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Hands held tightly, hearts held close,

lips locked in kisses, nose to nose.

Words filled with promise, filled with love felt true,

Yet each day brings me farther away from you.

With each teardrop, with each cry,

we come that much closer, to our last goodbye.

And at the end, of every passing day,

The love we hold, withers away
Poetic T Oct 10
Cursing like they diamond but
they don't even cut glass..
   Holding wraps of cash, but the top and
bottom be 50's but the rest is the monopoly
that they can't even pay...

They are burning rubber on the expense,
  but they rented, they dent...  
          Paying back on the record company.
You sold 50 thousand but you owe
                                                   a hundred grand.

They ain't going to shoot out you knee caps,
         there just going to gang-**** your voice..
Thinking you original, swallow that pride,
you one of there cash cows,  
           they milking you, can you say Moo!!!
******* around making the milk sour.

They'll just pressure bolt you
lobotomized, on the industry you either overdose,
             or working at KFC..  

Think you had grills now sold off to pay
the rent, the only thing you can afford is
a tin foil grill and you only cooking,
                                                 is burgers...

"Hi sir can I take your order,
olujimi Sep 11
Hell is empty
The devils are here
and i don't want fade
no more.
The end is near fall and pray
luciana Sep 10
the night is fading
taking those memories with it.
this high is persuading
making reality a hypocrite

this fade is a dream-catcher
allowing me to let go.
the 99 problems don't matter
it's just me going solo

it's a new recognition
that i'm willing to live through.
uncover some new ambitions
is what i should do

exhaling out our past
****, you were the best i never had.
which will outlast?
probably this fade just a tad
Poetic T Aug 1
I was there floating, collapsing in every direction.
Couldn't gather my barning's. I was a compass lost
                    in the waves of eternities disorientation.

I saw her burn, a billion souls screaming in devouring
regrets that spread like a silent blanket.
Smoothing, asphyxiating every blossom, there life
                            expelled to the wind of  meaningless
teardrops that drenched every corner of this apple.

Now glazed in a hue of ill tasting caramel dust..
      We looked down in disturbance.
But a friend who i'd called a friend, mate.

                Looked at us all, a compass of many
lands who worked together for a better after.
This wasn't a time, a tomorrow. to them it was
Already a shockwave of repercussions..

     This egg shell, cracked silently..
In in this vacuum nothing is collected only vacated
at a velocity of collapsed colours petrified.

I was the last human, in the universe that never heard
        a light blown out by the wind of a billion suns..

We were bright for a moment,
            but we faded just as fast.
           My windshield was cracked,
and my oxygen was leaking like
                    flat tire.

Looking down I pondered if we survived
                 our stupidity...

And just like that, I was in a head on with
                 reality and space...
        My windshield was gone,

I was on the bonnet of purgatory..
Don’t know what I’m doing here.
You’re so far out my league, but
I saw you standing there
And I knew I had to speak.
I swear
I’m not usually this shy.

I’m not tryna be your guy.
The last one left you jaded.
I wanna make you smile
And maybe get faded.
I swear,
There’s something waiting for us tonight.
And I
Know I’ve been drinking
But I
Really have been thinking
Of you.
What I say is true,
I just wanna be in your world.
Ainsley May 18
We were the four best friends
In the high school history
Funs were millions
Memories were trillions
Love was always infinite

Years later...
Love faded
Your betrayal won

And now here we are
at four different paths..
Thinking of the past..
Losing a loved one  pains more than any pain felt by human mankind
Claudia Apr 27
I fell in love
With the
Kind part
Of you,

The one
That would make sure everyone
Was Okay,
Even though you were not,

I fell in love
With the
Brave side
Of you,

The one
That did things,
Without a care in the world;
About what others thought of you.

I fell in love
With the
Loyalty piece
Of you,

The one
That stood up,
For the people you love the most,
Even though you were the one who needed someone to stand up for you,

You did
All of that,
Without knowing what others thought of you,
And you chose,

And you chose
To let it go,
To let it fade,
A piece buried.

I used to love
The broken soul
You once had,
Because you were kind, brave, and full of loyalty.

Now it’s faded,
And you don’t care,
You thought someone was not out there for you,
But I am... I was,

Until you let it fade,
Until you chose to go;
In your place is someone
That I don’t know.

I fell out of love
With the
Side of you,

The one
That lied
About anything
To friends and teachers.

I fell out of love
With the
Part of you,

The one
That didn’t care
For the dreams
You once had.

I fell out of love
With the
Piece of you,

The one,
Who talks
Over someone
Telling an awesome story.

I don’t know anymore
Whether I love you or not,
But I do know that the person
You once were is faded and is never coming back.

You may have lost your soulmate,
I may have been her,
But I don’t care,
You lost your chance,

Now you are
Someone I don’t know; Don’t love
You were
Someone I used to know; Used to love
singularity Apr 4
I dreamt a dream of moonlight,
glittering and pale
A girl used to dance under the sun,
as her heart faded
she ran towards the moon
brushed her fingertips in the stardust.

I hear soft hands clap,
as voices sing a haunting melody
I think back to a girl with light footsteps,
a golden persona on stage,
a smile after.

I wonder if she was consumed
by greed,
as the nights grew longer,
if she ever found the sun again.
Perhaps she found it in the stardust,
brushed off her fingertips.

A thousand deaths later,
a black swan emerged from the snow
feathers coated in a soft tinkling melody.
A cold night
waited for the sun to come again.

Ink coated her fingertips,
as I dream of the dawn,
the moon finding the sun one last time
together in the sky
for a moment.
Tanner Mar 30
A cold silhouette of what was once
Here, stalking past, making no sound.
Fading into the background,
A silent memory
Of what used to be
Something greater.
You and
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