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Anais Vionet Mar 22
I dreamed my way here
I’ve had my cringe moments
I feel pressure, I lose perspective
I’ve wholeheartedly failed
I misspeak, underthink, overreact
I try to do the right thing
the right thing isn’t always clear
I’ve tried to hold on
I’ve let go with grace
I’ve charged ahead
I’ve stepped aside
I self-sabotage, then try to do better
I’ve self-consciously retreated
I’ve stood up for others
I’ve backed down and apologized
I’ve rinsed and repeated
I’m a chameleon, but I’ve never been perfect
I’ve under-reacted to challenges
I’ve overreacted to the ordinary
I devalue likeability
I indulge the language of play
I share my human experience
I don’t know what else to say.
Kris Fireheart Aug 2023
There's an ocean,
Underneath me,
And a thought that
Can defeat me,

O, I'll cry,
When I see you
Once more...

There's a name,
I'm so ashamed,
I can't make it,
I'm to blame.

O, I'll cry
When I see you
Once more...

All the things
That I've done,
There's no battles
That I've won,

O, I'll cry
When I see you
Once more...

Inside I'm still dying,
Outside, I'm
Still trying,
There's no one
To hold open doors!

No lying , I'm crying,
My blood
Won't hit the floor;

But I'll cry,
When I see you
Once more...

I've got friends,
Til the end,
But no moments
I can rend,

There's nothing
But something
I adore!

Such a moment
Just a moment,
My atonement,
I abhor,

But I'll cry
When I see you
Once more!
A poem I wrote describing my depression. A year ago I caught a case for attempting to steal from a car, and pulling a gun on someone. Yeah... even I make serious mistakes. But the aggravated assault charge is going to be dropped, and I'll likely serve probation for attempted robbery of a motor vehicle. Thankfully it's a misdemeanor, and not the felony they wanted to charge me with... I wrote this today before court on Monday. Wish me luck and forgiveness... that's all I have the right to ask.

Anais Vionet May 2022
It’s both a bitter funeral for freedom
and the birth of new crime.
turn away from freedom and reap the whirlwind
This world...our world , got it's differences..
It held a beautiful statistics..a brilliant geometry of lives..

People sketched, the unnecessary graphs..
in the name of castes , colour , gender , nationality and what not!!
Hence created the ugliest line of division..
about ,who can be the numerator and be above the community line..
and who can be the denominator and live under the poverty line..

Some crafted wealthiest names..while others had to hide their tears under unfinished roofs..
Some  chased for their own rise...while others have to eat the only rotten rice..

Multiplied the division deliberately..
Added up the differences wanting-ly..

We should evaporate the boundaries ,  we drew in our life's charts....
should redefine our lives ,  to decrease the death rates...

Let's choose humanity over cruelty..
Helping over hindering..
Love over hate..

Remember ,we all are alike..
'cause every being has to make their first cry after birth..
'cause every being has it's last breath..
every being has to breathe till death..
every being have to bleed when cut..
Math's creating the difference!!
Science finding the solution..
Humanity is being jailed behind the bars of human's hearts!!!
Àŧùl Jul 2021
My new novel
Is now available
On the online circle
Of Amazon Kindle
As a soft copy eBook
And as a traditional
Hard copy novel

It set it in beyond COVID19 days,
Read what I write as a PhD scholar.
I know that China modified it,
Naturally, CoV won't affect us so much.
China altered it in the Wuhan lab,
They made it a novel Coronavirus,
They called it nCoV19, ask why,
Because they engineered it in 2019.

My novel talks about it,
This sin is punished,
Not just by India,
But also by USA,
And everyone sane,
There happens WW3,
The Negative Axis powers are:
China, North Korea & Pakistan

Indian Army has HuSaVe's,
Human Safety Vehicles,
Robotic suits that the DRDO creates.
China copies them,
Removes the human part,
And makes GHOST's,
Global Human Omission Safety Transformers.

The story is built with a lot of action, some technology and a bit of romance,
A lot of red shades make the story, some blues for it and a bit of pink,
For writing it, I wasted not a microlitre of real ink.

