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We can walk to the other side
One by one, our minds open wide
A better money - a better way
Walk to the other side today

Walk to the other system now
Feel the freedom it allows
Leave the distorted money scheme
And join the secure Bitcoin stream

When you walk to the other side
Help others cross - as humble guide
Pave the path and improve the way
Use patience in what you do and say

Our money will only stick around
With a money system truly sound
So walk to the other side with me
That we and our children can be free
This is Bitcoin Poem 004 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).
yıldız Jan 19
I used to call you my starlight,
cause you made my life bright,
you were always on my mind,
all i wanted was you by my side,
for the rest of my life...

but your light made me go blind,
made me not realize when you died inside...
Why did i not put my feelings aside,
when i noticed that you fake smiled,
to hide the fact that you just cried?
i know this is a messy poem but its dedicated to a special person... if you all have any recommendations please feel free to comment them down below.
Chloe Dec 2021
Searching for something
that stars with “S”
and ends in “tonin”
to heal my thoughts.

Just hand me a cigarette
I already have cancer
of the soul

Searching for something
that starts with “Oxy”
and ends in “tocin”
I drain the ocean
from me
as it drains from you

Just prescribe me
the ******* Prozac
I’ll never feel pleasure
ever again, anyways

Is there a cure for dry mouth?
Anais Vionet Sep 2021
Dissolve your genuine self
hide your natural traits
deny your heritage
forsake social interests
and embrace the darker side of love.
it happens more often than you may think
The smell of fresh summer peaches fill the air,
a willow tree blows gently under a sunny abyss.
Silence fills the caterpillars cocoon and here I lay under the moon.
Hot night, soft breeze, smell of whiskey underneath the trees.
Crops are a grow'n' and the farmers fiddle sits on the hay.
Bonfires, beers and roasting fish on a smear rod snicket.
In the distance the scare crow stands tall and strong to protect the farmers land.
Animals squawk, hibernate and lock themselves in for a winter cold coming ahead.
Snowflakes fall, warm stew to be made by mom, morning comes, cup of chow time to relax with grandpa Jo.
Seasons pass and Spring is here at last,
muddy puddles, ***** feet, time to plant more growing seeds.
Life is beautiful, so is time, make it right and you shall find,
the touch, and warmth of every goodnight
Life's Seasons, Summer to Spring
Two people are all the same
If you see them in one frame
But they have two sides
The one I guess have sit besides
Two people are all the same
I think that is I am
But another's hide
And also need a guide
Indonesia, 2nd July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Nylee May 2021
Why does the moon keep on hiding their dark side,
Am I turning into just like you,
reflecting the bright and hiding in the dark night.
David Naumann May 2021
Go where the road untangles and unfurls
by those cliff side views over those blue curls
lit only by those high beams off those white pearls.

Only sense of direction is the road ahead
no going back just only forwards instead
as going prevents drifting to the sea bed.

The white sea foam crashes amongst the shore
those high beams persist only for Salvadore
the light bends around the corner then no more.
The seaside below and its ebb and flow.
Cae Apr 2021
that feeling you get when you see others living in the moment
you’re there in this moment, but not the focus of it
on the sidelines, you’re like a ghost
you aren’t part of the moment, but you contribute to its existence

like a side character, you don’t interfere
watch as the main characters make the moment clear
you don’t dare to step past the invisible boundaries, fearing you’ll ruin the moment

like a camera, you catch the moment, but you aren’t part of it
it’s like a coming of age movie, except you’re the extra with one line

people say you’re the main character, but you know that isn’t true
the main character doesn’t watch from a bench
the main character doesn’t swipe through stories of friends
the main character doesn’t stand under a roof as people play in the rain

you’re the side character, and you know it
you’re the side character, just living through the moment
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