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Go where the road untangles and unfurls
by those cliff side views over those blue curls
lit only by those high beams off those white pearls.

Only sense of direction is the road ahead
no going back just only forwards instead
as going prevents drifting to the sea bed.

The white sea foam crashes amongst the shore
those high beams persist only for Salvadore
the light bends around the corner then no more.
The seaside below and its ebb and flow.
Cae Apr 22
that feeling you get when you see others living in the moment
you’re there in this moment, but not the focus of it
on the sidelines, you’re like a ghost
you aren’t part of the moment, but you contribute to its existence

like a side character, you don’t interfere
watch as the main characters make the moment clear
you don’t dare to step past the invisible boundaries, fearing you’ll ruin the moment

like a camera, you catch the moment, but you aren’t part of it
it’s like a coming of age movie, except you’re the extra with one line

people say you’re the main character, but you know that isn’t true
the main character doesn’t watch from a bench
the main character doesn’t swipe through stories of friends
the main character doesn’t stand under a roof as people play in the rain

you’re the side character, and you know it
you’re the side character, just living through the moment
Lee Aaun Mar 24
just to become someone
who never get hurts;
i try to become an  i m m o r t a l
who lives long,
without feeling sad
to say goodbye to those
who was once standing by his side
my wish to be happy
there she was
pure as ice
i didn't know at first
as she came to serve
by my side
stay safe. always. <3
Nikkie Jan 30
We never have the essential answers, to the questions in our daily lives.
God takes the lead and remains in control.
God touches our hearts beyond wishes untold.
I know you’re hurting so very much; I want to help but I don’t know how.
This storm of yours is barreling toward you; sweeping you up and spinning you within.
You hide behind your strength for others;
but you my friend need someone too!
I can’t imagine, in my wildest dream the intensity
of your pain; the complexity of your damaged will!
To lose so many whom you love so dearly, has got to be
robbing your emotion.
When your insides feel like a drowning sorrow,
When your days and nights regret tomorrow,
When your eyes tear up behind their sockets,
(because you refuse to let your feelings show).
When you just don’t want to be the “old” you,
When you can’t see yourself making it through.
When you just can’t seem to gain any control.
When you feel like giving it all up for good,
When your pain and hurt is misunderstood.
Always remember what I am saying.
Dearest friend in “my whole wide world”,
Our Heavenly father is right by your side.
We have our pain and rock hard endings.
We have our trials and tribulations.
We have our moments of dis-repair.

We have our moments when we just don’t care.
But you serve a God who is all around you.
Holding you close in your raging storm.
You may not see it; you may not feel it.
But God is standing faithfully behind you;
waiting for you to Trust him and fall.
Lulu Sarmiento Dec 2020
And then.
Love fell.
Night is day.
Day is night.
Circling around.
Endless bound.
Words' Worth Dec 2020
How's the sea without your kisses
That usher in the death of many suns
When the day is done, the sunset is for us
But, you aren't there, I wish you were

In an eternal sleep, celebrating our adolescence
On the salty air, seagulls float without care
We could be just like them, and when the sun comes
I just want you sleeping beside me, and you no longer awake

Counting sheep to keep that fragility so cherished
In an embrace, a calm will break every inchoate barrier
With an influx of waves keeping the depression away
We will be sitting on the dock of the bay
Its a poem, except a lofi mix...
Bhill Nov 2020
the feelings that exist don't seem real
suddenly relief is beginning to rise up
change may be waiting on the other side of the twisted highway
on the other side....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 301
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
Hatred is one of the side effects of jealousy.
Hammad Sep 2020
And just like the moon
We all have the dark side
withing ourselves,
from scars of time,
craters of hopes and dreams
that can't be known- at all
just like the tidal force
it has slowed us
to the point
where we always put on
the bright side...
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