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Van Xuan May 29
I feel the filth within myself
When I saw her fixing herself
From the damage that I've done

The emptiness that I gave to her
Is the same as the one who left me
I become the person I wish to avoid
When I become someone I hate I can feel the filth within myself
Clay Face Mar 30

You make me want to get high and end something.

Your childhood shouldn’t be mine.
You apathetic ****.

I know you don’t care.
That’s why it hurts.
You’re father was gone,
Maybe that would be better.
You’re here, but not for me.
You’re just a huge tease.

Without words you flay.
Furl me in a calm.
Just to show what worth you have of me.
I’d rather be whipped.
At least then you’d use me.

Your always at my leash.
If I try to pull you to me.
You’re never at the end.

Endless release of my constant fill.
Never seems to bring benevolence.
Slamming fists, yelling to a burn,
Biting until blood, hurting until bruised.

You’re a tick I can’t rip out.
Burrowed and *****.
I can rip my skin open.
Dig in.
You’d never be found.
I’d amputate your from me.
With a saw, knife, or bullet.
You **** me dry, and never pass a nod.

I can’t scream into another.
Or cry with someone.
They’re nothing to me.
Cause they’re nothing to you.
I have no one.
Monkey see, monkey do.

There’s always something absent.
Turgid and deeply rooted.
It hollows my chest when I feel it.
I’ll never taste it.
Or have the chance to waste it.

Finding someone to abridge.
Is frustratingly crippling.
I sting just thinking about it.
You knee capped me.
I’ll never love.
I’ll never be loved.

You made me meat.
You made everyone meat.
Alphia Feb 1
Who do I want to love me more then me?

You I want you to love me and care for me.

You and I keep bumping heads I can't focus cause my heart is hurting and I can't stop it from beating so hard and fast.

I love you yes but it's never enough I can't stop crying cause I want us to work and I am fighting so much for a spot that I must walk away or I'm gone hurt myself.

Goodbye my friend.
I love you but I can't do this anymore
Grisha S Dec 2020
She sat on the rock in tears

No feeling was felt

No happiness, no anger, no fear

Except one, which was total despair

Her face so still, in the water she would simply stare

She had a family and she was an alluring beauty

But despite that, she sunk into nullity

Good looks did not get her to talk

Every word hurt her

Whether in sadness or mock

People spoke to her, but they didn't know her facade

Because inside her head, that feeling fought

They wouldn't call her a silent mystery

But again, they didn't know about her misery

Every word she spoke was a sign of pain

Though outside she was fine

Her mind was no more sane

She couldn't move without feeling despair in every bone

But she knew this was a pain understood by none

Her life flashed before her eyes as she stared in the water

There wasn't much to say

All she saw was a clutter

For the last time, her body started to shiver

She didn't wait now

As she fell into the river.

-Grisha. S
It's about a girl who is weak from the inside and can't handle the pressure anymore
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
My heart is slowly falling to pieces
Breaking more each day
I don't understand what I did wrong
But something drove you away

It has to be my fault you fled
I guess you have grown tired
Sick of looking at the one thing
You used to above all else desire

It has been a long time coming
Suspected from the very start
That one day you would come to your senses
Pack your bags and depart

The melodic tones of your voice linger
Echoes haunting my head
Silence keeps me up at night
Restless in my empty bed

The beat of my heart is feeble
I wonder if I am dying
Begging for a shred of relief
But the pain keeps amplifying

Losing track of the days passing by
Irrelevant time spins around
The ticks of the hands moving on clocks
Become another meaningless sound

All I can feel is the throbbing ache
Resonating through my heavy heart
Paralyzed by the grip of agony
As my entire world is torn apart
I hate every second of this
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2020
When I do not see you for awhile
Start going through withdrawals
Like when you’re addicted to drugs
Dependent on alcohol

When I eat food is tasteless
In fact hard to enjoy
Much anything consumed
Focused on the void

No matter what’s done or said
Nothing distracts from absence
If I keep hours busy
Not once your thought leaves my head

My brain obsessed with you
Turning memories around
Try focusing on anything else
But way your laughter sounds

Impossible to be at peace
I wake up alone
Emptiness follows me from our bed
Clinging to each bone

Inside stomach sits a knot
Tangled with concern
Ball that gets tighter every minute
Messages left unreturned

I hate how I need your kiss
To function throughout day
Did not realize contact was necessary
Til moment it was taken away

My heart beats unevenly when you are gone
Stays like that until you come back
Every ***** placed in my body
Is in some manner out of whack

I am more than just miserable
Sick without you here
Unable to be myself
Until presence is again near
When I miss my boyfriend Paul
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
He was dangerous
He lived in his lair
He pounced upon
Who dared
He made lives miserable
Factious, fractious
Animal of concrete jungle
He was dangerous
He thought
No one could dare
Enter his lair
One day my dog
Fetched him out
He was brought
On the ledge
From a height
He was dropped
Like a hat on the head
Fractured his two legs
He forgot the lair he lived
Once for all
He disappeared
Beware of dogs!
tia Oct 2020
"my body is tired with torn hands
I want to be perfect, more and more
but nothing changes, it only ever hurts"

"when will you be happy?"

"never... I live miserably,
wanting to work myself to exhaustion
waiting for death's release of this worthless vessel
that hates me deeply
perishing underneath dirt and pebble
no one will want me, need me
I will be forgotten and my ideals of perfection soon to be rotten"
Alja Aug 2020
I am so miserable
while waiting for your text
I am so miserable
while knowing that you are the one thing I will never have
I am so miserable
you are the only thing I think about
I am so miserably in love with you
are you miserable too
Haadiya Sunasara Aug 2020
The books I read,
The songs I listen to...
All fill me with envy
Such lives they have
Filled with feelings and emotions
I would die to feel
My insides are numb
As if turned to stone
My mind's dead,
My heart asleep
I carry on like a machine
I want to escape my life
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