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They had
once been here
before, beyond
the light years still
in the calm silence
of the dreamscape
of indigo and blue,
where came the
oceans of hearts
fracturing the
fabric of the
to create
and see none
other than
each other,
in the hour
of the midnight
realm, others
passing by
are silhouettes
in time and
ghosts painted
in their dream
of tidal eyes
upon each
other, wave  
on wave,
skin on skin,  
the breath
of one
into the
voice of
a blue
in soft
from the
on the
in gentle
rising to
the night
sky as
as the
are returning
to the night,
as starseeds
of many,
amidst the
the lovers,
whom are
adrift in
(Little note: I was inspired by the title of Nicola Yoon's book
for my title, it is a book I dearly love.)
s y kalindara Mar 16
I miss you in tides,
high as the summer afternoon sun in the skies
we danced beneath.

I miss you in hues
of grey, green and blue;
akin to carbon copies of your eyes.

I miss you like cities miss the stars,
I'd switch this country's lights off for just a glimmer in the dark.

I miss you with my throat exposed,
heart pacing back and forth down your road,
itching for your call.

I miss you in reveries,
and silent dreams,
in distractions, and the mindful winds I breathe.

I miss you through all these whirlwind feelings.
I miss you when I'm numb to them all.
I'll miss you tomorrow like I did today.
I'll miss you in waterfalls.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Missing J.
Descovia Feb 6
I never wanted to leave

I will never be free

The light is calling to me

For me to have peace...


My mind runs deep as the ocean, thoughts are tides filled with memories that slowly merge it's way through the sand, but still existent within the water.

Ocean of sadness, I hear you sing so beautifully! Feeling every part of me, sinking and drowning into semantic memories. The tide pulls in my mind. Drifting away, to escape the pain and miseries.
I sought vigorously to become immortalized in your heart, where my home suppose to be!

Diminished of my energy. Eventually this will be the end of me. This is not temporary, if you could truly see.

Terrors in my heart surfacing. Ocean. Sea. Hear my plea. Please set my burning soul free!!!

Thank you so much for your well being, knowledge, protection, dedication to survival, unlimited appreciation, patience and understanding to my growing light as well as demons surrounding us!
(@clairastudillo on instagram)

This collaboration wouldn't have been possible without you.
I’m in free fall
With my feelings
Letting my emotions run amok

When I think about you
I can’t help myself to wonder
If you’ll ever love me back

I tried so hard to open up to you
I know none of it was ever your fault
You assure me that you’ll be here for me
But the chaos inside my world
Won’t accept you,
Even from afar

This state of entropy
Is all I have at the moment
While my world has turned to blue
But please have faith in me
Because the tides will turn soon
My mind it spins
In this world of winds
Spins full of love
And full of sin
Regardless my mind it spins
My mental state swells
Comes crashing in
With only emotion
As do the waves crash
On the shores of the ocean
It pulls with the tide
Side to side
Waning or waxing
We sit here relaxing
Without you by my side
Like the beaches of the oceans
Without tides
I just might die
Like the moon to the tides
Why does love
Have to be my
I’ve been kissed in the night
by the moon
Everything so  light.
What a delight!!
Changes are following
Changes of  tides
During day time I am blue.
The kiss was tender ,It’s true.
It’s the key for my existence
For me to be!
I am the sea!!

Shell ✨🐚
SemiHiatus Nov 2020
I was fifteen years old,
when I witnessed
that beautiful ocean
for the first time.
yeah, it was huge,
just like a carpet
even my eyes failed to see
that entire gross spread
of emerald blue water

But I was twenty years old
when healing shore washed away
all of my melancholy,
and the aural of the tide race
felt pure as the driven snow.
I got vibes of another universe
within my own self,
where daystar was shining
right at the top of my head
it captured the carbon copy of
happy valley.

and I am today year old
when I realized
it stays loyal
whether day or night
sun or moon
it holds the reflection
of changing sky
ocean breeze,
cold but warm
white horses,
salty but smooth,
comes and goes
but it stays
within boundless boundaries.
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