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she cared so deeply
yet felt like she
couldn't be more of an
and for no reason
overthinking caused her
to set herself apart
she couldn't see
that they cared
for her too
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2020
When God abandoned me I thought
That at first he must not have cared
But after enduring a world of pain
I realized he was never there
Its crazy how much i used to believe in Christianity compared to how completely opposite i feel now
Maunas Mehta Aug 2020
When we cried
You came to our Side
Even if you were occupied,

You left your pride
In order to guide
To make us unified,

You didn't want to be famous
Nor did u care about our status
Your love was endless

You inspired countless
Gave us kindness
That is your greatness.

You were coutious
of our happiness
So you left Mahant swami with
Your brightness.....
colette alexia Mar 2020
Brown hair
I miss when you cared
Lost in my Head May 2019
I sit and wonder
Why you acted like you cared at all
I guess i discovered
You can't accept it when I fall

I don't know what I did to you

But it's done
And we're done

I imagine you thinking of me
but then it just corrupts
I was hoping that you'd rid my misery
and your pain just interrupts
Deanna Apr 2019
I want to
From all
newpoetica Jan 2019
before i knew it was all too good to be true,
i genuinely cared so much for you.
you put all this trust into a person,
but they let you walk away while they're there *******' and cursin'.
see, the thing is that we all want to see the person's best,
even though their hurtful words never give you a rest.
we want to see these people grow,
so that one day their love for us will maybe someday show.
that though, isn't love at all,
it's your eyes that are covered by a shawl.
it is good to have hope in the face of the worse,
but that viewpoint is also a curse.
truth be told, toxicity isn't always easy to leave,
this is a thought that's worth to conceive.
before i knew it was too good to be true,
i genuinely cared so much for you.
I've been slacking on my poetry recently ever since school started up again. On the bright side, that means I'm not dealing with that many family problems or issues because I'm too busy to care. Also I have a crap ton of homework due to AP US History and AP Psychology, so wish me luck on that stuff. Haha.
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