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v Nov 2020
a jack of all trades
hard for me to focus
to choose just one

my body is mashed
here i am
a master of none
movements of chicken broth...  
as fresh mac and cheese
noodles attached
by my knowledge and memories
but nothing so oven strong
not baked today

a jack of all trades.
if serious a talent.
if forgotten...

talent turns you aside and whispers to you
just one more time
do you make a decision do you choose?
master of one or master of none

a jack of all trades
getting quite weary
linked to motivation
the esquire in me
knighthood approaches
It's the master within thy

a jack of all trades but the focus in none
master a few or master of some
starting now or never again
master just one
a single mad hatter
to crack just one

time keeps ticking and it'll all fold down
jack of all trades
master of all
Ellen Derbyshire Mar 2020
I think I am in love with apathy and sighs.
I don't feel well when I look into
my own eyes.

What comes next?
After all this scripted non-sense.
The art is gone...

I'll sit on the ******* fence.

And when they come for me,
demanding things I cannot see.
I'll feel the shame I lack,
and keep looking

for the track

  that I can't
Noah Oct 2019
If my train of thought were a real train,
It'd be a high speed bullet one
whizzing by
to fast to see the people in the window
to fast for them to see me
Or else it would be an hour late already
and will it ever come?
ask the people on the platform
as they check their shiny silver watches
It's the third time this week
Max Jun 2019
Reality unfocused,
Fantasy lingers in my mind.
Feet on the ground
Head in the clouds

Eyes always glazed
Knuckles grazed

Back hunched
Head slumped

Rough and calloused
And full of malice

But really just a broken boy
The Kimbeaux Aug 2018
Confusion emits laughter.
I laugh it off and move on.

I'm driven to discover
new tools that amuse
my brain to function,
to thrive,
to move.

Daydreams are abused.
Stabbing thoughts shift my mood.

Fresh dew departs grey eyes.
Countless thoughts
prove sterile.

Time continues. Nothing moves.

I'm driven to discover
new tools to amuse.

Looking for answers.
Eyes comb through
pages of news,
info and clues.

Time drives and flies by.
It is lost in my mind.
Sam Jul 2018
I'm in a class,
We sit in chairs.
The teacher talks,
They listen and stare.

And I'm unfocused.

My pen is scratching,
My mind is clear,
The class is there,
And I am here.

And I should focus.

Oh, ****.
It's quiet.
Have I been caught?
This is something that I should not
Be doing
But I can't help it,
I'm trying to get it,
But my mind is flying,
And I'm sick of trying and
My brain is crying for
More than I'm offered and
**** IT!

I just can't focus.
eve Nov 2017
even the greatest fall weak sometimes,
sometimes, people forget to realize,
maybe those certain things didn't occur because they simply weren't made to happen,
Or at least that's what we've obtained periodically.
Thinking and trusting that things just happen for a reason,
Can't possibly compensate or supplant for a lucid explanation as to why situations maintain escalation.
Still wondering why?
Well, I too ponder sometimes.
Even to a fulfilled extent,
It's merely another attempt to feel something yet again.
No reminders or play back buttons to reverse or change time,
Sometimes, we all forget how to embrace the superficial reality of facing the feeling of what it truly makes us feel alive.
deeplyhollowed Aug 2017
Goals, bucket lists, and dreams
Why do they seem to be out of my vocabulary?

A friend once told me,
"You know, you won't get to where you want to go if you will continue to go with the flow."
Great words, and it made me ponder for a while

I know I  have always been free-flowing
I just go where the current takes me
Can you blame me, though?
Coz' honestly, I don't know where to go

My decisions will raise some brows
For now, I just want to live the way  I want to live

Hope they will let me...
I am sick of people telling me what to do. I just want to live my life with my own pace.
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