Anne 2d
When I look at him I see the hate in my eyes
The jealous rage that lives in my heart
Is the very thing that now tears me apart
Not I felt miserable
Every time I see him with someone
Later days felt incomplete
Feeling my mixed emotions
Felt my heart beats
''All about me'' journal
Memories from a history I call yesterday
are not the reason why I feel so miserable today,
for my misery isn’t because of what I lost yesterday,
but for the history I’m not making today.
Written o January 17, 2016
Composition number: 541
Danielle Jul 4
Splinters jabbed deep over time
It was just a drop that dripped out
That miserable first time
Now a river cuts through me.
How do I turn off the tap?
I'm really not sure that Doldrum is what the name of this poem should be, but I'm having a terrible time actually coming up with something else. Suggestions very welcomed at this point.
Aly Jul 2
When the air is hot,
but my body frozen,
and a constant drip
is slinking down my throat and
I can’t breathe
through my nose. Then,
slimy, crying,
Summer Colds
I’m sick today
Eslam Dabank Jun 27
Failure of love, fired at my soul
Bullets of lonliness hit my bones
In the heart Left ashes of emotions,
Cut the thin paper I had of joyness
With your lyrically-killing scissors.
Was your intention me leaving?

Is that a smile I haven't seen before?
Is that a kiss you don't didn't ask for?
Is there a new love you believe in?
Is he a sun, you seek for its core?
Your coldness is never fed. Not enough.
Always wants more.

Pain of missing is all I recieved
The ghosts you made now are my lead
Look at my eyes, can what you did see?
They're vacant, empty.
There's no glow in them
You had finished my story. Not happily.

With the reflection of the lamp,
on my tears,
You can see,
the only glow you left for me.

20-11-20-00 is your number.
But don't worry, I won't ever call
Into the unknown I won't again fall
You have crashed me into pieces
Gathering them now, is impossible.
I wonder if you know my number too.

From my mum's womb I was born
And in your actions tomb was drown.
This is my first freezing july
Without you it is, I won't lie.
Faa May 28
Painting my mask with colours
Reds, greens and blues
Tainting my shell with patterns
Stripes, dots and hues

Wearing my mask I leave
Strutting down the streets  
Inside, my soul miserably grieves
Once I return to my sheets

The mask I decorated so strikingly
The mask I wear so elegantly
The mask I hold so sincerely
Is the mask I fashioned with dishonestly

Painting my mask with cries
Blacks, whites and greys
Tainting my shell with lies
Tears streaming as I pray
My confidence long astray
Kivanc May 18
I ask where I am now
To the God I like
And who is in my heart
And in my miserable life
You know somethings changed us
Hitting from high
In the middle of night
My picturesque love
When his eyes lit up
They glowed amber
Out shining the stars in the sky

When his lips laughed
They vocalized a melody
Harmonizing with the universe

When his smile beamed
It radiated happiness
Dazzling even the sun above

I should have noticed

When his eyes dimmed
They flickered chocolate
Barely a candle in the dark

When his lips quieted
They whispered noise
Barely murmurs in the silence

When his smile dulled
It reflected joy
Barley a stone among gems

I should have known
When his eyes went dark

I should have known
When his lips went silent

I should have known
When his smile went cold

I should have known

I should have known

I should have known...
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