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devine Aug 2020
she’s a friend
i met her at a coffee shop
where i planned to stop
and where my heart dropped

she’s a friend
she has a beautiful smile
lovely style and a great mind
her cheeks tastes like chamomile
she’s truly worthwile

she’s a friend
we started seeing each other more often
with her my aggressive mind softens
and my pain are forgotten
it always feels like autumn
i know i have fallen

she’s a friend
i can feel her warmth in my clothes
the one she wore while i was in control
i want to feel her close
i want to be wherever she goes
she has stolen my soul
it’s not something we chose

she’s a friend
you’ll love her

i don’t call her a friend

but she must remain one
or else you’ll hate her
she can't be more than a friend in front of you.
Isabel Mar 2020
i know she doesn't like me.
i see it every time,
the way she talks,
the way her smile doesn't reach her eyes,
the way she avoids me, only me.
you've said it already,
again and again.

i tell myself it's not your fault,
you still like me, it's just her opinion.
but why don't you try defending me,
i’ve been with you through thick and thin.
how many times do i have to be there for you
until you tell her you disagree?

i get it she doesn’t like me,
but why do you say that to me,
i know all you are trying to be is honest
but sometimes it can't hurt to be ignorant of judgement.
Kayla Feb 2020
My grandma has always known
That I like girls in a way
She knows I have dated girls
I remember when I finally came out to her
She looked at me disappointed
And said " I thought you were just going through a phase... I thought you would just grow out of it..."
This broke my heart into a million pieces
All I wanted was her approval
And all I got was her disapproval
To this day my grandma has treated me different
I feel like the ugly duckling
I feel like the odd one out
And to this day she still tries to set me up with guys
And to this day it is still breaking my heart
She doesn't want me to be gay
She doesn't want me to be me
my friends all think
that it happened too fast

they keep trying to tell me
that we'll never last

but when I'm with you
it just feels right

and never has someone
made me smile this bright
Taylor Nov 2019
Since I was in 7th grade
I had a thing for girls
That is when I knew..
I was gay
Oh it was such a day

    One day I told my mom
      But in the end it was like a bomb
        That just wouldn't go away

           Then I told my dad
             He denied it
                Then he said to me
                  The bible says Adam and Eve
                    Not Adam and Steve

-I am proud to be gay/lesbian, because I am me.
Zee Apr 2019
Every passing day
And night,
It becomes harder,
To stay away from you.

Expectations and religious views weigh
us down with their might.
They drive us further
apart; our hearts blue.

Religion and Race
Should have no place
in life and love.

Our hearts bleeding
and breaking.
Forced apart
Out of each other's sight.

Begging and pleading,
Our hearts aching,
Parents, Please take heart
Understand our plight.
دema flutter Mar 2019
Tell me how
I only break
to be strong and still,
how I only
take from me
to give to others,
how I get disapprovals
on my own pain,
how I wake up as
early as 6 am,
yet can't get up
until the regrets of
time gone to waste
hit at 2 pm,
Tell me how
to stop.
Olive Oct 2018
Sometimes Darkness whispers to me.
It tells me it is a place of comfort,
A place of escape.
No one can find you here, it insists,
You are alone, finally,
Just what you wanted,
Screamed for,
Cried for,
Alone, with me, it looks up
With a smirk
Don’t be scared,
I don’t judge,
Stay for as long as you wish.
When I leave, it whispers to me,
Come back, I miss you,
Escape the chaos,
Be with us...

Sometimes Darkness yells at me.
It questions who I am,
Why I am here,
I don’t belong...
I’m too intense...
I’m not good enough...
What I want is impossible...
It yells at me, until I yell back.

Sometimes Darkness stares at me,
When my eyes are shut,
I see it’s gaze,
It’s lure,
It’s disapproval and longing for my return.
It stares... and glares... until I open my eyes,
And find the light again.
Those dark thoughts are visiting...
Damaris ZA Feb 2018
to do everything to your liking
because the feeling of your disapproval...
                                                                                              it shatters me.
excelling in every aspect
of my life.
                                                                    to be able to get close to you,
having to do every one of your desires
to belong in your arms.
                                                                                  letting everything go
to make you proud of me.
putting my problems in silence
                                                                                        to help your own.
"The best way to get hurt; is by bleeding in silence."-D.Z.-A.
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