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The state of being free from oppressive restrictions,
or the weight of too much liberties and its affliction.                    
 The paradox of boundaries towards creative ponder,
the prison of structure and disciplined wonder.
              Time speaks for itself from the inmost cave,
kindling spirits and its shifting sphere wave.
    When wisdom dominates the debt of thought,
lingering treasures by determination bought.
               The freedom in reign and consequence,
kingdoms promises with no reference.
The dream of all dreams and its ecstasies,                                                       ­                                             the power of words before the battle of legacies.                                                        ­                                                The price of freedom blinds the sight,        when strangers manipulate ones right. .                                         The liberty to dream as sense to be free,                      mental stillness and the courage to see.         That oneself becomes the own worst enemy,     by force of conscious freewill or righteous liberty.                                                         ­                                               In poetic declaration to set free the prophetic mind,                   fragments of greatest purpose in its kind.                   The bill and its associates filling endless shelves,       providing liberties to the greed of affluent self’s.           The media in its righteous liberties and no shame,            giving credit to the abused freedom all the same.
Emma Sims Sep 13
Let me be
the river sea that flows up mountains
Hills and bees
Past the boughs and hanging trees
Of oak and elm of ages old
Once adorned by kings in gold
Let me be
the water flow
That carries fish and boats in tow
Past their homes and to and fro
Till timbers shake and gills do wither
Mothers hearts a’tither, dither
Let me be the rolling wave
That crashes, crushes, spins and saves
Let me be free and fluid
Let me be me
TJ King Sep 2
Lounging, today, on Your back porch
I saw America's men
Holding their tiki torches
Toward all they had been

I saw all of America's men
Wade angrily out into the icy upper bay waters
Toward all they had been
Through the tears of their mothers and daughters

Wading out into the icy straits
Holding their tiki torches
Through the tears of their mothers and daughters
Lounging, half-drowned, on Lady Liberty's back porch
Doy A Aug 9
I did not know this was possible: to be in 2 places at the same time. I am here, still here but my heart is elsewhere. I am here, staying here but my heart's packed up and left a long time ago. My body sleeps with him at night but I look the other way. I have looked the other way and lied to myself for years and years, blinded so foolishly by a love so strong it ruined me. The truth is always the hardest pill to swallow, but I need to face my demons and the secrets I've kept if I want to move on. I am in 2 places at the same time. First, I am where I have to be-- a place that beckons me to stay and be strong and forgive over and over again. Second, I am where I hope to be-- a place of peace and contentement and if I'm lucky, maybe joy. The mind is so strong that it allows one to endure great suffering through unwavering willpower. How do wrongly incarcerated persons survive decades in prison? It is the idea of freedom and faith in justice that keeps them sane and alive. It is the hope that one day, their truth will come out and their liberty served that empowers them. This is how I feel. This is how I'm still alive.
Words' Worth Jul 4
The value of power
Is in the hand of the employed men
Then, why do we consider the power currently
In the hands of authorities, an unrighteous force?
Christianity, considers power an unrighteous sin
A powerful force that can carry out the most immoral actions
Hence, the more you understand the ideas of God, the more you will realize
That our established societies break the boundaries
Of what is correct and incorrect, just to sway from this unequal force
Will deny that most of our ideals are equivocal or questionable
But, what about our wants
Let us ask ourselves, is it wrong to want liberty?
Maybe, according to Aristotle who said the city-state need not
Necessarily promote liberty
It is cool, dry and very early
on this crisp September morn.
The General’s orders were quite succinct:
This man must die at dawn.

We’ve erected here a gallows
On the street for all to see:
This man will die a traitor’s death
For what he calls” Liberty”

With the Parson in attendance
He is brought here, grave and pale,
This spy posed as a teacher
His name is Nathan Hale.

I placed the noose around his neck
The knot was tightly wound
The condemned was then allowed to speak
before the drums would sound.

“The cause for which i am dying for i did not take up in an idle moment
i was born it as are all my countrymen
if the belief in man’s right to freedom is held on any other place on earth
i have not heard of it
i am proud to have lived in a country where freedom is a reality
living it has been my privlege to fight for it
in death i shall hold it forever
if i were to be born a thousand times i would choose no other life
but service to American freedom
i have only one sorrow
i only regret that i have but one life to loose for my country”

At that, I heard the drumroll sound.
My captain gave a nod.
I pushed the brave young traitor
to his meeting with his God.

We left him hanging several days,
As a lesson to the town
Of the fate awaiting traitors
Who take arms against the crown.

At dusk last night we cut him down
When no one was around
And laid him in an unmarked grave
which never will  be found.
Although we were taught in school that Nathan Hale’s last words were “ I regret that I have but one life to give for my country., speech I give him here is taken from a transcript prepared by his executioners. Nathan Hale was 21 when he gave his life for the cause of Liberty.
There's power in my hand
As I write it's leak on my canvas
It's not hard to understand
My mission is clear, I couldn't plan this
Arrange verbs and words to attack
It seems simple but I still haven't started
I'm afraid of war, but now I can't relax
So the contempt is lingering in my heart
Dante Rocío Jun 19
The antonym of befalling
to the Matrix
and its shackles of death,
or “drugginess”
is not exactly leading a protest,
an obvious to eyes fight
or anger-loaded activity
but in fact going away
from all the Movement
to the Stillness.
To reclaim the earth as ours
and ourselves as its,
our presence in senses,
kisses by pupils,
glances in fingertips,
honourable existing
and all the truth of our own
aside from anyone else’s claims,
facts & dampers.
That is a mutiny,
from the rush,
absence in our person,
the priorities cast on our choices
by seeming authorities.
Into doing,
and adoring
This is one of the greatest strikes to lead.
Stand up with me to that liberty
They set us so carelessly upon the trees;
despite our wails, screams, and pleas, we
become dying fruit for the fleas.
Institutionalized and criminalized, we live a life of fear.
They sneer, jeer at the sight of us at life’s rear.
Our plight against contempt makes for a militant man
as we just try to be as real as we can.
To them, our efforts are never enough,
for them, our pain is never enough.
We strive for equality, liberty, happiness, and life.
In turn, we receive hatred, anger, and strife.
Murdered and ***** and torn next to our loved ones.
In response, we give a passion greater than the Sun’s.
All of our lives, we have had to fight.
Striking back against their wrath, destroying their blight.

They set us so wrongly upon their boat;
after we are spent, we are set to float.
I wonder about real life,
“What does it feel like?”
Torment should not be equal to pigment,
and there is nothing to warrant such abhorrent torrents.
We are not equal and never have been the same.
When we speak out, we are silenced; liberty too tamed.
They set us so harshly upon the pyre;
the extermination of desire,
the death of liberty as a killing fire.
August  29, 2017: We are being stabbed but not by the kings of the Earth. Now it’s ****** from reprehensible opportunists that want all the rhythm and none of the blues.
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