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daphne Feb 16
the smell of bitter grapes
unwarrented affections
i need to stop letting myself
drown in these things
Leah Carr Nov 2020
You never thought I'd be in this place
I didn't think so either
I was never the child
I was the protector
But I guess this needs to happen
To benefit us both
We're switching roles
Yeah, switching roles

So wrap your arms around me
And never let go
Fill up my emptiness
And say I'm not alone
Tell me that I'm safe here
That you're never far away
Say not to worry about tomorrow
But to appreciate today

We thought I was the carer
And you were the vulnerable one
You had the mind of a child
While my innocence was gone
But I guess it's for a reason
However unclear
We're switching roles
Yeah, switching roles

*So wrap your arms around me
And never let go
Fill up my emptiness
And say I'm not alone
Tell me that I'm safe here
That you're never far away
Say not to worry about tomorrow
But to appreciate today
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Shakespeare, I wonder, you're often quoted to have said is the truth:
"I always feel happy
Because I don't expect anything from anyone
Expectations always hurt"
I doubt and doubt
It's hopes on which we live
Tomorrow would be better
We always think
Without expectations
There is no hope
In dejection you live
Great man like you
Couldn't have lived in dejection
I believe
Minimum expectations
We all have
From God and the world
You would have certainly
Expected sky to rain
Fields to grow vegetables and grains
People to live in harmony and peace
Your body to be fit and fine
Mind alert and sound
Peaceful death
You must have expected
We are social animals
Dependent on each other
We can't do everything for us
Expect others to do many things
For our survival and welfare
Expectations always do not hurt
Some expectations in life do get fulfilled
Sometimes bringing enormous joy
No expectations attitude can't keep us always happy
For happiness essential expectations must be fulfilled
We must act to enforce such expectations
I believe, in expectations
We must live
What we expect from others
We must always make explicit
Without this, it's my experience
People dutifully and responsibly fail to act
Our expectations shouldn't be in arrogation
People must not act in derogation of duties, responsibilities
Shakespeare, I am a small fry
Your greatness worldwide recognised
It's just akin showing candle to the Sun
People may have you misunderstood
For any presumptuousness, please forgive
I do believe
Expectations are inherent in us
In hope we live
Shakespeare and for that matter many great men are often misquoted misleading generations.
Dinesh Padisetti Jul 2020
It's now, you need to be brave
For you've fear in your heart
It's now, you need to obey
For you've been free, too long

It's now, you need to be responsible
For you've ran away from it all your life
It's now, you need to fall in line
For your entire life was out of line

It's now you need, Balance
For you've enjoyed the imbalance in chaos
It's now the time to sit still
For you've never stopped moving

It's now the time to build
For you've only but destroyed
Remember the message
Alas, you'll repeat the mistake twice.
I have never written about you                                          
The bond we share,
The chance to be one, which I blew.
You mend us and tried to clear the air,
But I already accepted the fall which I knew.
I am responsible for every tear, I swear.
You were right and always true.
I regret but, to accept this in past, I scare.
never accepted my fault and never thought of writing about all your good deeds till now when you are gone...
Alex May 2020
He doesn't talk about himself too much,
But i swear every angle,
Every look on his yes,
It tells something that i don't know,

He doesn't way too forward,
He got that innocent eyes,
And a gentleman heart,
But what he doesn't know,

He doesn't know that he treat me right,
I know every girls wanting a bad boy,
But what i need is simple,
I need him to realized that i need him to stay beside...
colette alexia Jan 2020
Don't feel responsible to do everything
Feel compelled to do something
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
Less time to self.
We may be in a company where nonsense is entertained, nonsense is validated.
Let there be time when one could say I don't live my life to please others and I know me better that someone close to me, but this doesn't mean to be self obsessed as we are an independent vessels yet we are intertwined with others responsibly.
Invest more time with self so that one could know oneself better. Here we may meet people who know other more than they know themself. Once you identify who you are, you begin to separate yourself from the crowd, not concerned what other's opinion is, and will begin to see your authenticity being thankful that you are not alike. You will be comfortable and will keep moving forward.
Genre: Observational
Theme: Lession I have learnt
sushii Sep 2019
When you’re little, everyone thinks you’re special...
When you’re twenty, everyone thinks you’re promising...
And when you’re dead, everyone will love you.

Do you see yourself as successful?
Charming, even?

Well, I see you dead in a bathtub...
Surrounded by drug paraphernalia.
I see your mother crying for you...
Syringe in her arm to take away pain.

Do you see yourself as a failure?
Horrid, even?

Why, don’t think of yourself that way...
You’ll be alright.
There is no storm...
Just calm, just the eye...

When you’re little, they beat you.
When you’re twenty, you’re hopeless.
And when you’re dead, you’re saved.

Is the drive boring?
Numbing, even?

It’s okay, just fall asleep...
You’re not responsible anyway.
It’s fine, go to sleep...
You’ll be unresponsive, anyway.

When you’re low, it’s blue.
When you’re high, it’s full.
When you’re dead, you’ll finally be numb.
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