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Man Jan 18
fear them;

for their strength
for their intelligence
for their rationality
and their unwavering pursuit of the truth
fear them

because they know more than you
because, in their strength, they are stronger than you
just like how in their clear headed soberness
they scare you
with simple truths
because of your refusal to acknowledge them

simply put
fear them
because they are repulsed by you
and can figure out how to be rid of you
and will be rid of you
when your usefulness dries
Amaris Aug 2019
Feel free
Message me
Anything you need
I smile mechanically
You know better, see
I never take opportunities
Jo Barber Jun 2018
Tastes good, doesn't it?
The fire burns your throat
as you chug a shot down.
The taste ain't sweet,
but the feeling sure is.
The drunker you get,
the higher you float.

"Can life always feel this good?"
The answer's no,
but you refuse to accept it.
stargazer May 2018
Our hearts are such fragile things
But they will not be swayed
They soar like a pair of wings
They won't be disobeyed

Our hearts break
When they crack, they don't go back
Our hearts ache
They won't give in, until they win

I've tried many times
To defy the wishes of my heart
I've paid the price of my crimes
The consequences are ****

No matter how many times I deny
It becomes no less true
My silence you need not buy
I have already given it to you

I can't even lie to myself
No matter how I try
To put my emotions on a shelf
To tell them goodbye

I cannot deny
The feelings inside
I try and try
But they will not hide
The heart is a steadfast thing. Take care of it, and don't deny it anything.
Danielle Mar 2018
Shall I fade into the quiet nothingness?
To be lost?
To wander?
To exist in the dark places of your heart?

Shall I have no meaning?
No hope?
No love?
No light to guide my way?

I refuse.
Another old poem that has withstood the test of time upon it. I like the title best, because no one should have to accept nothing.
Isla Mar 2018
Won’t you lie here with me? Can’t we just let the world slip away?
Or would it hurt you too much to let anyone near your heart? Even if that someone is me?
Won’t you say anything at all? Even if it’s not what I want to hear? I’d rather have harsh truths than kind lies.
And I know you will not lie. You will not be kind.
Your face is stoic, it makes me want to cry.
Do you not feel anything? Does anything break through the surface of your skepticism? Though I try and try to see past your unrelenting negativity you continue to surprise me with your coldness. How do you stay so cold?
The silence you project is screaming, pounding in my ears and everything in me burns for the affection you refuse to give.
Why do you pretend I’m not even here? I want a way out, but being alone terrifies me more than you do. Terrifies me more than the silence and the cold. Maybe after a while, the coldness won’t hurt.

I can wait.
Just something I wrote on a plane ride when I was feeling poetic
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