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low poetry Dec 2020
while reading the book
i’m living by the way it hooks

reading in the right place
with the slow pace

highly concentrated
distractions is faded

when i need to

no interest in page number
and what is under

preaching the power of the word
pinning them on my cork-board

the pancil is in my hand
like a magic wand

symbols, outlines
comments, questions
material that worth to repeat
second and third time to read
Amanda N Skaggs Jun 2020
Just making a point.
On the tip of forever.
Mrs Timetable May 2020
Your brows
If you over preen
Will have to lean
On the likings of
A sharpie pen
In the color coffee bean
Then you will be
A vampire queen
Looking ever so mean
Don’t over-pluck! BLT word of the day preen.
Julie Grenness Jan 2020
Here's some tips I can say,
If I give you advice this way,
You'll never fit through the door!
You're twice the size you were before!
So I'm not doing beer belly ****!
Feedback welcome.
S Smoothie Jan 2020
Fingers yearning, burning for touch

Cool skin warming under the heat of desiring eyes

Melded from memories of midnight places

And timeless glances

Welded eyes want to give all the clues to every secret longing, yet nothing away.

An inch spanning eternity a fragile bridge formed by the heat of breath swirling invitations of divine pleasures and intricate patterns for desires filled with aching, yet wanton abandon refrains

The rare heady warmth and enveloping depth of hearts intertwining in some mystic soul ritual, as if it had been too long and naught but for the savouring of such tension like the surface of clear glassy water before shattered by the shock wave of a projectile, just before chaos and expulsion ensue,

tip to tip shared breath, aching for the finite change of the slightest touch, not a hair arched forward, not a finger tip dared move, frozen in the complete confession of a love found unforced, not chosen, nor designed by day dreams. It just was as it had always been inextricably theirs yet not for this moment, this plane, or this existence, but love, never plays by the the rules
You're all on your own from here, do love like it matters most, do chances like they'll never come again, to life like it's the most wonderful thing of all!
Steve Page Jan 2020
These are the ingredients for a poem. But like all recipes, you don't need every ingredient every time:

- beat, rhythm & rhyme
- pictures painted
- describing what's not there.

- the narrative, the journey within the poem
- size & shape (line breaks and stanzas)

Also, you may have a inclination to use a particular ingredient to the exclusion of others - so as you recognise this, experiment with those ingredients which you are less confident about using.

- the first three are where poets typically find their freedom to explore ideas within the poem;
- the last two are where the reader typically finds handholds / the anchor to better engage with the poem.
Download from a workshop during a poets retreat in Shropshire.
For everyone who needs it. Y'all better take care of yourselves, I love you.

First thing, If you think you're going to self-harm, make sure that there are people around. Meet up with a friend, walk around town, go to a shop, or even just go into the living room with your family. If you're not alone, you can't self-harm. You can also call a friend, whatever it takes to not be alone.

Second, listen to some music, watch a movie. Silence is a killer. Put on some relaxing piano music if you're having a kind of anxiety attack. If you're not being that anxious, maybe listen to some of your favorite (upbeat, happy) songs. You don't even have to sing along.

Smiling. Smiling, even forced, actually makes you feel better. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you look beautiful, that your smile is great, and give yourself some compliments. Even a little. Just, smile?

Writing it down helps too. Even if it's stupid. Just, write down whatever. Not just your feelings, but things like jokes, happy song lyrics, something nice someone said to you, whatever.

If you have an instrument, play it. Just, pluck the chords or smash some random keys. Same with drawing, you don't have to be good at it, just draw. You have to be busy, and actually do things physically.

Working out could help too. You'll be fit, and you'll feel better.

Draw/paint/write on the place you want to harm. Make happy stuff there, so you'll be reminded of good things.

Analyze movies, songs, beats, behaviour of people on soaps, whatever.

Do chores. Another "keep busy" thing, but it works. Your house/room will be clean, which will make you feel better. If you can't clean, just organize something.

Make yourself some food or a nice drink.
Focus on different things.
(Or message me of course)

If you really can't resist the urge;
You can shoot an elastic band at your arm or rub paper against your skin.

If you eventually end up harming yourself with scissors, a knife, razor blades, whatever. MAKE SURE IT'S CLEAN. I can't stress it enough. If you decide to self-harm, you don't want it to infect.

What NOT to do;
- Shower. (You'll see all the places you wanna harm, there are razor blades around and sitting in the shower for too long will make you feel sad)
-Listen to sad songs. (They'll make you feel worse)
-Lie down. (If you're active, you're more likely to be happy. Don't lie down. You'll sink down, mentally and physically. Even if you just stand up and walk around the house that'll make you feel better)
A poem every day
Mark Toney Nov 2019
Timothy Tolliver Tines
Taught tax topics twenty times
Touting tax tips he tried
Till terribly tongue-tied
Twisted tongue tending to twine
11/28/2019 - Poetry form: Limerick - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Max Mar 2019
Working on a little book for my poems, good idea? And how can I spread it? Does anyone have tips?
Don't want to sound arrogant or like someone who uses this site for attention or something.  I just hoped you guys could help me out:) You can also message me privately!
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