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How did i not know?
You weren't feeling okay.
You were feeling low,
Your world was probably gray.

I don't want to lose a part of me.
You're also my heart, you know?
Can't we go back to how we used to be?
I have loved you since hello.
Baby don’t go away.
Love me like you loved me.
Say you’re still mine.
Man Jun 20
I wish I could write something
That pierced the wool
Pulled over your eyes.
Your depression, your nihilism;
The things keeping you coupled
To the miserable lense of your life.
Cause there are so many things,
That are just perspective.
And everything else,
We could work through together.
I fear you can't imagine, what
It would be like, to improve.
Walk the world afresh, renewed.
Just so long as you're comfortable,
It doesn't matter if you're happy.
We could be something wonderful,
But you can't see.
That's the real tragedy
justine grace Jun 15
here i am on a train ride
on it for the first time in years
when it was supposed to be with you this year
we made plans to travel more together many times
and we wanted to make it work this time around
but now it ***** that you ain’t here

maybe it’s for the best
maybe it’s meant for me to make memories with my girls
maybe we were not meant to make any more memories and be each other’s first time for everything

you were great, but you were broken
and you dragged me down the pit with you

as selfish as I can be as a person
you were way worst than i can ever be

i loved you with you all my heart
but now all I have left to offer you is my rage
i don’t wish you the best
i don’t wish you happiness
i wish you'd cry
for all the torture you’ve put me through
it's been three weeks and i'm still in hell but deep down, i know that i am slowly healing from the heartache. days feel like nights and i feel helpless at times. but it's okay, time will heal this pain. they said you should not regret the past memories that used to make you happy, but with all my heart – i regret meeting you. i regret loving you. i regret dumping everyone for you. and i regret for not seeing your true colours since day one. i wish you the worst in life. karma might hit me but honestly, what you put me through is already feeling like i'm in hell so i'm good.
Two boys once met, in innocence and youth,
Their hearts ignited with a flame of truth,
A love so pure, so genuine and bright,
A bond they thought could conquer day and night.

As years went by, they held onto their love,
Their passion fuelled by the stars above,
But life can be cruel, and the world can change,
And their love story began to rearrange.

Their paths diverged, as they pursued their dreams,
And life's hardships slowly tore at the seams,
Their love that once burned like a raging fire,
Now flickered dim, and began to expire.

Misunderstandings and hurtful words were said,
And slowly but surely, their love was dead,
They both felt lost, and wondered what went wrong,
For a love so strong shouldn't fade this long.

As they looked back at what they used to be,
They realised that love can set us free,
But love alone cannot bear life's heavy weight,
It needs nurturing and care, before it's too late.

And so they parted, with a heavy heart,
Each on their own journey, worlds apart,
But as they moved on, they never forgot,
The love they shared, no matter what.

For in their hearts, they knew it was true,
That once upon a time, they loved anew,
And though their love may have come to an end,
The memories they shared, they'll always defend.
Anggita Aug 2022
I appeared that one random day some years ago when the stars were galloping.

since then each step I take picturesque the clip I've been rolling.

I remember that day when mom told me that to live was to encounter a blessing and struggling was the way we inherit a trophy for generations that lived.

I was deceived by the unrealistic heroism of many martyrs who died before me.

in fact, the spotlights were not meant for me as I expected. fate put me far removed from any truth I’ve worshiped.

some days I move in urge and fly very high. I heal my wounds and forgive people who randomly get me to taunt.

some days I scream without words and get drowned in my own nightmares. I drop death thinking of any chance to collect my own mythical strikes.

after all, I still reopen my eyes to a bizarre sight; I wonder if it is the answer to all the prayers I've murmured in my solemn nights

or perhaps it is just the doom I've been daydreaming about all the time.

of the truths spoken and the marks of my barefoot steps, I pledge for an eternal gaiety. And a place of my own kind.
Johnson Oyeniran May 2022
Im alright,
No, I lied,
My state of mind,
Is far from fine.
Bhawna Apr 2022
It's terrible
No words said
Yet your eyes yell
Pinching aroma embed
Oh, well
I wanna be more innocent
To make your heart discontent
.....lack of words
joel jokonia Jan 2022
Who quells a mimsy breed,
Only He, concedes a tree from seed.

Google, god of today
Only He, Beings bow to, every day.

Who hangs stars dressing a night,
Only He, tags waters of creatures small & mighty

Technology, tyranny of ****
Only He, treats his slaves as kings

Who knows heaven's ends
Only He, who possesing divine hands

Ignorance, father of today
Only He, leading us in paths astray

Who quells a mimsy breed
Only He, concedes tree from seed
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