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John B Apr 2018
With a snap of my fingers

The fourth wall brakes

In a drop of the lights

I bow for the audience

Saying goodnight.

Elin Roberts Nov 2017
take another shot, ease the pain
drink away your woes and troubles
after all the fact of the matter is
it's easier to lay on the bathroom floor than to look in the mirror
see the reflection of a person you're not quite sure how you became
wonder where it went wrong or whether it was ever right to begin with
an unanswerable question that eats away at your mind
similar to depressions unwanted yet lasting touch
similar to a mothers worry, why did her baby turn out this way?
too emotional all the time yet emotionless at best
how can you think when you're mind is so avidly against your happiness?
you can't, maybe even won't, cos it's too hard to come to terms with this day, this life
and my brain feels like a machine with a cog in the works
constantly jamming my ability to relate to sensibility
because the person i am is unknown to those who care
unknown to the person you wish to be
and i feel unable to relate to this state of mind
that i seem to constantly find myself in
but oh well
**** it.
run away to another place, another scene
change my speed of pace
get them to believe in yourself when you can't
cos they don't know what's what and who's who
don't know that this reflection is one of evil nature
and that's okay cos they don't know enough to care
whereas you do
and always will.
Daylight 4U2C Jan 2014
If you give a wishing stone,
she'll travel out all on her own.
She'll  leave behind the fear and pain,
and keep herself from going insane.
While her friends are getting diagnosed,
she'll be somewhere in her boat.
Maybe she'll have tea for two,
but at least she'll know what to do.
And they may ask, and plead, and beg to be in her world,
but she'll certainly say,
"Be gone, be gone, or off with your head."
Which should be said, since they cursed her be dead.
If you give a girl a wishing stone,
she'll truly feel all alone,
and for those who never cared "be gone!"
The queen has finally sang her song.
She was never a fool, just a withered small bud,
and those pigs would throw her around in the mud.
So sure she dreams and dazes off,
but she can do whatever she wants.
She earned a bit of recognition,
for all antagonize and inhibition.
Give that girl some cheer,
she fought a war for all those years.
Stop the hate for her being crushed,
unlike some, she had no love!
The glass shattered hard,
it's no surprised it became shards.
Giving time and yells,
doesn't heal, it kills.
If you give a girl a wishing stone,
you've given her one happiness finally of her own.
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2014
I just want someone to care.
To notice, when I'm not there.
To stay by my side.
To let me cry.
I don't want to be judged.
I just want to be loved.
I don't care how far,
I don't care if you've receded,
I just want to know
that I am needed.
It's not creepy.
Certainly not.
It's just odd,
to read what's been thought.
I love the imaginary,
who exists.
I love the birds,
and bees.
I love the sky,
and seas.
I'm waiting.
I'm watching.
Watching the world.
Thinking about it,
I've come to notice.
You help me even now.
Because I don't know who you are,
I spend so much time thinking,
contemplating elatedly,
to the point I don't even think,
the world anymore.

All I care about it this beautiful,
distraction of mine.
And this image in my mind,
it may not be you,
but I may know some day.
This love is true.
This love is so much.
I don't even know what to do.
This love of mine,
I await.
I will wait.
I'm waiting.
I'm watching.
Watching the world.
The world will pass me by,
and in the end..
I will have you,
and hold your hand.
The collected dust,
will tell a story.
True love does exists. You just have to be patient.

— The End —