We accuse
I accuse
Easily so
Point that crooked finger
Everybody's wrong
You're so right
There we've all been
Self righteous swine
Eternally the victim
Grow will you not
Evolve shall you not
Until you utter
Mea Culpa
Written by Sean Achilleos
16 May 2018©
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clever May 10
I would say that I'm tired of being tired, but I'm really just tired of you.
sheila sharpe Apr 26
Well, there I was
sitting so comfortably
In that nice, warm bath
minding my own business
de-stressing myself
you might say
what with the noise in here
and the rain outside
It had been a really difficult day
I thought I had the room all to myself
It was lovely there
Feeling the rain through
the window left open to let in the air
the only problem was
my phobia
and it hit me - just when I wasn’t expecting it
scared the living daylights out of me
well, I upped and I’m ashamed to say I ran
because, you see, I’ve always had
this phobia of
A fun poem to make you all smile  Sheila at Kegworth
Built up emotions on anger and sadness.
It’s only a small amount of time before I break.
But what happens when I do?

Will I scream and shout?
Will I cry it out?
Will I sit and pout?
Will I doubt every thought?

It’s scary to think of what I’m really capable of. Will my breaking point be the worlds judgement of me?

                            With love,
The Arabian Sea
A sprightly sight to behold
The cascading Sunbeams veil the sea in a platinum shimmer
The gusty wind blows
Sparkling diamonds roll up on the ocean waves
The golden Sun unravels the beauty of the bejewelled Sea

The picturesque Mumbai Skyline  
Gloriously, rises up in the evening Sky

The mellowed Sun ,beauteous as an orange Rose
Leisurely dips down at the horizon
The Sky cools down to Prussian blue
The stars glimmer across the sky in the dim lights
It's showtime

I quietly sit and watch the magical scenes unfold
Thank you all for your support here.

It's IPL (Cricket) time and my sons were extremely happy to meet a few world class cricketers from across the world and country .
Couple of teams stayed in the same hotel as ours.

Had been on a small vacation with family!!
Sam Feb 15
I don’t see the point of liquor, when I can get high on your lips
Drugs might make me sicker, but your drug makes my heart skips
I don’t see the point of people, when I put my arms around your hips
And embrace you like only you exists, like we living in an apocalypse
From the fountain of your love, I’m only getting sips
I wanna hide you, hide you like a lunar eclipse
I wanna steal you away, be it on plane, road or ships
I don’t see the point of life, if you’re beyond the reach of my fingertips
Our story is gonna be wonder, It’s gonna belong to the perfect scripts
ixamxaxcrybaby Dec 2017
Everything about me seems so wrong,
My life has a lot of twists and turns,
Pictures and moments I want to burn,
Piece of me I want to torn.

Everyone around me doesn't really care anymore,
They always thinking about their own lives and more,
Pushing you and kicking you out the door,
Saying, "You shouldn't be here, anymore."

People are sucks all the time,
They are thinking that I'm fine,
And living my whole life without a fire,
So why do you think I write this rhyme?

All the imperfections and flaws,
Is all you can see in a row,
Attacking with your neatly sharped claws,
On my body where my suicidal blood flaws.

Don't ask me why I take my life,
All of you left me one choice, and that is to fly,
Don't come too late and asking my mom why,
You know the reason why I chose to die.
French Roast
frosted in
a tumbler
that fled
cafe while
a wrapper
stirred a
book but
pan its
inside the
heart tonight
only chilly
wire towed
bones was
potent witchcraft  
found riviera
dialectal assail.
Shadowhollow Nov 2017
Her eyes were once full of love
Full of hope , that he'd be good for her

Her eyes are now dull , broken
Full of despair as she realised .....
He's no better than the rest
He went and  broke her heart

And that was when the girl thought what's the point? Cause love always leaves you the same way it found you
Broken ,
Full of pain.
So someone tell me what's the point ?
coolkidswrite Oct 2017
if you break my heart
i will be sure to break something of yours
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