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Max Jun 2019
They lied to me.
Some people therefore died for me.
All because of
Your fooling eyes.

My hands are tied,
And there's nothing I have not tried
Oh why do they control me
Your fooling eyes.

My trust became bona fide
My hate so unjustified
Oh why did you enter my mind,
All because of
Your fooling eyes.

I feel so horrified,
And somehow satisfied,
By this continuous thought

The eyes of suicide.
*sings happily* I got suicide on my mind.
wizmorrison Oct 2018
"Tell me a creepy and horrific statement." I said.

"I don't like you and I don't love you!" he answered bitterly and I was horrified for that earth shocking revealation.
What on earth is this?
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2018
If I were a person stronger than myself
My insecurities would disappear
Would you hear worried absurd thoughts
If murmured into your ear?

You would be horrified to learn
The madness running my brain
If I was less crazy my head would be too
It's a shame that instead I am insane.
I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.
Lexi Nov 2017
A shamed of who i am.
A shamed of what i am doing.
And horrified of what i have become.
It started as a hunger for anything.
A wish for that depth within something.
But slowly that desire i had is fading.
And -
The true glimpse of what i have started surrounds me.
The grip of reality and emotions plays loud in my hollow mind
It's hands devouring themselves around my already weak neck
Strangling this life i chose to live.
I thought it would end happily.
What I thought was wrong.
Heart's pounding
For reasons unknown
Being chased
By nothing
But empty halls

The tempting darkness
Pulls one's foot
Back to the game
Be brave
Put down the fear

The rule is simple
Walk straight
Don't shed a tear
It might just be a dream
Katlyn Orthman Nov 2014
The light fades behind the moon
My heart is once again tainted
It is as if the darkness assumes
My soul is to be repainted

It's claws thick and stained by blood
Like a werewolf it howls sadly at the sky
I thought then it understood, but
I plea, I beg, dear god tell me why

I become this monster in my flesh
When the sun descends and retires
I become overwhelmed by death
And give myself over to haunted desires

I am asleep inside my own mind
These acts are not my own
I wake horrified to find
That inside I'm not alone
Trey Swint Mar 2014
A Dream I Wish It was,
When the hounds of hell
Were unleashed up my family

A Dream I Wish It was,
When I heard the horrific
Screams from the bedroom,
When the faces of the
Traumatized children leaked

A Dream I Wish It was,
When the aftermath caused
Me to weep day in and day out,
Wishing it was only a figment of
My hell - filled imagination

A Dream I Wish It was... ... ...

— The End —