It's clear that I have lost friends
That's what fire in your soul and the resulting fearlessness brings
I don't have a lot of intelligent open minded people rifling through my works or giving them the attending  or attention they deserve. They might overlook the irony sarcasm, wit or inherent fairness that is so carefully crafted into endless themes. Sometimes a social leveler, others a defensive maneuver of a wounded animal or all out aggressive neutralizing campaign. Regardless, I never wrote for any of them, I wrote for me.
They were just lucky I let them see.

- The SS

I don't mind being called a racist, Marxist, freedom fighter, guerella or any thing else because if you never stood up and said something about something despite what someone might think; you never helped change the world.
Julia W Jun 7

I am purple
I am blue
I am all of the colors
Mashed together to form a cool toned brown
I am all of the little things
Pressed together to make an explosion
I am everything and nothing
All at the same time
I feel like I know where I’m going
But I don’t know were this is going
This used to make a point
And now it’s lost
So this is goodbye

AB May 17

How I
See myself,

Is not how
See me.


The door shuts behind me
I hear the locks engage
Click, click, click
The blinds close
It's dark
In silence I listen
I wait
I wander
Hands stretched
I feel nothing
I see nothing
So I sit and do nothing
But now I'm stuck in the cold
Dark and lonely
So I stand and walk forward
Reach forward
For change
For Light
For the open door

My weakness point ...

since i knew ...
since i close my eyes...
i see you ...
since i open my eyes...
i miss you ...
since i stop talking ...
i think of you ...
and since i start talk ...
i just only talk about you ...
and about the longings inside me...
since i knew you ...
i have nothing to do ...
only to dream about you ...

you are all what i think about ...
you became my day and night ...
my awaken and all dreams ...
you became my weakness point ...
and my all world ...
with every beat ...
with every breathe ...
yes you are ..
my weakness point now ...

love you my sweet real love ...
and my weakness point ...

hazem al ...

weakness love
Zan Balmore Apr 5

My mouth tastes like fireworks
Grown with love
Enjoyed with care
Blitz blaze ignite a truth
Obviously there
Watch smoke go drifting
You, too, reach to the sky
No less a person than the news
Under the influence
Under all things
Matchsticks, boxes, food makes
Mountains in our kitchen
Rot smell, cancerous, foul
Presence in our home
Under the mountain
Insect in flesh
I'm nothing more,
Am I, than under the influence?
It's true. Which celebrities locally
Represent you? Senate, what? Political duress.
Kaitlin Olson, say something poignant
Or in dark we die, speak well, or we'll be Jersey soon
Save me with your confirmed link to God,

Illuminati confirmed

Walk slow
Think fast
Tilt your head
Slightly back

Focus in
Fade out
All the noise
From the crowd

Step back
Seek out
Breathe in
And out doubt

This now
Focal point
Is how

Keep the routine going...

When I focus, I can pull the walls
And create the shadows that only the artist sees

Like the distant corners of the dreary hall
Nobody knows internally what is happening to me

Whenever I focus inward, and throw the ball
Precariously, towards another

Because when I am focused I am me
And I am never afraid to fall

That is the secret within me
That when I try, I pull the walls

Inward at a unparalleled speed
Until the path is known to me

And it narrows out like the distant hall
Because when I focus, I can pull the walls

orangesherbet Feb 14

why should i exist,

when i am of no importance the world?

why should i exist,

when i am of no value to anyone?


the world keeps spinning


everyone keeps going

on with their lives,

whether or not

i exist,

why should i exist?

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