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Anais Vionet Oct 10
You "adults," you exasperate me
with your evasions and delays.
You're going to have to change
some of the ways that you behave.
You aren't doing your homework,
you haven't cleaned the planet,
You aren't standing up to bullies,
you haven't been sharing your things,
and you're even playing with guns.
And you're pretending everything's ok.
You were taught better than this.
Sorry, but.. You're all grounded people.
And hand over those phones!
grounded isn't the worst - but it's close
He recited:
"No punishment bigger than life
What's the crime
Not known
Death is its destination
There's no other path
Whereabouts of Causer of troubles not known
Life now tell where to go
Couldn't get poison in the market"
My dear friend
If you've a mindset
Life is the biggest punishment
No one can help you
Then you be thankful to God
The destination of life is death
Otherwise you would be
Under biggest punishment eternally
You couldn't get poison from the market to end your life
For whereabouts not known of Causer of all troubles
I thank God other alternatives didn't come to your mind
Where not even a single penny is required
If ever in future such a thought overwhelms your mind
Please take help of suicide helpline
Dear friend life is not a punishment
per se
It's a mixture of pain and happiness
Pain to educate
Educate to learn happiness
Your life is the result of enjoyment of two people
Had it been the biggest punishment
People would have stopped procreating
Please understand it
and take care!
Of late, I have seen celebrities, administrators, retired top police officers who excelled in life commit suicide during challenging times of corona. Projecting negative image of life may give solace to a poet. But it may encourage or trigger others to end their life.
What's there in a prayer?
Just to fall prey to His will
When you fail to use your skills
The Limitless limits your strength
Your deeds make you repent
You wish to escape punishment

What is the meaning of life is a question prime
The answer to it is anybody's guess
Life is beautiful to the fit and fine
Who have plenty to dance and dine
For the poor, sick and suffering
It is a punishment well defined
They find nothing to frolic and rhyme
Thomas W Case Aug 16
*** until the heart stops seems like the logical answer.
Death in sweat drenched ecstasy,
and preferably with
the nubile young Sherriff's wife.
Now, if she's not around, his sister
or Mother would do just fine.
Small town tasty freeze
serves as the last meal.
What a way to go,
behind some greasy cheeseburger
and chocolate shake.  Sheriff said the
budget wouldn't cover the French fries.
I don't care much about myself,
it's mama I'm worried about.
it will just break her heart...I ain't no good.
I hope I can see her if I can get to heaven.
Mama's the best in the world.
The sins of the father and the son must be punished
Allow the juries hand to be corrupt and
Dispense their magical omnipotence.

But taste the finality of man as the hammer draws near
To consequence; and question
The strangers leer in corrupt composure.

The judges sweat melds to the handle, he grips
Hard to the justice of his resolve, as
It slips beneath the bench

And now to the audience, you decide
To solidify a man in a statue to justice or
Grant redemption and torments respite.
Because I put to you that,
the sins of the father and the son must be punished.
Abraham Jun 23
When I was seven or eight,
I was made to stand on one leg
for kicking my plimsoll
onto the school roof.

There’s the sticky crystalline tarmac of the playground,
white lines,
WHOOSH my leg flies out,
SMACK of contact with the ball,
my plimsoll tumbling in-slow-motion-through-the-air,
disbelief when I realize
where its ended up.

I wonder,
if it happened today,
would my talent be spotted?
“Hey son, that’s some kick you’ve got on you
would you like to play for Liverpool?”
Instead of a teacher deciding
that standing on one leg outside his classroom for an hour
would be a good old lesson in self-control.

The shame did teach me -
to reign myself in,
hold back,
fear authority,
and repercussions,
hide my power
and joy,
question my very existence,
never experience the ecstasy of releasing
my heart, soul and ***** into a woman.

I guess I can’t blame it all on that teacher,
they all got away with weird **** in those days,
– once a boy in my class was made to sit under the teacher’s desk
and called “Dog” for dog-earing a page in his book –
I wonder how that kid’s doing
right now.

Just for fun,
I stand on one leg,
wobble about a bit,
steady myself
feel the power and joy
trapped in my chest,
the urge to run, leap
a thousand miles per hour
thunder through the stratosphere
screaming as loud as I possibly can
Faun Jun 30
If it is wrong after a child turns a certain age, then why is it ok in the first place
If it is wrong for the law to use on a criminal why is it right for a parent to use on a child, they say spare the rod spoil the child, I say spare the rod and spare the bad relationship with your children
I say spare the rod spare the decrease of grey matter in your Kids brain
I say spare the rod spare the higher chance of alcoholism as an adult

Parent should be associated with comfort not fear
discipline should be associated with correction not pain
and spare the rod spoil the child is *******
It’s is not eve a verse from the Bible

And yes I am biased mom because according to my sister you started physical punishment at the ripe old age of 6 months old and continued until I was almost thirteen

Ever since I can remember I have been afraid of you and I cannot come to believe that is my anxiety’s fault because all anxiety has some truth to it

I still remember when my little sister had temper tantrums you would send her to her room and spank her every hour until she stopped crying and I recently talked to her and she does not remember it her brain blocked it out
and yes it was not a deadly beating but it still hurt her, and that hurts me

And I do not blame you I do not blame me
I blame this messed up system of our government and religion that tells people it is ok to hit a child but not another adult because hitting an adult will send you to jail but hitting a child In the name of discipline is praised  
I have more to say, but I don’t have all day
Gunnika Mehra Jun 19
The world-ended
And all we are in now is a bitter afterlife.
We are dead,
Made to believe we are alive .
Living this life ,
Thinking about another afterlife.
An eternal torture in store,
Making us live our sadness again.
This earth is like a whole planet dedicated to pain,
Or maybe God giving us a chance to reach heaven again.
Sadly all I see of humanity now ,
Are small remains,
Suppressed , the devil reigns.
God, you look from above ,
You see us fall.
Are you punishing us,
By making us think like there's still a way .
Or are we just like the act of humanity,
Small remains.
Forsaken by thee,
Now the devil takes charge.
If this isn't a punishment,
Show us some mercy.
We wait.
We wait.
Gunnika Mehra
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