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David Hilburn Aug 24
Since meaning you
A tool of wishes that never was
Mercy me, and the tone of a voice, with should...
The times are a glittering star, that knew ourselves thus

Shape of things to come:
Hap is such a worldly ply, of a hosts among
Sense is mine, that could, a reprimand in heat and one
Same to you, after such an introduction, are we going long?

Share the bite of distance, the tale to tell
Is heed, a speed with special eyes?
If nowhere has a call to air, the littlest bit of well...
A hard swallow of persuasion, a solace with moments of pride

Sacred? or the stir of person's in the name
Of cope, the tooth to display a better tongue
Which for a seldom used word, is the better of a cares fame
Caught in the now, and lost in the voice of eaves, wronged?

And the calling of a world to the simplest of so's
Looking a sanity, with a single idea, a query
Of what was the cold shoulder of a smile, that came to woes?

And found me, in the turn of chaste into sweeter pasts
Time to remember the court, of decision we made
An aging hope, to live longer by the need, which asks
Is it time to dance again, like a prettier sorts said...
Welcome home honey, timidity has chosen us to share a miracle's kiss, with a pretty silence...
Zywa Mar 2
There is a sound of *** in my name -
at school, I often had a blush
I was ashamed of the giggles

At parties I stood in the quiet places
and in the parade I walked
on long wooden legs

The wind blew, tugged and
tore my trouser legs
There were shouts and calls

for more, "Hellooo helloohoo
where are you, what are you
thinking about", my friend asked

"Everyone sees only the veils
under which you hide, are you aware
that none of us knows you?

Just be a little like crazy, for once, dare
to go for it, to die of shame
or to bed with someone

Dare to be a descendant
of the man who chose:
Freeblood is my name"
"Mensch, durf te leven" ("Man, dare to live", 1917, Dirk Witte, sung by Jean-Louis Pisuisse)

Collection "BloodTrunk"
Ken Pepiton Nov 2022
In the times I was alive, mankind, in a state
of post-war order,
after reasons for war found investors
with a taste for long games,

let us say,
we play
empire of the mind, in your territory,
I invade your territory,
as any poet may,
we are licensed, and you know that, don't

forget, ungotten gains, reader, be
dearer than experience, become, the story,
be the dance,
dash the silliness, but, don't

child's play,
making peace, if only once,
if only in a story, common course citizen prep.

Integrated circuitry was self evidently simple, one state
at a time.
now. Things are different.

We have all things in common, sorted according to how
value is set,
what is a thought from a friend in olden times of letters,
to the friend long lost in threads,

bare wires, short circuit, we live in the cloud, as thought,
I thought these lines connected, and the spark
fried the last
piece in resistance to free flow of all we know
about the cost of life,

and the worth of your attention to the message, from
the sponsored
spirit - Libertry free try thinking, to hell and back,
no guarantees,

all in, or live in fear.
a true test all who take it pass, false tests we fail
pnam Oct 2022
a poetic and musical monument
weaved in harmony clear and fluent
for God life liberty and love
love is true ***** the flying dove
for a love blossomed felt so free
from a life lived in liberty
for a life that is  God blessed
if not for God then what would?
life in liberty wills true love
a prayer wish to all from above
God bless life liberty and love
a poetic and musical monument
remind inspire why it wouldn't?
A poetic and musical monument for God Life Liberty and Love (APM24GL3)
David Hilburn Sep 2022
Tomes of advice
Let alive, in the room of cares
Vehemence, instinct, attuned sighs
Where the powers that be, continue until fared

Are we the ears of purpose?
Set in sides and meandering light
The skill of another, to share the insight of us
Should we enable a dance, of redoubt for might?

My door of adding, as avarice is...
The truth in long glances, with method to move
Thought, the biding hope of when is, bliss
The turn of completeness, the coping hour we have of use?

Lose me in the fold...
The tooth I invoke, is a creation of voice and tone, to total
A resolve of guidance, of kind come for wishes to hold
The grace of unity, if not unique sense, before legend falls

To reproof...
Time in its steady march to liberty, the devotion of fashion
Though a tarter end to hindsight, may be aloof
We confirm the date of simple alacrity, a host of could lasting...

Be the love, of a lifetime...
Of causes redeemed by a curious share
In the superiority of life, to know a callous friendship worth trying
And the impress of duress, driven to cares we ne'er guarantee...?

Unless the cold turn of truth, is towards waiting love
Done distress, marveling need, the common remark of persuasion
In the name of urges, we attest to passions, we grant another covenant
The decision of a soul to keep, knowing a handheld in something besides here's intrusion

A day's lot in the careful wishes we seek, for a nary come dwell
Rhapsody, in a courage's stance, the times to live and know a call
To harmony, the burden of thee, assumes patience is ours to tell...
David Hilburn Sep 2022
Rose of a champion
Thought, in a beautified accord
Set to waiting hours, a needs complexion
Where we are, the tale of unity to its peaceful order...

Skip, argue or define
The truth, we removed by bounty of pouts...?
Sated avarice, and the curtness of kin caught in a notorious lie...
Welcome a shadow to breath, when a harrowed eye allowed...?

Is a requited girth, of when, any of a decency's curse?
Has found me, in a live and by chastity's purpose
Handsomer skills that agree, in no known terms...
I had the taste of pride, like a reality of sin, to accuse

No man with a tradition of sincerity, is this island commit
Without the sigh of me, the irony to dwell and seek tight
The course of another ship of fortune, that has seldom to wit:

Look, an eye of poise, if not intellects poison...
Made manifest by the only few, of bared conscience
That has us for curiosity's fool, but you, for another hero to loan
A flower of understated chaste; a victim of letters of prescience?

Tall tales of nothing more than a drunk hysteria?
Here is your mind, in my way for one more timidity...
Think and details of weal, we will know until votes ***** drama
To a reaching hour, no one above another, like acts of humanity...
selina Jul 2022
i pledge allegiance
to the flag
of the united states of america
and to the republic
for which it stands
one nation, on stolen land,
under a foreigner's god
divided by fear, religion, and greed
ruled by the richest at
the suffering of the poorest
with liberty and justice
to all who may afford it
excluding the women,
the lgbtq+, the non-christian,
and the non-white
god bless america, and
the caricature of democracy
it has become

note: some people may choose
to add at the end, another
"god bless america, and god save us all"
a poem from earlier this week
Philip Lawrence Feb 2022

Rise and be heard.

Rise and brandish your resolve.

Rise to fend the jackboot of oppression and

the black hand that seeks to cover the sky.

Rise to keep the warm sun upon your face.

Rise and continue to breathe free.

for Ukraine
selina Dec 2021
they say it's a god-given right
a necessity, meant to be
a part of the American life

but tell me, do you know what it's like
to have to the cold steel of a barrel
pressed between your innocent eyes?
note: i am not completely againsts the second amendment. i am against the fact that our government allows businesses to hand out guns to people the way people give free candy on halloween— to practically anyone and everyone, even if they don't deserve it or need it.
Ayesha Nov 2021
Mist, dew and rose.

Three songbirds rose
Their wings quiet—
Weaved a riot—

Breath, then bone and blood
Whispered to noise from, for mud
Let them grieve, let them—
Yet another young note
On the hard-baked stem.
Restrained do not

Nor bleed or melt a flushed blue
Pearly melodies of sky
Do no do, do not do

Ask of liberty—
Pretty, petty property.
What of birds?
Clumsy drip-dropping words

Only a breath weeps
Only bone shakes
All ballads, the blood keeps
Only the carcass wakes

And silent, silent goes
Into the blooming blue goes—
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