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By the power of suggestion
Vested in me
I now pronounce you
Commercial advertisement
First U.S. commercial July 1, 1941 for Bulova Watch  co. $9 for the 10 sec ad and from what I could tell $29 for the watch.
Bhill Sep 16
be astonished by the capable, healthy eyes looking at you
stop hiding behind the facts
facts, that caring is crucial for survival
we must find a way back to caring and supportive actions
what happened to us....?

Brian Hill - 2020 # 255
VibeActivist Sep 12
she was darkness but not consumed by it
she was without a filter
she saw the world for what it was
she saw people for who they really are
she was the happiest yet the saddest of all
she was full of life but also so empty
she was flawed like so many but yet still flawless
she was beautiful when sun rises and when the moon comes out
she showed so many emotions but none really defined how she felt
she smiled so much that atmospheres brightened
she was and is a queen like any other woman out there
Bhill Aug 30
awaken all people and try, try, try
if it can't be done should we all just die
that's not the conclusion we're all searching for
at least if we try, we might find the door
get up off your but and learn all the facts
the country’s gone crazy by the way we all act
let's see things, with respect, and love our fellow man
before it's too late and we lose the whole plan

Brian Hill - 2020 # 238
Simon Aug 30
“Love is nothing more than a cocoon for feelings to operate on”…. Because it’s the official testament of willpower! Except when willpower has shame for itself of not seeing anything (never before too essentially bear for itself…ever again). When it comes into contact with (the exception being that of “love” itself)! Because in the very end of ALL things… Love is nothing but a counterpart to the additional operating system, that is “feelings” to be forced to become “compassionate” upon. Something that can systematically envelope compassion into every fact, detail, specific of any kind. Except that only happens when that very fact is now within the detail that’s even more within the specific itself! Then “something that can systematically envelope compassion” into those very aspects, can then properly divide (evenly) into a thing that’s known (primarily)…as a “category”. But that comes immediately afterwards…. Before that could even come (in full swing)… You need to come to terms with when establishing that love is more what it seems…. Just as it’s operating system, (which is feelings itself) could actually contribute upon something (more along the lines) of something unbelievably…”standard”. Because love (at the end of the day) doesn’t know how to essentially contribute its very feelings into basic words. (Let alone letters that form into a single pattern that “eventually” becomes the standard word/words itself all around.) Then for anything to become properly sounded out sentences full of words that can’t EVER contribute very well to something with enough “characteristics” to create minor references upon the very subject at hand. Someone would then ask, “well what is that very subject at hand both (even for and what is it essentially about)…?” Then the one narrating ALL of this would simply reply, “well, isn’t it obvious by now…? Because if it truly isn’t… Then you ought to take an even BETTER look at your own personal life full of never-ending personal problems! The most obvious hint is in the cocoon for feelings to operate on, simply.” Since it isn’t some basic flaw that you need to (gradually over time) keep at it…until progress is “magically” shown to (seemingly) be moving forward, somehow! Instead of piling and piling it on some type of “exercise” that again (seemingly) won’t get you, anywhere! Because you see, the cocoon is nothing more than something that essentially goes beyond love. (Just as it goes beyond normal thoughts that don’t think such a regular cocoon is nothing more then realizations becoming the flaw that is meant to change everything “drastically”…over time!) Examples (for instance) like love having no claim to choices (while under the influence of mere feelings). Feelings having NO “law of attraction” where it can’t compete with itself, while constantly being under the never-ending watchful eye of loves struggle to hold an operating system (that’s essentially meant to “crumble up and burn”)! All it takes is one interaction upon one single piece of “contact” within one another’s “inner bubble”… And everything explodes into a “flair” full of fireworks! Showing once and for all that love has finally engaged in its very purpose to become fully established in it’s very operating systems “will” to (break free) from that very (once thought “laughable” idea about a cocoon that couldn’t EVER manage ANYTHING properly)! Until it found love in another cocoon who shared the very same interests as the next one and the next one after that! Eternally becoming binded by the very “twist of fate” that categorizes things into a very hidden stored stasis…in order to eventually claim that which you have always been in love with. Eventually filling your very heart full of an “eternalness” lasting for infinite lifetimes too bear!
Love is nothing more than a hidden attraction made to both (wonder and wander) about endlessly… Without so much as the single most regard for something that has yet to “tempt” it’s very operation full of feelings, altogether.
Puny Penguin Jul 18
i. I was told that there are 7 words to make a woman love you but what about the seven words: “A soulmate that wasn’t meant to be”?

ii. Falling in love and maintaining a relationship are two different things. Love can be unconditional, the relationship is not.

iii. Attraction happens by seeing, Love happens by observing. There’s a fine, fine line between feelings and understanding.

iv. When you fall in love, it’s what everyone tells you it is. The world brightens up. You feel all warm and fuzzy. Time freezes, and… it hurts. A lot. It’s confusing. It’s messy. But it’s also one of the best things that can ever happen to you.
Dante Rocío Jul 14
Your Entrails
Are your own stargazer,
Own scheme matcher
And own lewd elegance:
Thoughts on thoughts on thoughts on thou-
“An asterism maker?
Roger that,
I make of issues forms
At touch
Of dots
Just like those in your beloved constellations’
Stars of more than one splotch”.
Only when you let your Insides form a constellation of what you let in will you truly make it born in your thought and link it to the memory
Void Jul 10
Never got you anywhere

Never did a **** thing
I’m a walking vessel but my corps is out to sea. I walk this land pretending to know who I am. I pass different eyes everyday and all they see me as is the straw man. In the flesh I know exactly who I’m meant to be but on documents an paper a disclaimer, false identification, the g.o.v. has taken my name but you won’t believe me. What is it that my soul has felt? Whips and chains, backlashes from a belt, aches an blood stains. A slave I still am but that’s something I had to rediscover, I demand more pain....please sir may I have another?

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