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Raven Feels May 14
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the world seems unfair:|

can it be

a thousand hearts in one beat

mind slamming straight to my back

shiver on my own on a brick less track

stars I count that it takes to a far

feels in me soaring on a getaway car

truth in a taste not even real but I'm on clouds now

not even my name I remember memory fails someway somehow

burning I glide unlight

now you see me in hindsight

from the frozen read lines I have in a repressed epiphany

the overwhelm I smell till I'm choked on infinity

                                                       ­                          -------ravenfeels
Somehow i always know good things were never intended for me...

Somehow i always know dreams are where things never come true...
faye Dec 2019
Like I hope one day, eventually your name will be erased out of my mind.
Ur name wouldn't bring back bittersweet memories like before.
Cause then, when I am fully healed, I would be able to love someone without the unwanted toxins in it.
Anything would just be enough, eventually in time.
So I'm guessing that right now, it's just a temporary goodbye.
the first letter of every sentence, love.
Nolan Willett Nov 2019
Battles lost and Wars won
Capsules and Caffeine
Minds warped and souls undone
Dreaming state of being

You listen for what we now may hear
Eternal cosmic mysteries
But a cost paid too dear
Another Pyrrhic victory

Too far now
A mirror opaque
But we’ll make it back somehow
And then we will awake
kell Sep 2019
You feel like your a burden
your mind is over taking by these thoughts
you don't appertain
disconnected from the world
like a plug from its outlet
no longer in use
useless at the least
priceless to those who don't see
who you really are..
who are you really?
Your acting we can all tell its so impostress and fake
like a bad spell
whose fault is it the wisher or the witch?
We want you raw, vulnerable, authentic
and true to who you are
This is the alternate you
we hear your screams inside your own mind
"this isn't me why am i acting this way"
save me please, im adrift from myself. the actual me

Your beautiful,you belong,you have an understanding beyond your years keep your head clear you got this

to my lovely friend
BE yourself please its OK there someone for you
EmperorMoth Sep 2019
I didn't want to let go...
of all of our memories
of the long lost nights talking
of the dreams we'd share to one another
of the interest that was once mutual.

I didn't want it to change...
at least not into this
i liked you so much
i couldn't tell you what this feeling is.

But you let me go, and I fell on your shallow ground...
i wasn't the prettiest, so you didn't want me
i wasn't the funniest, not entertaining
i'm not the most colorful, so you didn't see me
but you used to...what happened?

Yet, after I told you that I couldn't watch you disappear...
and although you didn't seem to care
somehow, i felt relieved.

Because it wasn't you that I was going to lose...
but just another part of me.
i saved my self, and i got away.
i truly cared for you
after all the things telling me not to...
and you let me get away.
thank you
I'm still writing
A poem every day.
Jay M Apr 2019
Aching in my chest
Pain of loss
Yet who have I lost?

Running to the balcony
Laying on the edge
Looking at the stars
Taking the pain away...

Barely holding on
The demons I'm made of
Locking myself in
Letting them win
But I didn't stand a chance,
Did I?

They say they'll make you right
But they only make you worse

Long endless highway
Finally pulling to the streets
Someone runs a red light
Braking, we're inches away from being hit.

Driving off like it was nothing
But I could have lost you
All of you...

Sitting alone in the dark
Used to take one
Now it takes six
Going over
But never under
Shaking uncontrollably
But I'll be okay
I'll still be alive...

I feel my heartbeat
Wondering when it will stop
Letting me go
Into the unknown

I swear I love you
But if I stay
I'll only destroy you...
That's all I ever do
To everyone I love...

Fighting to stay
Yet yearning to go
It all comes back to this
Doesn't it?

I can't take your hand
Mine are bound
Living a nightmare
Crying, aching,
But somehow
I'm still here
I just want to hear you
"Lets go home.."

- Jay M
April 16th, 2019
Memories just...haunt
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