Indian Army comes up with TASIP,
Terrestrial Army Soldier Improvement Program,
And the protagonist, Ravindra Thakur is selected to be one of them.
He becomes a genetically modified soldier,
The DRDO has a specialist scientist Dr. Malakar who does it with his team,
CRISPR-Cas9 is used to elongate all his telomeres,
And now he has stronger chromosomes.

Ravindra & his batchmates can handle extreme doses of hormones,
Adrenalin, human growth hormone and testosterone to name a few,
These hormones can otherwise **** people in such high overdose,
But his sixth sense is strengthened and even the seventh & eighth senses top with those,
You begin to read it and if you can't put it down, blame it on me,
Cross-references to my previous novel help bring your heart closer,
Yes, the novel is sci-fi, army, diplomacy and hypothetically viable too.

My HP Poem #1933
©Atul Kaushal
Ayesha Jan 2021
I know that in some other dimension
—perhaps beneath a crease in the warp of time
They like to rip flesh off bits of bones
of lovers and friends
dress it up in spices and sauces for feasts—
And their kings do it, and they do
Children are taught, and
house-wives prepare them for special guests
Humans, wrapped in sacks, are sold
in markets— or traded like rice

I know some take pride in the love-kisses
their whips leave on flushed skins
And tallest of corpses are chopped like logs
—carried like crops; cleaned and
beautified— like porcelain; somewhere,
screams are sung on weddings and
Lyre strings talk about mothers’ pleas
Where gatherings of men and women and wealth
are served with their own roasted limbs

Where molestations await invitations
which are not scarce—
I know some like to beautify battlefields
and scattered fingers and ribs and feet and—
I know that tulips are planted in blasted skulls
And children leave paper-boats in warm, rosy puddles
— stars are extinguished for their
unbearable lights and moons are
exploded on festival nights—

I know you look at me and wonder
if I admire canvases gigantic
with stories loud and heroes bewildering
I know you ask of my role on this street,
at this moon, with you of all planets
—and plants, but I only
know of the canvases they burn

—and canvases they tear and
canvases used as shrouds and— canvases
that wipe away clogged ruby tears
I only know of the flowers I painted—
Colours I yelled at
for they were not bright
And the painting I buried under coats of white
for it was not pretty—
The memory I killed over and over and over and over and—
Watched the cadaver walk right through
its death

I know I was not called, nor welcomed
And I know there are worse wars to be ceased
but I only see the bruises on
this child’s dusty face, and bones—
bones and how they push at his ragged flesh
I know not of the demon that lurks within his shadow
Or what tales you carry under your glamorous suit
or what told him to try running with your coins—

And I know there are worse wars to be ceased
—I know there are worse wars to be ceased
and I know— but please for the sake
of dawn’s first ray, of sea’s first breath
don’t hurt him—
a *****, impure, worthless, priceless, lifeless monster
—he’s a child, still.
vega Jul 2020
chew the shards of glass
between your overcast teeth
and promise me this time—

promise me you wouldn’t lie.

doesn’t feel too good with
blood overflowing in your
mouth, does it? did it turn
the ashes into putrid mud,
as well, and pour out from
every orifice in a thick, dull
sludge, confessing the crimes

tucked quietly behind those
calculating, glimmerless eyes…

does the crunching of glass
sound like the bones i broke
trying to convince myself that
your gaping lips are meant for
more than blatant fabrications—

does the crunching of glass
sound like sweet music to you,

the way it does to me right now?
Amna Khan Jun 2020
Maybe if I write about you
my heart will be at ease;
maybe the butterflies will stop.
I can't acknowledge you
because then,
I'll have to admit to crimes
that even I don't know I've committed.
Constructive criticism is always welcome.
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
People All Over The World
Have Committed So Many Crimes,
That Nature Has Made Them
To Hide Their Faces In Shame.
My View Of Corona Is That It Is Nature's Fury Against Sinful Living Of The People All Over The World. I Never Saw Women At Risk As They Were Pre-Corona. What Happens After The Virus Is Completely Killed, I Can't Say. But #My_View Is That There Ought To Be Some Positive Change. What Do You Think Esteemed Readers?
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