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Rain Mar 11
The air’s too thick
Too sweet

I claw at my face with broken nails
Glass shards peirce my hands
The thought of tomorrow,
Burns my skin.

There will be no last battle,
no moment of salvation
My broken body
is covered in ****** stains
By my own hand I was slain

My legs are pumped with lead
Heart beating slow, now
So slow...

Tears ***** my eyes, burning like hot liquid fire
Even yet I do no cry out
To cry out would be to move

       And I can’t move, not now

Trapped in a cage of my own design
I sit paralyzed
Muscles struck stiff
But as the knife tears through me like paper,

                 I finally scream.

Cool hands touch my skin now
I hear a doctor’s voice saying that
It’s OK, all ok now
but it’s too late, far too late for me.
            It was always too late.
Sometimes, when my anxiety is especially bad, the only way I can force myself to calm down is to picture myself being hurt. The violence is like... Fulfillment, like my imperfection is suddenly ok, because I’ve been  sufficiently punished. And I’m a Believer, so I know that it doesn’t really help, and that it’s unhealthy, and that it would never be enough to make up for my sins anyway, but some days it’s all I can do to function. I know it needs to change, but today I just... I can’t.
memoona kazmi Feb 20
in an encounter,
with your enemy,
when you have chance to punish me,
never punish them,
just forgive them,
coz no punishment,
is more fatal,
than repenting,
make them curse,
every second of their life,
the time they hurt you..
A well known judge
Was very well known
For his high self esteem
For his wonderful ego

He always felt like a king
The king, the Maharaja
Who always strived to eliminate
All the evils, all the sin

He vowed to himself that
He will not take rest
Until and unless all the flaws
Of the system gets revealed

To fulfil his vows
He kept on finding faults
And discovered many of them
One by one, one by one

He vowed again that
He will not take rest
Until and unless he fixes the flaws
Through his claws

But he himself got entrapped
In the net laid by the culprits
The net was almost invisible
Far beyond the judge’s imagination

The Judge exercised his powers
To punish the culprits
But the signals from the net
Distorted few signals of the brain

The results were very simple
Innocents were hanged
The king showed sigh of relief
After all he had fulfilled his vow.
Who is the real Controller? Who has the real power? Who Manages Everything?
mel Jan 24
I try to sleep
I don't deserve it
I try to eat
I don't deserve it
I try to speak
I don't deserve it

I can see their pain
They don't deserve this
I did this to them
They don't deserve this

I watch the blade
I deserve this
I feel the pain
I deserve this

Pain is all I need
Wolf Jan 24
Paper thin slits
On my pale skin
Blood glistening
A deep crimson

Sets the shame free
Cools the anger
But I still hate
This part of me

Blades press deeper
For each mistake
The searing pain
I cannot hide

This punishment
I deserve it
So my mind says
Mark Rohlf Jan 15
the choppers blades
the cleansing of color

twist in the wind
like the means of unfit mothers
of unfounded snare

who's revolution
of her weighted intent
should be held to account
when justness is spent

the judges, juries
and executioners trail
hovering the bluster
as appellants flail


the choppers blades
the cleansing of color....

We both performed the same Deeds
Committed the same Crime
Thus our Sins were also same

I was caught Red-Handed
You managed to Escape
My Bad-Luck Your Good-Luck

Only I was Prosecuted
I was made Accused
At last, I was convicted

Now I am facing the Punishment
You are free to enjoy the Life
Also free to commit a new Crime

I know my act was illegal  
I know your act was also illegal
You also know, your act was illegal

Who is the Sinner?
Era Delmore Jan 15
The weight of the world is a struggle,
That keeps me awake at night.
And when my back threatens to slouch,
I stay straight and tall despite--

I can't help but to watch the people
Live. The people look so free,
Meanwhile there's a crushing rock,
That stresses down upon me.

A most titanic failure am I,
Impeded by my pride, never satisfied,
Now I exist to suffer alone,
And I abide, along this western side.

Lightning strikes, tides roll high, the dark settles.
Gone is my brother, and I only pray,
That the olympianism I show,
Will change that one day.

When will the earth swallow me fully?
One day I know she will, and show
The heavens I am missing.
My knees shake fast, but time is adagio.

Punishment can only last so long,
I wish to see the stars at last.
But this mountain; I must endure myself,
Holding the world upon its wicked Atlas.
Naoki B Jan 10
Oh you fly around
Watching me
Waiting for my mistakes
Noises you make
Reminding me
My imminent failure
What brings might?
What is it that makes you fight?
What is just,
What is right?

Why are we fighting
Why are our children dying
I’m buying time
Now I survive by mining

Mining my hopes
Sawing my dreams
Breaking knees
Sweating on the breeze

Hopes gone
Family lost
Dinner on the table
I have not...
Rebel wars if they lose... thought for food
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