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Zywa Dec 2022
Facts are like bags, they

only stand when you fill them --

with your affection.
"Vexilla Regis..." ("The royal banner", hymn in honour of the Holy Cross, 1897, Luigi Pirandello)

Collection "Held True"
Descovia Jul 2022
I grew up in a family
Where there was more
questions than outcomes.
The pain numbing me
for a change to come
Learning from the gist of things.
I still feel from all my learning
I am not the brightest but far from dumb
I am not going to fail my son
Trials in traveling
I am facing everything
I am in need to become.

They pray and they plot
My soul will not rot
I am going to the top
Sit back and watch.
Get in the way. Get dropped.
Albums coming in stock.
Stories will hit the block.
Don't test me. I lost a lot.
None of it's fake it's no mirage.
Mirror me back, and blend in
without camouflage
I go hard as Smith
You will get Rocked.
I will steal my own life
before you take all I got
Nah I never stop.
Never feared any op
You over here looking lost.
Fools think I'm soft.
You just full of talk
You wanna go with me?
We gonna run through roadblocks.
You ain't ready to walk
Don't make yourself a mark.
I'm silent as the dark.
Quarrels with my absent counterpart.
Obliterate. I am shattering
your mind from a far.
I burn with the shine of a star.
I got the key for you
if you lacking the heart.
Reminder to my child
make the moves that are smart!
Real talk.
Every black sheep in the family
Became a goat for a reason.
Being different in a world
where we share many similarities with others
Finding subliminal messages in abstract concepts
that captivate our interest, there's unlimited reasons
as well as power resonating within you.
You are a GOAT. Every Black Sheep is.
What do Goats do?
They find away to the top of the mountain.
Needless to say, of the obstacles encountered on the way.
Nak Jun 2022
truths told hesitantly
persuade none
lies told bravely
convince all
Think of "WE", not just of "I"...
In this process of stating facts, you'll surely be questioned— "Why?"
Just stick to your point, what's the need to "justify"?
When they'll understand, they themselves will "identify" —
Truth was always there and it'll never "die"...
It may take some time but one day this truth will definitely conquer the kingdom of "lie' " !
Tried another flow of rhymes and some facts of this life...
evolove Nov 2021
Travis scotts concert was 100% a satanic soul harvest. He sent those souls to another dimension.
Think I'm stretching? READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH.
First off. He called his event a "festival".  The definition of a festival is a feast. Did you see a large amount of food?
Or did you see a feast of souls?
His stage was the symbol for alchemy.  The egyptian ankh. The Egyptian ankh has to do with life. Because the wealthy know when you die and when you are born, you create a ripple in time and space for your soul to come and go. The best way to describe it is like a pool. Imagine you are about to jump into your local swimming pool. The water will break your entry and you will safely hit the bottom. Now. Imagine there is a person at every single part of the edge and you all jump in at the same time. Now you've got a problem. Soul harvesting is the same way. When you die your soul creates a ripple and it can safely leave. But. When you have a bunch of people dying in the same spot the spiritual realm becomes stressed in that location due to the high amounts of energy our souls resonate as they are leaving and entering the in between of this realm and other dimensions.  Therefore they have created machines that have tapped into the in between to ****** your soul. Who gets it and where it goes?  Other things are possible as well. Like the exchange of a good soul for whatevers on the other side?. Have you ever heard of cern? The large hydron collider. It's the largest machine in the world. This is NOT knew technology. The Mayan indians knew about this. The egyptians knew about this. THIS IS WITCHCRAFT AT THE HIGHEST DEGREE.
Let me break it down.
Travis Scott is a WITCH. The microphone is his wand. He is a (M.C.) (Master of ceremonies).  
With his wand he uses his voice (frequency) to help bring in the energy needed to open the portal. He brings a crowd of 50 to 70 thousand people who are generating IMMENSE amounts of energy into a low vibration. Love is the highest. Aggression is the lowest.
Then the design of his stage along with the lights become the sigil to help open the portal. Remember his stage was the symbol for alchemy?
YOU can't see the portal. You just see a fancy light show.
But those who are dying and their souls are separating from their bodies can.
The only way a living person MAY see through the portal is if they had taken an Elixir like Ayahuasca.
Do you ever wonder why all these "rappers" want to date the highest ranking Arminian witch family Kardashians?
Could it be because they are witches?

They do these kind of rituals behind closed doors all the time. What you saw was them coming out in the open.
The goal for you is to pass on and move to a higher dimension. You are drawn to the heavens because that's where you came from.
When you start gaining wealth, you start the search for immortality. Wealth is a drug that most refuse to part with.  So this is where satanism comes in. There's a theory of  reincarnation if you can create enough negative energy for yourself, you can weigh your soul back down. This is where the technology of transferring your consciousness back into another avatar has its place.
You can see why we are at a cross roads of transhumanism and luciferienism.
Some believe the elites WERE once humans and during the days of Atlantis that changed. Their technology hit a point they no longer needed human bodies. And they became the pinnacle of Transhuman. But no longer human. Something else. Maybe this is what "sanat kumara" is? A.K.A. Satan.
Truth. Facts travis scott Hollywood
evolove Sep 2021
When a rainbow appears in the sky it appears as a rainbow. Never will you see it broken up into individual colors.  It is all the colors. Not one individual Color. Therefore it is all or nothing.
We humans are EXACTLY the same. The only way you can see another person of a different color is when they are standing in front of you. (Besides the unatural way of a screen)
Therefore the only time you have the ability to see people of different colors is when you come together. We are the RAINBOW. We need every color in order to be complete.

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