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The world, it comes
in peaks and troughs,
first sun and stars,
then rain and frost -
no tricks or cheats
to how it works.
Life, my friend
is quite absurd.
MicMag Sep 2018
impact me
so invigorating
you raise me high
from the deepest valley
to soaring peaks of love & life
pointing me in the right direction
all I have
all I want
all I need
You point me toward the heavens
Even as s single man
I can't stand
Places like Twin Peaks and *******
The only woman that should make me want to peak
In public
Is my wife/girlfriend
trf Mar 2018
Ketamine dreams,
induced narcoleptic nightmares,
poles of northern impulses,
and southern stupors.

My equator's equilibrium,
and my catatonic control,
each one in the same,
yet far from reach.

A squeeze of a lime,
its fresh sour scent,
atop three fingers of gin,
match the burn of my cuts,
and i feel once again.

Cocktail straws set aside,
stirring fingers dull discomfort after a lick,
"three more limes please, barkeep",
it's now triple the pain i seek,
tolerance & your fickle itch.
Good evening  ladies and gentlemen. May I walk you through one of the specials that our dear chef has prepared for your dining experience tonight? We are serving a sous-vide of heart confit, which has been posing motionless for the last 6 hours, simmering uncomfortably with no escape, a side of scalloped mind, impulsively diced to ensure irregular frames and a sauteed cauliflower  as your vegetative state of garnish.  Would you like to hear our dessert special now or later?
Chris Neilson Dec 2017
Your tears were lost in relentless rain
when your face belied hidden pain
when you felt empty with nothing to gain
your energy sapped by ongoing strain

Your life was on hold and stuck like glue
when you looked for answers without a clue
when traffic lights were red while feeling blue
you thought a lie could really be true

You viewed grass looking greener on the other side
when you spent sleepless nights with eyes open wide
when you swam against the tumultuous tide
you saw a feel-good film then you cried

We all pass through lows to reach our highs
above all cloud-filled days are clear blue skies
The title is personal
Seanathon Nov 2017
No happy man ever said to me
"Because I'm happy it will always be so"
For in reality
Without the highest of highs and the valleys below to balance them out
How else are we to take in the sight or learn to see?
Without first having discovered both the lie and the mystery
Within such peaks and valleys
The highs and lows
The mountains and holes.
Emotions are emotions. Period.
Derek Tatum Jul 2017
When I reach the ridgetop on the way to the summit, the wind & views of the vast expanse of jagged snowy peaks Breathe life into me.
Heart thumping, no dead feeling inside today.
How long the dark smothering cloud stays away...a mystery
A wolverine! He brought me goosebumps.
Extremely lucky if only for a moment...but I have no luck & only a few bucks
The trees, the snow, the breeze, a grand show
As I glissade...pure happiness
My kind of descent, avoiding the dark plunge for now
Is adventure the only thing that saves me?
Next day soreness so satisfying
But happiness is only a state of mind, fleeting
Ill have to climb out of those depths again
But for a while a depression cure
Until another journey when I'll take those steps again
A rise within....
Zani Jul 2017
Dipped in deep waters
I clawed back reality
Awhile I may breathe

This air clean of depression
After climbing the mountain

So high it towered
Before my weary eyelids
That batted esteem

The fangs I felt retracted
From cocoon  in moonlight hue

Now the rainbow light
Breaks through the darkest hours
To answer my plight

The angels watch over me
I feel them on the summit

I will remember
Plummeting to their darkness
This sonnet of love

Embracing the shadows tall
Falling with the holy grace

Of mortality
I journey through the abyss
softcomponent Jul 2017
songbirds twitter within the acoustic enclave of my mind.

only when I've galvanized myself with the looming shadow
of nothingness,
a dark initiative,
something life-denying
and yet
spoken loudly to be spoken away
do I learn the language of redemption.

only when the darkness is embraced
can one gaze beyond its shoulder,
ready to climb the next mountain
and descend into the next valley
with no recrimination
towards the you in you
that's hurting
TD Jun 2017
You casually proclaim
with impervious tones
and majestic peaks
"Shadows are merely a backdrop."

the chipped white
contrasts the stark,
"What a colorless complement."

Mockingly the ridges jut
stubbornly affronting
the gritty gray,
"Merging lines were never so distinct."

I like the shadows.
They are much more down to earth.
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