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I got my limits
Been here since
hell and back

breathless from carrying Blood and flesh
Bone-World curved to welcome back

Shape-dependent gimmicks tracing  
fresh tension lines followed right on track.

Invisible Limits.....    /   /     /    / .......
Can't see em, so I cant follow back

Right on track, tongue-tied and strapped up
with a strep throat still, its my turn to step up

else Lady luck might step back, all clammed up
**** I Just hoping this note will...

Curse hope, bless action
See its My cipher to rap now

My meaning to unpack; but how?
Courage and Care is a fact plowed

Strength in the face of what we can bear
Samsara, its a Wheel of time turning back now

The only time I show me limits is always
Vulnerable. still hanging in ghetto hallways

Your place safe and sound, you need but call me
I show me, I mean all ME. I mean All Men, I mean Amen. Ah man...

Living shadow, ghost abode, the heart just saying love me
love me, love me,  love me, lord. Keep me warm.

I've never been so cold as looking at the tribe
around the fire's with that fine glow.
Where Freezing feels like final.

breathless from carrying
Bone, Blood and Flesh, flush chested
Do your best, Dont love any less
See your smile, its a breath

to me ...(and Im swimming seas till im Seasick, waves painting a scene sick)

Those curves like Pieces of music,
Kicking hard as I can swimming like im Sea-kick
movement aligned to life and death.

my hide or hair, which can these save?

Music lines and strings of words, its like church to all of us
You see its Cake or death

not willing to lose it, like the chirps of birds seem to follow up
as the morning fights for breath.
Zack Ripley Jan 3
You can work until your fingers bleed,
but that won't give you a sense of pride.
You can cry til you can't see the sky,
but nothing will change
until you're ready to try again.
Sometimes, doing something too much
is worse than not doing it at all.
Like everything else, it's all about balance.
So, for your sanity's sake,
take the time to find your limits,
and listen to your body
when it tells you to take a break.
Wilkes Arnold Sep 2021
When jotting poetry
Or filling a search box
Entering a password
Or scribbling notes
I've found my hand writing "limits"
And I don't know why
Left To Rot Jul 2021
Balance, moderation, discipline,
all necessities for a healthy life,
but from time to time,
it's fun to exceed limits,
give in to new sensations,
as long as you know where to draw the line.
Tessa Savanna Jul 2021
Your eyes tell,
Your smile shows,
That you wished to give us time,
To start again,
To love again,
Under different circumstances,
With no limits,
With no hindrance,
But with the same person,
With the same feelings,
A chance to live
A chance to love,
Spriha Kant Mar 2021
Sometimes , I am unable to resist an unknown force which pushes me to go beyond my limits and makes me a deaf for listening to all the **** that others say and think about me.
Rox90 Mar 2021
The lands are the limits
The skies are the limits
The planets are the limits
Your heart limits the limits
Fraser Wiseman Nov 2020
When you watch me.

You will not see me
tumbling in pieces through the desert air.
You will not see me
collapsing in tears on my parents stairs.
You will not see me
alone and desperate on the physio’s floor.

When you watch me, you will see me race.
You will see that limits are given to be
Sport doesn’t care who you are.
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