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Cindra Carr Apr 11
There is an infinite awareness
That each of my days are littered with the past
Bogged down in the sludge of regrets
The fine mist of mistakes coat my hands
As I push through each day
The only relief is the realization of self worth
That is lost in the tides of life

The tides are fleeting
half an hour of pristine high waters
then stripped away
leaving debris of the oceans secrets ashore

Unlike home, where the tides go in and out
yet the notion of swimming stays intact

Perhaps the moon wants us to appreciate more here
If the ocean was this inviting all day long
we wouldn't revel in its beauty

Swimming in the high tide here
is like being on the moon
this calm state of being is so foreign to me
and I dance like a child in the soft of the Earth
like a dolphin after its feed
like a falling feather from a high flying bird

I've never been to the moon, but I imagine it like this
drifting, floating and fading away to this music
I've never been to the moon, but I imagine it like this
and I never want to be anywhere else
Äŧül Mar 16
I visited the same beach,
The beach of our sobriety,
It's there in my memories.

I touched & felt there the sands of time,
The time that we spent in togetherness,
It's a time in that recycle bin of the past.

I shall forget you forever, soon,
This tide of time will help me,
It's going to immerse that sand castle.

I let my ship find her angel,
The angel of my dreams,
It's not long before I touch her.

I see myself visiting her lands,
The lands of beauty and Bihu,
It's just that I realized ships must sail on.
My HP Poem #1738
©Atul Kaushal
She Loves you,
She Loves you not,
You are her poetry,
You are her art,
You are her masterpiece,
You are her soul.
Only you sleep in her dreams,
Only you travel in the shadow of her thoughts.
The way the Sun and moon causes the tides,
You pull her heart strings with sorrow, pain and joy.
Even if the stars glisten and mock her,
You will still see heaven in her eyes for you.
Arianna Jan 24
Strolling through the tide,
The ocean flirts with my ankles,
Kissing my toes,
Luring me into its cerulean embrace.

Then, grabbing my knees,
She throws herself at me
Full force, tearing the shore
Out from beneath...
Walked too far into the sea once, and may have just managed to avoid being swept away.
Urmi Jan 23
Deep were his eyes
The ones to get lost in
Far-flung pacific blue that
Set her yacht on a
Long, tireless journey
The tides never forced her
To let go of his hands, ever
Even though the sharks
Chased her,
She fought them, bravely
When lost midway,
She would reach for
The ethereal, mysterious stars
And following after
The subtle stardust
He always sprinkled behind
She would always find her love.

A lively debate
that inside I create
A seemingly
simple state
But this state
of affairs
Is like a ****** affair
The details
I wish not to share
don’t stare
For inside
I’m scared
Am I prepared?
Do I have
the ***** to do
what I really care?
Or am I going
to stay on this ship
of self-despair
I can scream
my lungs ******
into the air
But does anyone care?
Do I even f@cking care??

Maybe a life spared
but spare me the
retched bullsh@t

of self-pity
I’m self-giving
It wreaks up the air
It’s noxious scent
is not one I care
to ever encounter
or fair

Let’s “clear the air”
and take on
what I want
from now on
No longer a ****
who is living the tired
of some pathetic
love song

is my “Swan Song”
Where I belong
This sh@t is ON!

Climbing the mountain strong
Bellowing a chant
a song
That’s been so deep within
for so long
It can only come out
Because “wrong”
does not belong
This virus
is airborne

No longer forlorn
All the darkness
is gone
You have been
Are you ready?
Because it’s coming
Sounding the horn
the firstborn
The “storm”
Once icy and cold
Now simmering warm
Going to bubble into
volcanic ash scorned
This Oath
hath been sworn
Tattered and torn
**** cloth
all that is worn

But forward my path
What’s behind me
My ***
The past
Worn out,
and shriveling trash

All that
is gone
as I head
towards the dawn
Through the darkness
I’ve trekked
The Sun rises ahead
And with it
My song

My Swan Song
I am reborn
withered and worn
But still strong
I belong
I am one
with the Universe

The path before me
is brightly lit
with happiness and joy
No more patheticness
All the grit
and the spit
Broken teeth
All that sh@t
It all meant something
It was THIS

Every bruise
Every brake
All the “wrongs”
and “mistakes”

Are what it takes
You can call it fate
or simply short of fatal
but since
through this day till
Every day
I thankfully say
“Thank you”
for showing me the way
Because now I have
A love that stays
A true love
One that can’t
get away
Because I value Me
One ‘hopes’ or ‘prays’
But like a house
Each brick is laid
Onto the next
Foundation made
A sturdy house
Can’t blow away
Hard work put in
Made it this way
The same for me
The price I paid
But end result
A saving grace
Written: December 6, 2018

All rights reserved.
Trinity Moison Dec 2018
She is like the sun -
she floats high in the sky
and is protected by the clouds.
She is beautiful, magical,
but don’t get too close.

She’ll lure you in, but then
burn you up from the inside out.
Her flames are like the tides.
They seem soft but deceive you -
fill up your lungs and make you drown.

Although she once was yours,
she seems to have found another.
The moon - the moon is her new lover,
with its dark side that rarely shows.
It hides her away at night and
has the stars smother her away until dawn.

The sun has never been the same since
she met the moon. She glows differently -
radiating that light that still somehow
seems to draw you in again.

Don't get too close.
Siddhali Doshi Nov 2018
'Happier place' they call it
What is this place?
Is it pretty?
Or is it just a phase of life?

Happiness comes in waves they say
Then there is the high tide and low tide
I do not understand the phrase
But I know it fades

Peace, what does that have to do happiness?
Or, they even say happiness is peace
Calm, calmer, like the dead sea
And then will I be happy?

All these questions
But still a failure to understand happiness
Just quotes and sayings
And people calling their spaces happy

Where do I look?
But before, how do I measure?
Maybe I am happy
But dare I say I am not
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