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As sure as my blue-eyed skies are blue
That will never be normal
It will always be you
Side By Side
Johnny walker Nov 30
To side two every street but always thought In
my life the wrong side
of the street Is to where always I
Till the day I met my wife
to be, that day I must have crossed, not being aware to the other side of the street
the day my luck turned
But since Helen has passed away seems as If I've returned back to the wrong side of the street so
many mistakes made since
she's been gone, got to find my way back to right side of
the street In order to survive
Always thought In life I'd walked the wrong side of the street till the day my luck changed
In a minute,
I'm a *** smirk.
A shiny fang to show.
This pleasure, bundled
into nerves,
will decompose.

There isn't one chance.
Not one savior.
it still takes
its molasses-sweet-***-time.

I won't pray.
I won't wait.
As I am
& I shall be
the anti-divine.

I'm a literal *******.
I've long since comes to terms,
to terms with it.
I'm a depiction of the pits.
I've long since loved my worst,
my worst and best.


In a minute,
I'm a lost eye.
A stab wound, deep & old.
This sadness, bound
in my synapses,
wants me to know:

There is no escape.
No dissuasion.
it wrestles
my ill logos for control.

I won't pray.
I won't pray.
As I am
& I shall be
funny chemicals.

I'm a literal *******.
I've long since comes to terms,
to terms with it.
I'm a depiction of the pits.
I've long since loved my worst,
my worst and best.
Alan S Bailey Nov 24
Without the scientifically intangible, we will never know
The true value of creativity. Once you see beyond,
Where we will all go, you will lose yourself in the eyes
That glow, you see yourself thus reflected in the driven snow.

See how I'll get lost in this game! I can't complain,
Chances are there isn't much time for me,
There is a whole world of trouble after I am free,
But then again wouldn't there always be?

So I float here suspended in this state I arise...whilst
Burnt coffee grind's smell wakes me, I will never again
See the other side until I go back and close my eyes.
Johnny walker Nov 16
Dark befalls me now
only the light of a
silvery moon to cast
a beam of light across
the remaining
fragments of
Shattered pieces of my
life once I shared with
my wife, can't put the
pieces of once shared
life back together
Descending darkness silence all around me now
Poetic T Nov 1
We must be the Shepheard of our thoughts.

And the only sheep to follow us,
are our deliberations,
that we collect the wool
                  of contemplation from.

For no man should follow another,
          be less than what his worth is.

                           Only side by side are we all equal.
Rox Oct 17
He lays
While the leaves sit underneath
the brilliance of sincerities tree,

and thinking to you
were all the things done by.

As it were
Pages left turned and inkless
What's left behind inside
the minds of an intertwining summer
a conclusion predesignated.

I saw to you,
just as I waved hello to goodnight’s moon.
As they touched along the surfaces
fleeting into the skin
A welcomed wound.

And didn’t you know,
That the pictures I stole
Of every point of you
Were etching onto sheets of heaven
into the reflections of the mirrors
that sit before your bedside.

While it rests
with mixed spirits,
the roses that I bore

Passing through glowing bodies
are the images you started to dream with me
while the silences burrow

A judgement left only partially bridged.
Melded with the manifestation of adoptions quest

And as the calls ring in secluce,
I still feel that this alley is ghostless
Lest this vase breathe the life
of unwilted flowers

where the flip sides meet
on the evenings tides
joined by charmed indifferences

in company with the character
of an old flame,
only tangible with
lights which lay ahead.

medleyed in to what's to be.

Thank you.
Peter Balkus Oct 16
He is waiting for me
on the other side,
where I'm heading to
every day of my life.

And further I get,
better I see
him sitting there,
waiting for me.

Very familiar
his face seems to be.
He looks so alike,
it's actually me.
Keonna Oct 11
Static, static,
Why do you awaken me Charlie?
Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep?
Static, static,

I’m sorry Keonna,
It’s just that your the only energy that I️ can see,
Static, static,

Why do you watch over me?
Are you trying to scare me?
Static, static,

No, no, I️ wish to communicate,
This the only time we can talk when it’s late,
Your energy strong,
Why can’t we communicate for long?
Static, static,

Because Charlie I️ have to get up for work,
And I️ don’t know anything about the other side and it’s mysterious perks,
Say Charlie, where are your from?
Are you from a different plane, planet or dimension?
How come feeling your presence I️ always hear a thump?
Static, static,

Something like that,
But there is something I️ want you to do,
Static, static,

I️ can’t hear you?
What is it you want me to do?
Static, static,

Charlie? Where are you?
Static, Static, Static.
(Genesis chapter 1:6 and *** said: “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the water, and let the waters be divided by the water.” I never understood this statement, well not until I wrote this poem).
The ocean.
It’s just a wetter version of the sky
a graveyard' of poetry
that broke into my heart and open my eyes,
and I saw the brightest darkness mirror reading
handwritten dreams cuffing the stars consoling the rain
whom tears laugh

and in that laughter, I hear the words
*** hates you
these insulting tears that only once *** could hear
now speaks to me with warring tongues
and I had nothing deep to say
just a crushed sentence
a pile of regret
a sky that jumped on my train thought
and we went from an angelic blue to a halo of black.

***, I do apologize if you feel like I have displeased you.
See I have been searching for a weightless ***
because the others are too heavy
and too weak like watered down gospel,
Weak like the dark side of poetry
Weak like a religious inside joke no one gets
Forgive me for you know everything I don't

so tell me am I a self-portrait of you and will you promise to
clean ***** lost souls like mine
and will u forgive me for having an enchanted mind
You see I often mistook you for a poem that has never been written
Mistook you for masculine words that became undone
I mistook you  for a selfless father that has more than one son
Mistook you for a sky filled with multiple sunsets.

I know nothing of you,
you unseen ***
tell me am I of the other ***
am I his fleshly creation standing outside my normal heartbeat
and on the footnotes of his story
standing breathing whirlwinds on death ears of soundless music
into the lungs of his bible
The lungs of his heaven that often resembles the blood stains in his ****

blood that flows throughout my veins and into an anthem of sorrow
Sung with broken tongues
sorrow buried in all kind if ancient languages
And I sit in this **** crying with roses
that's been wounded by his thoughts and
his words shoved into each other and I hate this

so much that I stripped down to pain and
I am exposed ***** with caution
and I can see that my heart is a jealous *** also
an egoistic ghost filled with love I never felt
a love that has no title

a love I am not entitled to feel
and why should I be
When that *** knows I am a sleepwalking addict high off of pain
why should I be when that *** knows I am as useless as a headless butterfly
When I should be more like the ocean
Yeah just a wetter version of the sky
The human body is made up of 75% water
(So in Genesis chapter 1:6 when *** said “Let the water be divided by the water.” Where did that water go? It is in me).
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