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I stay by your side, no matter what.
My heart is always by your side. In fact my mind can lying.
Bhill Aug 31
Is it understood that time is of no value
It's wasted
It passes
It creates aged elements

What if time ceased
Think hard about this
Hard, I mean think heavy

What if time sped up
This needs to be considered
In all quirks of the natural world

Time is unexplained
Time possesses numerous undertakings
Time, is it on our side?

Brian Hill - # 223
Is time on your side?
Maria Etre Aug 20
I left no stone unturned
now they thank me
for they see
"Darling, if there’s one thing I learnt this year it is to never get attached to someone unless they feel the same towards you. Never lean on someone who wouldn’t do the same. Never care too much about someone who doesn’t care about you. Never give too much of your mind, time and heart to someone who wouldn’t give you back. Because the truth is one sided expectation can mentally and emotionally destroy you."
Johnny walker Jul 24
The registrar final words after anouncing Helen
and I man and wife was
take good care of her she's a
good one
I already knew that but
nice to hear her say but I knew from the very first
time Helen and I first
She had a heart of gold to
kind sometimes some people would take advantage of her generosity and she would get
But when I married Helen I
made a promise to take care of her no matter what I would be there for
In twenty years we were together I never left her
side but life can be cruel and
the twenty
was all we were allocated not a day more would be granted
but In those twenty years had the time of my life In twenty years I never left her
Anastasia Jul 19
You love me
or you love me not
Pick a side
Tell me what you thought
What you thought when I cried
Almost died
Love me
Love me not

Running out of flowers
Petals falling
Making perfumed showers
I stand there
In the middle of the wind
Love me
Love me not
Darling have I sinned?

Tell me what to do
So you'll love me too
Love me
Love me not
9:30 p.m.
lost Jul 15
would it really be a crime,
for you and i to stand side by side?

would it truely bring dispare
for you and i to share

would it bring joy
for you and i to enjoy,

this soft embrace
just one time?

a kiss as soft as snow
a subtle touch of hands,

oh darling,

would it truely enrage the land
for us to just hold hands?
Seanathon Jul 12
My anthem struck me like a chord
When a Willow tree become a whip

As a leaf I'd yet to be truly born
Into the confidence of another tune

It was The Killers first who slew my fear
Who called my snapping hand a whisp

With a firey, crackling, flailing hiss
My anthem, adrenaline, I'm in love with you
Open up your eager eyes
Invisible Jul 1
A rope has two ends, a story has two sides.
But we only see one.
The moon has two sides,
There are two types of right.
And two types of wrong.

But we only see one because it is the only one we can see. The only one we want to see.
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