That's what people say                  
When they're                          
too afraid                           


Free your art
From the object....
Description will be
The subject.....
Object this subject
Subject will object,
Your art.....

Free your vision
From the limits
Grab your attention
On rare wits.....
Holding this object
Close to your eyes,
You shut out the world
& Creativity dies...
Don't let them limit
Your vision....

Free your vision,
Free your art
Fulfill ambition
By best dart.....
Conquer mission
You are smart
Warm wishes
From my heart....

understand now
that I ask too much
there is love
yes, it feel that
need to believe that it is still there
keeping me here, keeping us

the need, I can't define
it sits just beyond rational thoughts
sending emissaries for occasional negotiations
they seem to know the plan
but only reveal little portions
leaving me to ponder implications

it is a madness
following its own rules
screwing up normal to challenge safe
making me rethink
purpose and what I am now
what we are and if we can continue to be

beginning to think this situation
is too big for you to handle
a sickness too strong
brokenness just too far gone
searching for the pieces
for long enough now, what we have found will do

hardly recognise myself these days
no more curtains shading our thoughts
the clarity of what we have become scares you
it frightens the hell out of me
limits, we are moving beyond now


Arjun Raj May 11

Power is to succeed,
Limits are to surpass,
Paths are to pave,
Journeys are to take
The road to success begins when you open that door,
The door to possibilities,
The road to redemption,
The choice is yours to make,
The chance is for you to take
So let the journey begin.

When one has been pushed too far,
One doesn't give a fuck any more.
One loses one's attachments.
One just wants to escape
From the Menace.

Underland Mar 31

I used to think that the world was limitless...

Now I feel as though limits are all that hold me down...

Hey God...

I have a confession.

I am not a good person.

I know it isn't original, and I know you've heard this too many times from too many broken people.

But it's the only shred of honesty I can give so please accept it...
Because I do not know how to forgive myself for this tower of lies I built over the last month and a half.

I am not a good friend.

I try...

And you know I try. But I haven't been trying as hard as I used to.
But I want to try and make things right.

I have convinced myself that heaven seems too high up for me to get to.
And I'm here asking you to tell me there is still a chance for me to be saved from my life.

I went to church today for the first time in months.
I saw old friends, and read new verses... I learned more.
Although I still feel like an outcast in this place we call "safe".

I can't feel your presence near me even when I pray.
It's like I've cut the communication lines and there is no repairing them.

I am willing to work for my life.
I will build houses of faith and sing praises until I drop, but it won't be enough.

I work well under pressure. So if you told me that getting to heaven was as simple as building a ladder as high as I could in 24 hours, I would work through war and hellfire to get there.

I would climb every rung until the ladder ended above the clouds and started feeling like the solid foundation of a life restarted.

I can only hope you will accept me with open arms, forgiveness...

And a "hello."

I've been working too hard.

She knows not her limits
She knows not her power
She is searching who she is
She wants answer on who she wants to be

She has her mind filled with confusions

She craves a bit attention
She tries to be perfection
She does not know her destination

But she wants to go back home
and be free from future dilemmas

That she is me

He who can balance the words
'power' and 'limitations' in his hands;
understands soundly
the definition of responsibility
and it's burden upon his shoulders.

To rule the world justly
is to bare the labours of Atlas.

The Lonely Bard Oct 2016

किसी ख्वाब का कभी ऐतबार ना करना,
दोस्ती की हदों को कभी पार मत करना,
खो दोगे उसे हमेशा के लिये,
जो अच्छा लगे उसे कभी प्यार मत करना...

Kisi khwaab ka kabhi aetbaar na karna,
Dosti ki hadon ko kabhi paar mat karna,
Kho doge use hamesha ke liye,
Jo acchha lage use kabhi pyaar mat karna...

Trust merely a dream never,
Cross friendship's limits never,
You will lose them for forever,
Who you like must be loved never...

HP Poem #1227
©Atul Kaushal
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