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Marcella Faye Jan 25
I can hear you
Following closely behind,
With every footstep
That hits
The ground.

You followed
A path
Of deception
And it leads
Into your fall.

While your feet
Are stained in blood
As you walked past by,
Leaving trails

There will be traces,
And you will never
Get away
Within these haunting
solEmn oaSis Dec 2018
i just can't remember the exact date
but yes i can still recall when was the time
i saw you walking across that aisle
because from then on i found you sublime

what a sunny day on that very moment
and it so funny that i was born
as if my dark skin felt so dry
unto your look so wet

yet the significance of essence
was relevant when we get inside
hand in hand you and i
meet and greet so sigh

wala akong ibang inisip kundi
ang paano kita mapapangiti
nang mayroong kislap sa iyong mga mata
gayong sa mga hugot at banat hindi handa

yaong mga piraso at piyesa
nitong mabulaklak kong dila
nagkusang tumimo sa aking puso
dahilan para makasumpong ng sulo

sa sandaling matamang kong napagmasdan
malinaw kong imahe habang ako'y iyong tinitigan
wala pa akong sinasabi noong tayo'y nasa hapag-kainan
wala mang nakahain,sarap-sarap na ng ating mga tawanan

as a matter of fact
we don't care about clock
as we alter our talk
in the middle of flock

minamahal kong dalaga naa-alala mo na nga ba?
how much we had important fun
on that prominent fast food-chain
iyon yung mga panahon nawala ako sa talababa!
practical jokes
do create pokes
huwag maging pikon
i-tawa lang ang tugon
Mackenzie Dec 2018
All of the colors in the world but
His eyes shook my core
I fell in love with the color brown
When I gazed into them
I begin to drown

I made a house in those eyes
From the ground up
I started to build
Oh I loved you
I'd put him in my will

Wood floors
Memories of footsteps
Love was knocking at my door

For my garden
Only soil as close to the color of those
Dark brown eyes
I planted a life in his soul
Our walls made of solid gold

Dark brown eyes
I could feel him watch me
My favorite color, just like coffee
A cup of you each morning
His touch left my skin scorning

My boy with dark brown eyes
Why would you destroy
The greatest home of your life
missmoonlight Sep 2018
Holding onto something when it's hardly in your grasp,
Walking into forests when there’s thorns in the grass,
I'll keep following.

Chasing ghosts until the moon turns light,
Our hearts racing laced with all the colours of the night,
I'll keep following.

You keep me fighting,
You keep me wondering,
Show me the light and shelter me from the world outside.

You pull me closer than I ever thought you could,
No matter where I am I find my footsteps where you stood,
I get lost when you enter my mind,
The tide gravitates me by your side.
An absolutely magical, all consuming wholesome love.
Adara OConnor Sep 2018
during the old times—
hallways, filled with blithe laughter
voices lit the room

now—silence remains
my heart trembles with despair
the days pass slowly

footsteps in the night
through dank, lonesome passageways
echo in my mind

each step—emptiness
fading into the distance
every time I pause

stopping still, I gaze
peering out the aged window
I sharply retreat

moonbeams pierce my soul—
a reminder of what was
igniting the past

airing memories—
harshly illuminating
the forgotten ones
Three words
Fear, love, anguish
All synonyms to my mind
Memories of how you vanish
How you banish my very thoughts
Distinguish yourself amongst my soul
The sound of your footsteps fading away
Like symphonies on repeat that beat
to the sound of my broken heart
Keeping it alive, just too barely
Yet enough to remember
That you were tough
And I was weak
This is my third original piece, it is not long but rather part of a bigger project that I am currently working on. Please like, share and spread the word, also feel free to leave a comment and give me feedback. Any reaction is support to me!

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Thanks millions!
-The Positive Pessimist   {  ):)  }
Mrs Robota Aug 2018
All I heard were footsteps
Moving further away
Fading into silence
Brian McDonagh May 2018
I walk my own path;
Don’t sneak up behind me
Or I won’t remember
Where I’ve been.
Even though the title isn't quite a palindrome, try reading it backwards
for a different meaning...
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