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Evi Dent Halo Sep 2017
"Micro-organisms are the most powerful force known to man.

Everything relies on these tiny creatures,

And even us, the giants of the climates-

Are subject to a cold wind of a virus."




Control every activation-

Watch the electronics-

Spawn and stuff,

Primordial goo is gruff.


Enough fist-i-cuffs

It's rough.


Every expression, hides a smaller organism

Smiling and fizzling.



We are controlled every hour.

We are the wretches...


Half smiles, packed with germ styles

It's sick.

It's just the way we function- on top of the garbage pile.


Grasp for the notion-

Emotion is an ocean

Grasp the notion-

Emotion's in commotion.


It's the essence of a penned hand,

Every letter is different,

that forms un-same words.

The chromosomes that form us-

We are entitled to so much corruption.


Bold faced lie-

It's agonizing, trying to fight

Having raging black mold

Conformation in cleaning out our insides.


But I smile...

My teeth crawling with it,


Carry as I speak."
FINV "Backtearia." v4 (7/3/17-7/22/17)
-by Evi D. Halo
Angelique Dec 2016
instant retraction
retaliation of the mind
rejection is hard to understand
the underlying revelation blinding
A work in progress.

— The End —