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lib Feb 12
light pierces the leaves
under the oak, you with me
october ends us
they say nothing good can last
you, my love, have proven this
i have been trying my hand at tanka poems recently :)
Joseph C Ogbonna Oct 2023
The Paragliders like ravenous vultures flew
to southern Israel to predate on soft targets.
Like swarms of bees, they snuck, *****, maimed, shot, burnt and slew.
Terror did every man's fragile conscience becloud.
Hate made their embittered hearts to mercy forget.
Abductions followed, having to terror avowed.

Then came the IDF's genocidal intent,
having intended global laws to circumvent;
Children, women, all consumed by mighty vengeance.
A disproportionate response beyond balance.
Homes, hospitals, Mosques, Churches and schools are levelled,
as Gaza is by torrents of bombs bedeviled.
I do not with a livid Israel sympathize,
nor do I with a besieged Gaza empathize.
With humanity I have my affinity,
for my deep love for it, tends to infinity.
The raging Israeli-Gaza Conflict
aviisevil Oct 2023

the prison is

her walls masked
in sewed flesh

there is only
a sliver of light

that comes from
the womb

awakening the

brewing many
storms into potent

hide them

lest they pierce
through the skin

make a home
of murals

unwritten letters
to no one

that you keep

let them return
to dusk

decay into
the rose tinted

there are no
to remind you
of anything

nothing has
happened for

AE Oct 2023
With a voice that fails me
I aim at the lines between your hope and my despair
With a needle, in an effort to achieve precision
To stitch our thoughts together
They’re so similar, so different
You think of October as a warm home
And I see it as a cold houseguest
And we co-exist in this oblivion
This circle of this or that
I admire your willingness to fill spaces
And you question my fear of being heard
You relish in the colours of fall
And I dread the looming winter
How is it that we left September
Hand-in-hand, wishing for rain...
Vallery Oct 2023
it's funny how a simple word
will set me off,
how a small meaningless word
will tear me down...

but it does
and I hate it

it's funny how a simple gesture
will set me off,
how a small meaningless gesture
will tear me down...

but it does
and I hate it

it's so funny how a simple ******* thought
will bring me to the edge,
how a small ******* thought
will push me off the ledge

but it does
and I hate it
Vallery Oct 2023
here we meet again,
my dear old friend...
you always seem to visit me
while the world is sound asleep...
you are an uninvited guest
barging in with a simple request,
and to that I must say no,
I just simply can not go...
I've stated before,
and I'll say it just once more,
I am content without you
and I will never miss you,
yet here you are again,
my dear old friend Death
Bansi Adroja Oct 2023
I feel like crawling out of my skin
in this unseasonably warm weather
summer night hazes in mid-October
t-shirts and aircon
and everything else that feels wrong
for where we should be
and how far this year’s gone
May the devils have their due, and the angels get their share. Long live the home brewer of meads and brews and other godly delights that came from the yeast.
Here, here, to the dreamers that made the flavors of barley, hops, and malts.
Here, here, to the honey the fruits and maples that make the mead so sweet.
So raise your glass and tip your steines to the brewers that made life a lot more easier to shine.
Ziggy, zoggy, ziggy, zoggy, oy, oy, oy.
Copyright Michael Robert Triska 2023, A Oktoberfest speech.
Heavy Hearted Oct 2023
Autumns leaves undo
& all that's said carefully-
remains untrue

Unorganized these
unprecedented artworks
Powerfully heal.
2 stanza northamericanized haiku
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