Sam Feb 15
I don’t see the point of liquor, when I can get high on your lips
Drugs might make me sicker, but your drug makes my heart skips
I don’t see the point of people, when I put my arms around your hips
And embrace you like only you exists, like we living in an apocalypse
From the fountain of your love, I’m only getting sips
I wanna hide you, hide you like a lunar eclipse
I wanna steal you away, be it on plane, road or ships
I don’t see the point of life, if you’re beyond the reach of my fingertips
Our story is gonna be wonder, It’s gonna belong to the perfect scripts
ixamxaxcrybaby Dec 2017
Everything about me seems so wrong,
My life has a lot of twists and turns,
Pictures and moments I want to burn,
Piece of me I want to torn.

Everyone around me doesn't really care anymore,
They always thinking about their own lives and more,
Pushing you and kicking you out the door,
Saying, "You shouldn't be here, anymore."

People are sucks all the time,
They are thinking that I'm fine,
And living my whole life without a fire,
So why do you think I write this rhyme?

All the imperfections and flaws,
Is all you can see in a row,
Attacking with your neatly sharped claws,
On my body where my suicidal blood flaws.

Don't ask me why I take my life,
All of you left me one choice, and that is to fly,
Don't come too late and asking my mom why,
You know the reason why I chose to die.
French Roast
frosted in
a tumbler
that fled
cafe while
a wrapper
stirred a
book but
pan its
inside the
heart tonight
only chilly
wire towed
bones was
potent witchcraft  
found riviera
dialectal assail.
Shadowhollow Nov 2017
Her eyes were once full of love
Full of hope , that he'd be good for her

Her eyes are now dull , broken
Full of despair as she realised .....
He's no better than the rest
He went and  broke her heart

And that was when the girl thought what's the point? Cause love always leaves you the same way it found you
Broken ,
Full of pain.
So someone tell me what's the point ?
Mims Oct 2017
You cannot die from holding your breath
Eventually you just lose consciousness
I cannot die from this
But I can have a sharp pain in my chest

This is absolutely no where near the end for me
I am just no longer concious
Of a point with you..
Coping mechanism ex machina
coolkidswrite Oct 2017
if you break my heart
i will be sure to break something of yours
Ilunga Mutombo Sep 2017
You better love her more than I love her
Heal all her scars
Speak to her insecurities
Be her security
Show her loyalty
Respect and honor who she wants to be

I raised her
now it's your turn to raise her beautiful gifts
Love them and cherish them
Embrace them and adore them

Love her and she will love you more
She will never let you go
A Barker Sep 2017
Everyone has a breaking
Even the most good hearted people  
I am dust.
Blown by the wind
And rained down
By evaporated seas,
And flowing
And glowing
And starting
A sneeze.

I am dust.
Just a tiny piece
Of earth,
Just a flying piece
Of rock,
not steady,
But ready
for permanent

I am dust.
Not now,
But always,
And important
Through all days
Like Saturn
Or Plato
Or Gods
On walls.

I am dust.
And as dust flows
And as wind blows
And as my
Soul beats
With ashes,
I will
Forever be
Have a look at a piece of dust floating on a down coming ray of light. And exhale towards i, to have its course changed. That is how we both are, you and I, dear reader. Dust, on the waves of time.
Sylkie Smoothie Jun 2017
It's clear that I have lost friends
That's what fire in your soul and the resulting fearlessness brings
I don't have a lot of intelligent open minded people rifling through my works or giving them the attending  or attention they deserve. They might overlook the irony sarcasm, wit or inherent fairness that is so carefully crafted into endless themes. Sometimes a social leveler, others a defensive maneuver of a wounded animal or all out aggressive neutralizing campaign. Regardless, I never wrote for any of them, I wrote for me.
They were just lucky I let them see.

- The SS
I don't mind being called a racist, Marxist, freedom fighter, guerella or any thing else because if you never stood up and said something about something despite what someone might think; you never helped change the world.
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