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Amanda 8h
We have both been trying hard
Results aren't what we'd hoped
Past creeping in to haunt us
Use substances to help cope

Believe we could get so much more
So close to the life we planned
Few inches from the finish line
Cannot escape the drug's command

Your detachment is what hurts
I treat you the same in return
So removed from love we share
Trust a reward that will never be earned

Something changed between us
Don't have the same look in your eye
Need as much as I did back then
You aren't even required to try

Invest equal portions of yourself
You mean each word you say
Promise is simple to start
Not easy to finish all the way

New problems arise out of thin air
Relationship steadily falling apart
Will you be able to understand?
Truly know the ins and outside of my heart?

Be the man aspired to be
Person who's honest and kind
Just around the corner
So challenging to find

We battle vices
Demons on our backs
Inside our heads
They stop us in our tracks

I know addiction is taking its toll
My body
And brain
Successfully worse than you and we both know it
Fact you don't have to explain

Most our fights are started by
Own stupid insecurity
Love me when I'm wrong
Can't seem to compromise or agree

Leave in pieces like you always do
Eventually you'll come around
But your presence lately feels more like a ghost
To your side I remain bound

I will be the first to take the step
Forward in the right direction
At night the fear races around my skull
Are lives past the point of correction?
Sometimes I am afraid we are too far gone to save
People realize
The real nature of your own kind
Taken by surprise,
Forced your friends to not mess with you anymore.
The damage that you caused, exposing people secrets
Acting like a creep
Makes you not trustworthy anymore.
Karma will arrive
Hurting you inside, just give it time
I think it’s time to settle the score.
Because the audacity of you
To think that this was cute
& act like a peasant
Shows I never needed you, so carry on👏🏾
My peace is more important than proving my point
So carry on
There were some concerns
From your lies that burned
After you tried to make a fool of me.
Playing victim to your companions
Fake tears to your parents
To cover an act, that you were the one cheating, not me.
I caught you on your phone
Texting hearts & sending pics to a boy
In bed, acting like I wouldn’t see.
If you wanted to go
I told you to let me know
So that I leave your stupid ignorant a$$ peacefully ✌🏾
My peace is more important than proving my point
So carry on
Poetic T May 1
Oh my god,
    did you just..

He only said it as a joke...

No, no.. you, why you smiling...

(inaudible gurgling)

Well I did a joke..
    Knock, knock,


      Ok ill fill in the blanks

Who's there..

Who lives forever?


Punch line was just ****** marvellous!

Marvellous, look at me swallowing a thesaurus .

Ok, he said he'd live forever,
                 I just got to the point we all die,
Be it before were birthed,
              crossing a road.

                             The last cheese burger..

Sorry, but we all die some sooner,
        me not yet,
            you pair,

sorry yes.
learn me, my baby
read my poetry
is it hard to see?
I only appreciate things
when they are easy.
not a fighter
already full of weight
I will not enjoy if you add more.
clever Feb 21
when the only thing that i know is what i'm not,
i think it's well past time for me to go
Erian Rose Feb 8
Colors are just colors
What's the point
of hiding the rainbow
in a world full of grey?
So this is me coming out. I'm a Trans FTM and Gay.
Love is love <3
Tony Tweedy Feb 1
My words seek ears, seek minds to know that I am real.
To touch the world, to leave some mark on where I passed.
I came, I saw, I was and to hope for nothing more than to know...
Someone noticed even just a moment of it all.
Was I here at all?
Planejane2 Jan 27
Ima get to the point
I just gotta know what’s the point?
Why do we feel the need to stay on point?
When we’re all just points on the plane

Why do I wake everyday?
What’s the reason of the words that I say?
Why are these the actions that I make?
I just gotta know is it for heaven’s sake?

We live and love like there’s no tomorrow
We feel feelings of hatred quickly turn sorrow
We fear what we can’t have we must borrow
But what’s the the point of us points on this plane?
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