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vbdulrhman Dec 2
i hate that
you can't be a poet
you have no sense
you're miserable
and mad
you still my favorite poem
and i love you for that
Latifah Nov 25
I woke up with a dream I can’t shake,
I don’t understand why those dreams of you and me still appear,
We’re back together and never been happier,
But if that’s real,
If that’s true,
Then why was i miserable when I was with you?
Lost Girl Nov 13
Laughs and smiles shared over scrambled eggs and ham
Giggles in class as secret notes are passed
Wandering the school halls with no worry in the world
This was the fantasy of childhood
Happy days were happy nights

Now happy days end with panic attacks and tears
I cannot remember the last time my smile was genuine
Joy never lasts and pain is all that remains
The happiest days have the most miserable nights
Saint Audrey Nov 9
I can't seem to understand
What could be done to soothe this ache
Ripped from a broken rib cage
Measure up all my mistakes

Coloring the glass
Staining all my liquor red
Leave me buried in the past
Spent every last second

Draining the last drops
Strained through broken teeth
Working for the sound of
Something that's worth healing

Finally myself if
Only for the moment
My truth is that I'm lost
In this current, vacant motion

How'd I lose my way
Theshygirl Oct 8
It hurts
Every bone in my body aches
Unbearable pains lace through my system
My headache a constant
My heart
The only thing I can’t feel
Because it’s gone numb
From breaking over and over
My cheeks
Always laced with wet tracks
And my eyes
A waterfall I control.
My eyelids are heavy
But not with sleep
Instead with the same weight
On my heart
And my chest
It’s a panic
Uncontrollable in every way.
So my mind is racing
And twisting and turning.
With dark, gloomy thoughts.
And I need your help
Because I break more and more everyday.

That’s what I almost say
But instead
I squeak out
“I’m fine.”
And walk away.
Amanda Sep 16
Roses are crimson red
Your eyes are sky blue
Like my heart feels
When thinking of you

You are in my heart
I am on your mind
The best thing for both of us
Is to leave eachother behind

It seems we have died
Though aching bodies live on
The love we shared before
Is no longer here but gone
I'll love you long after you're gone
Freddie Ruiz Sep 13
Every day used to be so enjoyable,
then suddenly everything is just so miserable.
Lately more than ever, I’ve lost all confidence
and although I don’t want to, I feel worthless.

In everyone’s eyes I see myself invisible.
I’m so consumed by these thoughts, it’s inexplicable.
I’d give anything to fill this void in my heart,
but something keeps missing and something keeps falling apart.

No matter what you do or what you say,
there’s nothing that makes this pain go away,
‘cause there’s a constant song that plays in my head
that makes me see myself as one big mistake.
And no matter where I go,
and no matter what I know
my path is never aglow,
although for everyone else the sun always seems to glow.

Please, don’t look me in the eye.
Your pity’s too much of a burden to carry inside.
When you’re standing in front of me I realize
you’re the reason I feel less alive.
I don’t want anyone to notice me when I’m around,
yet I wish I was so special like them and so proud,
but I’m nothing in and out.
At least, that’s how I see myself right now.

What the **** am I doing here
if I don’t belong here?
Written on September 7, 2011
Composition number: 395
Amanda Sep 10
Choked back sobs this morning
Told you how I felt
How happy I sensed we could be
You could not feel my words melt

Speeding down my mouth, fragile sounds
Through the phone, nowhere to go
Regret hanging over the shallow line
Vivid memories draped in voices known

Keeping calm yet magnetized
Love immense but difficult to hold
Perfect coincedences forced together
We clicked, now disaster unfolds

An easy connect-the-dots picture
Even in our most trying parts
Direct and to-the-point with problems
So vague and uncertain when it came to our hearts

Unyielding respect given freely to you
My mind is still treated with none
Seems the universe decided
You were the more deserving one

At least that is what it looks like
Life plays clear favorites, unaware
Reasons behind actions hard to explain
No such thing as "just", "right", or "fair"

Love enjoys teaching lessons
Family and friends used as tools
Whether we choose to lose or gain
Is how to tell who among us are fools

All these painful mistakes I ponder
Have shown how beautiful Earth is
Intoxicated, only have oxygen collected
Found a breathless high in natural hits

Do you comprehend what I am saying?
Pushing away with lies
Easily hurt by careless deceit
Stop torturing with your eyes

Stop using me like a ****
Done getting my heart broken
I trusted you and you watched me drown
Let me fall into your stormy ocean
Maybe if the tide was going out instead of smashing onshore we would have ended up someplace with a more pleasant view..
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