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Pulse May 21
My love, in all your radiant beauty and infectious joy,
You are the treasure that every pirate in every storybook has ever tried to find,
You are the dazzling lights of a forbidden city, and the brightest star in the night sky,
You are the steps to a dance I have memorized throughout every refrain of the song of our lives,
You who dance through the fields as if blessed by the fey themselves,
Ruler, kind and fair, of the flowers that bloom gently beneath your delicate fingers.
You come to me with a smile and laughter in your eyes,
And you, my darling, are everything.
So in the stillness and silence of the winter night,
When you ask what we are, I will answer,
“You are every kind thing and all the less than nice things and you are your wit and your temper and your smile and the laughter that sounds sweeter than any tinkling bells even when, and especially when, you laugh loud and full and unafraid.
We are the shaking peace of a candle at midnight. And the whirlwind of a tornado and we are everything we can ever be or will ever be and every regret we hold and every wish and every secret hidden away in our hearts.
We are everything we need to be for each other.”
Something I wish to find one day
Beautiful, is the sight of depths within one’s eyes.
Like Celestial bodies magnified in the confines of the ocular speck.
As if Nebuli birthing Stars, revolving around a Blackhole,
or that of a storm circling the pockets of Gravity.

Who can escape the entrapment of wonder, as they look within?
Curiosity like the peaks of the great Pyramid,
staring afar the belt of Orion - a child-like pondering.
All who see it, imparted with a glisten of glee - the ecstasy of hope within.
I was inspired to write this, as I stared into the eyes of a peer - as I stared therein, I saw a nebula of sorts.
Rosely Medina Dec 2018
This, my darling, is what you call divine -
my good for nothing, wondrous soul. Take but a step inside - let the beauty bedazzle you. Find yourself in outer space and let the shooting stars of my heartstrings guide you home.
Jay Dec 2017
There are wings
Trapped beneath
My fragile skin

There are stars
Trapped beneath
My blue-green eyes

There are demons
Trapped beneath
My light hair

There are forests
Trapped beneath
My rib cage

There are supernovas
Trapped beneath
My fingertips

There are all these
Wild, wonderful, beautiful
Things trapped within me

But instead,
All that comes out is
****, awful, hideous

I wish you could
See my stars and forests
I wish we could explore them
I wish that I could
Show someone my wings
And fly to the supernovas
That resides in my fingertips

I want to show
All these stunning things
But they are
Just like me
The demons are not wonderful or beautiful. They are monstrous, treacherous and vile. I wish to let them out so they are not trapped within me any longer but I could never let them out for fear they'd hurt someone else. I suppose some things are meant to be trapped.
Embers kindle so gently before me
Glowing; emitting a light in a dark room
I've been here for years
It's been cold and it's been lonely
The only sound to be heard was a tired heartbeat
Who would have thought the warmth would reach me here
I can see the glow from down the hall illuminating brighter
I watch her stand there looking at me
Chills of a new desire rush down my spine
How is it that in this dark place she can see me
For I have been lost and forgotten
Hung out to dry by users and abusers
And she can see that, yet doesn't turn away
She enters the forsaken space where I reside
And the transfiguration commences
No longer will I wait in a room where the sun never shines
A resurrected spirit now stands before her
And in her eyes I see life

Steve Page Aug 2017
'in this light'
not 'just now'
not 'at first sight'
not 'from this angle,'
after scrutiny,
from all perspectives,
you are absolutely -
Some things are absolute not relative. It needs said.
MU May 2017
Spring in the north
Fall in the south

Sky and seas, blue
Brown and green, lands

Sand on the shore,
Beneath the seas

Water on top
And under earth

Same heart that loves
Does also hate

Pain during birth
Release by death

Same child that cries
Shouts when grown up

Different skins
In different shades

Yet beneath them
Flesh, just the same

Different tongues
Different words

Yet all languages
Have ‘I love you

Wondrous world
Wonderful life

Yet we don’t much
Notice and care

Thinking about the seemingly little wonders in life...
Ravanna Dee Oct 2016
Our thoughts are like an ocean.
For they make up most of who we are.
They can be very deep and vast,
And impossible to completely explore.
Sometimes you must tread lightly.
Watch what you do and think.
For there is the occasional drop off.
And with just one wrong step; you might sink.
Though sometimes it may seem scary,
Swimming in the dark and unknown...
It can also be quite beautiful,
With all that life, you don't feel so alone.
There is so many wondrous things,
Going on in our minds.
If we all just choose to open up a bit more,
Who knows what unique things we might find?
We don't seem to realize how incredibly lucky we are sometimes, to be created the way we are. It's so magnificent the things we could do if only we put our minds together! If we loved one another. If we respected one another. If more of us shared  who we are inside, without the cover up or the masks, but who we are really made to be, our stories; we could inspire so many! Imagine a world like that. It's beautiful, isn't it?
Rockie Sep 2015
The only colour
In this sea of grey
Your red lips
Are stark against your pale skin
The only colour
In this sea of grey *suits

Oh London,
You dark, stark city,
Filled with wondrous prospects
For people made of *red.
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