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Nina 3d
I didn't like him at first
But something about him made me love him
Something about him made me want him
We got so close
And I thought I could finally call him mine
But as the time past by
The closer we got,
The more distant I feel we have become
And that's when I fear,
Him leaving me,
When I thought I could fall in love
But end up falling in isolation
MikeyP Apr 8
What is it that you want?
Is it really this?
Close your eyes and imagine happiness.
I see me traveling the world.
Alone, maybe.
Is my wife always going to be here to save me?
She's fading away.
I reach out for her but nothing reciprocates.
nja Mar 29
Drink yourself away,
Drain drown your sins.
maybe a new you will emerge.
A you that you could be proud to walk about.
On a leash, choking.
Poison suppresses your organs.
Shea Mar 28
The 5 stages of grief and loss are:
1. Denial and isolation;
2. Anger;
3. Bargaining;
4. Depression;
5. Acceptance.

I lay on you, and breathe in the smell
Of your hair, feel the small vibrations
Of your laugh resonating the soft felt pews.
I tell myself I will remember this forever,
So when I miss you, I can still feel you.
The mood grows serious,
The vibrations of your voice shrink down
To a whisper, and crumble
Like rocks beneath a hammer.
"When I die," you say,
Fleeing every so called good feeling felt
Away from this place.
"You're going to get bear,
But I can't tell you what you're getting yet."
She tells us.
The only ones here who know.
You told me yesterday, yes you did.
I smiled, I cried, I cussed at God,
I cried again, I bargained,
But I still did not accept.
I smiled and told you it would be okay.
But I think I know deep down inside
That you know deep inside
It might not be okay.
It came back. It's here, in this room,
Inside you.
And I keep making up scenarios where
Someone has asked me
"Would you do this thing if it meant she lived?"
And I always say yes no matter how
****** up the action may be.
Maybe this is the bargaining.
You're not dead yet, but ****
It feels like it.
It will be years.
I'm sure of it.
But I'm just so scared, babe.
I'm so scared.
No one so young should be labeled
With an experation date,
A summarization of how long their life
Will be.
No one.
If you're looking for a reason not to **** yourself tonight, this can be it.

Sometimes, we feel as if nothing matters.
We all do.
So i made a list of a few of my own reasons,
13 Reasons Why
I'm still alive.
And hopefully you'll change your mind.
Those moments you feel happy, and nothing but lucky.
And you wish nothing will ever change.
I will try my best.

Reason 10, The faded memories of a long remembered time.
These things are getting darker every time. So do I. Wishing This wouldn't be just the past, faded memories of times we want to remember. But I can't. These moments may have destroyed me, I still want to remember. Who I was, what drove me into this, and who I never want to become again. These memories are fading, my life is turning into a perfect one. I'm slowly suffocating. Why won't you let me be imperfect, And accept my past. We were young, And all we had was a city. But I don't mind. Will you please let me go back to the times love still existed here, The thoughts of getting out. You can let me go for once, And we'll still be okay.
Rose Mar 1
In moments when time seems infinite
and reality is the beating of voices
between lost souls

In moments when grays bloom into whites
and smiles transform into embraces
from heart to heart

There are these moments that will never wither
never fade from the colors of our eyes
as the ticking goes by
for those memories and times in life that everything seemed so alive, as if our souls were on fire.
Shea Feb 26
Lay your hands
Upon my chest
So I
Can finally be healed
Of all my sins
And endeavors I've
Faced so long
And I
Give up my life
I still want to die
Even after you showed me to fly
Eye for an eye
Taste for a taste
And **** for a ****
Leave me alone
I lay on the levy of a bank
Concrete death snd stricken of faith
The metal will caress my skin tonight
As I
Pray for one last change

Time can alter your eyes
And blind the blind
Behind your eyes
The feeling of being cynical
Jaded, faded, haven't felt sober in a year
Even though she never did
Any drugs
Watch yourself live
Your own life
Baptize and color blind
Never live
Once will die,
I will I will I will
Feel the same again
There is no cure
Except for you
And you left us years ago
When we killed your son
Shunned you like
A runaway
I want to run away
Want you to go away
These days
The feeling of wanting to get married come with the person you wanted to marry with

as the person left,
the feeling also faded away. .
In the bitter cold of winter
my sweetheart was taken
from me the first time In
twenty years I was now
facing winter

Left with the memory of
Helen and that she'd had
her last summer and the
summers together we do
no more

The anger that's held Inside
me for she was taken far to
soon In life and the plans we
had for retirement faded just
away to dreams
Helen and I never saw retirement together
our plans just faded to dreams
Sudeshna D Feb 4
I'm depleting
Day by day
****** into a black hole
Fading away.
I have no control
No will either
Surrendered to the pull
I'm waiting to wither.
What it feels like when there's no strength inside to take control.
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