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We fault ourselves until we have no breath left to compliment eachother.
Are ladybugs all girls?
If not why do they call them "lady"bugs.
Why can sheep mean more than one sheep?
There can be someone on the opposite side of the earth of you.
We never really see ourselves.
Only in pictures and reflections.
There are atoms floating by us all the time.
We have more hairs on our head than the population of a town.
There could have been dinosaurs,
where we live now millions of years ago.
The sun can fit 1,300,000 earths inside of it.
And, to the sun we are a speck of dust.
We don't really bite down,
we bite up.
All I can say is,
have fun sleeping tonight.
The last thought really got me. When I heard this I knew I wasn't going to have fun sleeping tonight. :)
“the beauty of a woman is in the adventures she's taken, the lives she's touched and all the minds she's awakened.
the beauty of a woman is in the caring she gives, the sincerity in her laughter, and the passion in her griefs.
Seeing the bed, I realized
no more bed talks.
Seeing the closet, I realized
No more fight for space.
Seeing the shoe rack, I realized
no more piled up shoes.
Seeing the door,I realized
Move on,people will come and go.
someone gave me car
saying ,"you can drive far
and seeing new facts"

i thanked and said," mercy
the driving car is as the herat's woman inddeed
you might see it is easy to read

finally, you found her hard to know
i prefer to go wide, as i had gained
lost my hearts times, for some reasons i tried

to explain and show how it was tied
my heart to the failure down without reason to be explained
my friend was so lame

he brought my pervious lover into it
and argued me to go for a moment
when i saw her in it
i drove it without any late
the herat always keeps love into it. The man's proud tries to cancel it
the fact is the love still control our minds
Rose Everest Nov 2018
I'm just a girl who is still insecure about her own skin and body,
who is still thinking about everyone's comments about everything I have in this world.

I'm just a 5'4 feet girl,
with 3 body rolls,
constantly dragging and forcing herself to be a part of the beauty standards in this wretched world.

I'm just a girl who's failing both in academics and life,
but still try to make her parents proud.

of course you'll choose her over me
Ekuu Nov 2018
You can have a favourite political party
You can support it publicly
You can point out others mistakes.
You can state facts
You can ***** a joke on anyone of them.
But you have no rights to use your 'public figure' status to influence someone's mind.
You are playing all wrong.
You can outsmart/ outwit someone's thought here, but only here!
Being a public figure, you have the freedom to speak and write your thoughts and the bheed will follow you.
But from being an important person you have some unsaid responsibilities which clearly, many ignore.
You can state facts without portraying your filthy  brain Divisive Mindset on people who do not know how to counter question you.
So, basically you are being smart to those who aren't actually questioning you!
Which indirectly means you are weak... Very weak indeed.
My advice to you people is, start talking to the people who beg to differ from you and have the write wit and the words to question you.
So that even you can be sure of your lovely choices.
Thanks for reading this!
Bheed: crowd
She wrote love stories to hide the fact that she didn’t have one of her own.
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
The 3 Crucifixes sit,
atop this city like a tombstone,
but this grave feels so alive,
so vibrant in it’s Post-Colonial glory,

the Spaniards came & went,
well “came & went” is too courteous a term,
but hey either way wherever your beliefs may lay,
they left & when they did they left behind their language & La Ermita Church,

now what’s left is gift wrapped & embodied in Native Blood & Colonial Skin,

ancient wisdom lost in translation all in the name of The Cross,
sacred status melted down for the gold they contained,
I wonder if Colombians or any South Americans for that matter,
think about the past past but the remnants that were left when speaking Spanish,

I guess the Spanish never really left,
& the Inquisition is finished but still I must confess,
Native Blood & Colonial Skin is a pretty good combination,
because 200 years after they left look what we get,

a vibrant culture a wonderful mix,
late night Salsa fiestas at Zaperoco,
hot weather hot food hot women hot music,
& vibes so alive you’d almost forget about the looming tombstone,

watching everything like it’s on replay,
like everyone is already gone which they as in we will all be one day,
when Nature finally returns to reclaim,
what was rightfully Hers in the first place,

in the same way Colombians reclaimed Colombia once the Spaniards went away,

but until Nature comes back to reclaim it’s arepas salsa & coffee,
it’s a beautiful day in Cali let’s have a lively debate over empanadas panela & pollo,
partying from sunset & on in to the humid Cali night,
making such amazing memories that we temporarily forget about the crucifix tombstones,

but all the while there those 3 Crucifixes sit,
atop this city like a tombstone,
but this grave feels so alive,
so vibrant in it’s Post-Colonial glory…

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆
Hans Christian Oct 2018
I try to smile, I try to laugh
I tried my best, It wasn't enough
Went the extra mile, broke an arm and a leg
Almost struck down, I could only beg

Like silhouette, my dreams have become
Dark as it seems, fathomable for some
Met by complicated complications
Still having unrealized realizations

Chained by wrong decisions
Stabbed by senseless expectations
I lie and wait for vanity to vanish
As I think of the things i didn't accomplish

I long for air to breathe and someone to hold
Someone who can be a flame when it's getting cold
I long for a place where my soul can be still
And where my longing heart could have its fill

Like a canoe, I float on an uncharted water
Where directions are vague, and there's nothing to ponder
Lost in the very sight of the horizon
Consumed by life's endless complication
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