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Max Jun 2019
They lied to me.
Some people therefore died for me.
All because of
Your fooling eyes.

My hands are tied,
And there's nothing I have not tried
Oh why do they control me
Your fooling eyes.

My trust became bona fide
My hate so unjustified
Oh why did you enter my mind,
All because of
Your fooling eyes.

I feel so horrified,
And somehow satisfied,
By this continuous thought

The eyes of suicide.
*sings happily* I got suicide on my mind.
ㅡjatm Jan 2018
Every time I hear your voice,
The sky always voluntarily opens,
For it is raining different musical notes,
All over the vast universe,
Causing it to give birth,
To beautiful butterflies on my stomach,
And the moonlight complimented your every note,
Every inch of you.

Every time I hear your voice,
I entirely freeze,
Because there's lightness in your words,
As I place them into my heart,
And every day that you show me,
Another page in your journal,
I can’t help but fall for you,
Line by line.

Every time I hear your voice,
All the beautiful thoughts,
You also pin them to my heart,
Especially when you say my name,
That even in the rush of darkness,
You are still on my mind,
And sometimes I record your voice,
So that I could visit your words,
And dream all over again.

I fall apart and melt,
At the every syllable you speak—
And your voice is very enigmatic,
I contemplated,
Whether I was asleep.

But it is so real.
Bona Fide means real or genuine.
Embody your original self, dismay your fake self.
adjective: bona fide; adjective: bonafide
genuine; real.
"she was a bona fide expert"
synonyms: authentic, genuine, real, true, actual, sterling, sound, legal, legitimate,

— The End —