Aaron LaLux Mar 10
There’s levels to these levels,
she gets me because she gets me,
I’m high on life checking texts for what’s next,
as I navigate my carriage through this city,

staying gluten free like Putin me,
daily practice of Jiu Jitsu and yoga,
the real deal like Holyfield,
I thought I already told ya,

always on a holiday,
a Libra that’s gone till October,
and you think you’re gonna win this race,
but I’ve got news for you it’s already over,

I’m at the finish line with a vintage wine,
making a toast to the good life,
watching the sunrise from my balcony,
already knowing it’s gonna be a good night,

good night.

∆ LaLux ∆

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Adam Robinson Dec 2017
You see me in cherry blossoms
Their fluffy boughs
Glitter and sigh
In the cold light of day
Even when you cut into your thigh.

You think of me in sunsets
You said only sad people do
Your hands cold again
Reading kids’ books
Living this life in your den.

You want me in secret
Lovers or brothers, it makes little sense
Dying to know
If a glance is just a glance
Or a heart able to grow

You believe in me when I hold your head
Resting on my bones
Staring up at the sky
Differently now than you were back then
When you learned how to fly

You help me walk on black ice
Pushing me onto the path
Slipping and falling
Like petals on rivers and snow
You really are my calling to go --

But you say nothing for a year
And watch my calls go away
Without any hope
I write about you in heavens
Now every October I feel stuck under the rope

People say you're nothing
But your still everything
Even to me - after
All this time
I think about you forever
though I'll never see you ever
Get Out Of My Head
camps Dec 2017
september tried to hold on but she stung like october
blowing kisses that were november leaves
floating in the air
Indigo Morrison Nov 2017
No matter how much sleep I get , I am internally exhausted.
2. Every time some one breaks my heart I find myself.
3. The rain gives me permission to grieve.
4. I've never seen anything as put together as your face and those blue moons.
5. I am scared to let someone new touch me. I don't want another reason to miss your hands.
6. I don't think I've ever bared naked my heart. I don't know how persuasive that would be.
7. I mean I don't know what staying feels like and I don't want you to leave because I've shown you.
8. I am both beautiful and broken.
9. I don't have to put together these pieces all by myself for me to be deemed worthy.
10. Too much of the wrong thing will weaken you.
11.Too much of the right thing might make you forget that not all women are good. Not all hearts yield with no conditions.
12. I hide because the right person might find me, want to listen, and I may pour over.
13. My biggest fear is being too much. So it always ends up looking like "not enough" and I am sorry.
14. Please forgive my human.
15. Sometimes these stitches come apart and I end up forgetting to remember I'm not pain anymore, I am not turning corners searching and waiting for him.
16. I want to break and come together like ocean.
17. I'll know you when I break and come together like the ocean.
18. I want you to see my October
19. I want you to see my October and stay a while.
tye wilt Nov 2017
We walked and walked
along the trail
the ground made wet
by mist
and morning chill.

The limbs of oak and maple trees
stretched their shadow—
a collage of red and orange leaves
settled beneath our feet.

October whispered soft spirits over us.
Ivan Ambrose Nov 2017
The days
between October and December
are a black hole of
false promises.
The past nets
reminders that
changing leaves
and sweater weather
still feel lonely
no matter how
much orange
you dress it up in.
Title: Autumn Lies
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2017
MollyValentine Nov 2017
Now and then,
when the wind whips the world warm
and all leaves
are but the blanket to the soil,
early nights bring in the thought of you.
When I think of people
I have loved
I remember a silent memory
so loud
I still hear it in the distance,
They kick and scream.
And you,
peacefully perched
on the marble floor
smiling up at me
at 1am
'i missed you'

Every day since has been October.
-I miss you only twelve times a year
Cheighny Merkley Oct 2017
Red, yellow, green…
They’re all I see
Flying backward in time
Into dimensions of warm autumn colors
Heads spinning
Dizzy dreams weaving together
Like our hands

Red, yellow, green…
All of them pull me back
Back to that moment
Under the stars,
Breathing symphonies
Of crisp air
Lungs tired and feet sore
The stars shining in your eyes like sparklers

Red, yellow, green…
The crunch of the leaves as we run
Run to fly again
Above the heads of people
I could never love like you
Sleeping like the butterflies
Softly lulling us into submission

Red, yellow, green
The color of the leaves
But also
The colors of our voyeuristic lips as the day went on
The colors of the golden lights that lit the way home
The color of your army jacket wrapped around me
The colors of fall
That day in October
Where you and I were more than ourselves.

We were heroes.
Hello all, welcome to my poetry.
Nohémie Nov 2017
I'm more than just November
I'm more than just remplacement, I'm important
You look for her in other woman
And I know I just fit the description
I'm more than the warmth holding you tight at night
Because you still haven't gotten used to not having her around
You say it's past history
But she was your whole beginning
She walked along you with the fall of leaves
With them turning from green
To other colours that couldn't relate to my envy
She was there for Halloween
And the costume and the festivities
And I'm just November, right in the center
I'm just the one in between
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