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annh Jan 4
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‘The past is somewhere we can walk with our memories
Never with our footsteps’
- Mimi Novic, The Silence Between the Sighs
Ashlyn Yoshida Dec 2020
Once more I hear the sound of footsteps following me
Once more the fear and warm breath tickling my neck
It has always followed me, this sudden panic
This feeling to pack everything up and run
Run as far as I can see and further
Past the mountains and seas and worlds
Until the footsteps make no sounds
And the breath rustles not a single blade of grass
at my feet

Is it my own footsteps?
Is it merely the wind?
I don't know anymore.
Fleeing now would be futile
Terra Levez Nov 2020
sometimes in the silent dark
when im curled in the corner
is it just
the sound of my traitorous heart
outside the
Noaki Sep 2020
She faded away
But her footsteps didn't fade
It linger around me
Showing me the way
colette alexia Jun 2020
I didn't know my steps would show that deeply
I didn't know they would be so permanent
For everyone to see

Looking for a place without any people
But the more I look, the more I see them
So I turned around

What is the meaning of a line if you don't know who drew it?
Can it really break your heart if you never really knew them?
I don't know

If I have my heart, you can't break it
But if I want to give it to you I've already committed it
Heart break, isn't that a sad way to die?

Why are you running?
It's like you're racing the ocean to the other side
Don't you know it's already there, you've fallen behind

What's the point of trying to win a race that is lost?
Don't tell me you don't believe in miracles
Because they're all we've got

If you wake up every morning to run away from the same thing
After turning back yesterday, admitting defeat,
Is it really worth it? It sounds so miserable

But I wake up every day trying not to love you
Hoping one day I'll lose feelings as completely as I lost you
I believe in miracles so one day it will be true

What's everybody running from?
Sure you don't want to tell your secrets, that's alright I can read them In your footsteps
Poetic T May 2020
I looked out at the street,
      hoping for footsteps

coming up the path..

But all I heard was
            therapy sessions..
Poetic T Mar 2020
You said I was the only step,
       but you always took one


Never walking us forward,
   excuses, like I had to tie my laces,
         or my feet ache you walk on.

But I never looked back,
and you never moved forward.

We were a distance apart but I'd only
                  took one more step than

But one can equal more when its
not synchronized with your heart.

The next day, you had walked off,
  we weren't even walking in the same

I took of the shoes I wore when we walked,
                and now I'm bare foot.

But you know what I'm walking further without


My perception isn't clouded by your backward

I'm free to walk without the pleasure
           of having to look backwards..

Just walking onward  without pausing to see
                           who cares how far my footsteps

have wondered,.

I'm strolling at my own pace
                                  passing with no goodbyes.
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