my feet and taught me to feel even when I no longer felt the desire then
What I did to her I can still feel in my veins
I've brought a knife and carved her name
I lost the one person who liked me as me
You see
I would like to apologize in advance
For what I've told you won't make you dance
Keeana Calmes Oct 2015
I apologize for my own peace of mind
And you don't even mind
You spit words that burn
Shouting my name, cursing in vain
I'm not even getting a turn.

If I could turn around and take it all back
I would run as fast as I could
away from everything
and into the black.

I apologize because I know you can't
You can't own up to what you did
All the scars and ripped up t-shirts
Here I am screaming,
I'm just a kid.

I apologize because it hurts inside
When everything you say turns into lies.
You like the colour red, I remember you telling me that.
I'm like the colour blue.

You turned me lilac,
And I apologize for that because you realized blue and red don't mix
Now it's something you can't fix
And im left a mess.

I apologize, to put my head to rest.
Written for my ex boyfriend when he couldn't apologize to me.
Delaney Jun 2015
You're the one who violated my body,
yet somehow,
I'm the one who's always been apologizing for it.

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