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Cyan 1h
As a child I’d always pick up feathers
and the habit persists today.
But only when people aren’t looking.
they remind me of the coat I once wore before I forgot how to fly.
Pooja Jajoo Aug 8
She's breathing her life in limits
She wanted to be free.

She isn't herself
but a slave.

She's breathing her life in limits
She wanted to be free.
She wanted to be free.

-Pooja Jajoo✍
Was all day affairs for her..
That shackled soul
Wanted to flutter in the wind.
But enclosed inside out.

A life from Home to School, School to Home
A life from Home to College, College to Home

A life of Entertainment wasn't her part..
Those Rules, Regulations, Restrictions always made her stop.

Is she was the one to choose it?
Is she demanded it?
It was the life which she saw by Birth.
Marcella Faye Jul 28
Don't try to test my patience
And my trust,
Because it's like you're
Testing the water,
By cutting it with a knife,
And I can assure you,
It won't work.
Don't test my limits.
Boundless the capabilities
Limiting the limitations
Step towards boundless self
Small steps, steady and sure
Maria Nieves Jul 3
I always wondered what love was
You know, there are examples all around us
Showing us what love is
I used to think it was all about finding my Prince Charming
But as the years went by
I realized that Prince Charming only exists in fairy tales
Then I followed how my family became the way it is
My mom married her best friend
My dad married his best friend
So I thought maybe I need to marry my best friend
That was my worst decision yet
I should of just waited for Prince Charming
At least he would of made me feel special
Falling in love with a best friend
Is the hardest thing to get into and get out of
I lost great memories,
Inside jokes,
Favorite songs
But the question still stands
What is love?
Love is the little things someone does for you
Reminding you to stay strong on your toughest days
Love is making sure that you don’t go to bed in tears
Trying to be your light on your darkest days
For all that to happen
You have to do the same for love to stay around
Long enough to even think about staying with you forever
But you never know,
Love might not be ready for marriage
Or love just doesn’t like the idea of marriage
Having love in your life
Is both a blessing and a curse
Since you will never know if love will leave you
But you’ll have great memories with love,
Little inside jokes that make you both laugh,
Songs that made you both dance together
That’s one thing everyone expects from love
To be romantic,
Not everyone can be romantic
But once they try
It’ll be worth all the times they weren’t romantic
Everything love does for us
It’s strange
But now love has no limits
Anyone can love anyone they want
No matter what gender you are,
What your sexuality is,
Your nationality,
Or any of that,
Till then I will continue asking
What is love?
Asuzx Jun 23
What is your limit?
Scratching my skin.
What is your limit?
Drowning my head.
What is your limit?
Cutting my soul.
What is your limit?
What is your limit?
Erin Asuncion Jun 14
I felt happy I didn't deserve,
because I know I'll get hurt,
Their's always a limit to this,
like I'm standing on a cliff,

I just want to smile,
like holding your hand for awhile,
how can I smile?,
without you by my side,
why can't you stay?
Chris May 31
It's me, can't you feel,
I love  you but I make you scream,
You won't die as long as I'm here.

You won't die,
but you'll never really live.

Can't you feel the shiver,
the paralyzing fear,
That makes you a useless ****,
Whenever I am here,

I will shroud you,
I will give
You will not die,
You'll never live.
Lately I don't even know who to trust
They’re saying even Satan was an angel once
He was a gorgeous angel before the fall,
but god cursed him and took his all.
I walk through the garden of Eden with temptation in my soul.
It climbs my interests,
flooding my neurons  with desire.
I can feel the hellfire in our passion.
The closer we get, the more we feed the burn.
I pretend to fake innocence to keep you intrigued.
No can ever fall in love with me.
I see a sparkle of heaven in your eyes;
Hold my hand as you feed me pretty lies.
I begin to dissolve into you.
i am losing who i was and who i am..
not that i ever really knew.
however, we must cut our ties before we cut ourselves, because tasting the forbidden fruit didn’t turn out well for Eve.
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