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I realize this may sound
Well. Somewhat unnatural

Can you at least
Allow me to watch you

How soon love
Gets forgotten
Then Shall I bid you
Good night my love
Traveler Tim
Our days roll away like dropped coins.
Individual moments are continually lost,
Often never to be reflected upon again.
But the epochs of a full life remain,
Safeguarded by the cushions of our couch,
Waiting for when we are in need of a treat.
Bhill Oct 25
bliss anticipates
does it need to be needed
is bliss happening

Brian Hill - 2019 # 265
We could all use some bliss.
Mandalina Jul 25
"I want you in my life"
"I have to have you in my life"
"I need you in my life"

you say
as you put me on a dusty shelf
and I'm forgotten
all over again

Cat Lynn May 4
You obviously had no time to give
YYC Apr 27
my winter's blue,
just evaporates,


                sunny hue,

the moment you appear.

           please don't just disappear,

             you're needed here.

you're needed here
I am
who I am
and your approval
is not needed!
I am me!
Nat Lipstadt Apr 8
You seem to know where you're needed

to whom this command addressed is a crazy me-man,
a street walking big DaVinci ibearded mumbler,
the kind you would cross the street
before the smell is close enough
to sending you running, not just
politely walking fast but a souped up
hi-yo silver away!

this guise no surprise,
you must and do
already know where I’m needed,
sealing the pact with a yellowtine post-it
writ in simple block letters ordered in a brewed cafe,
my latte arrive states my name as

come see me

come to the time the place and the date

and prepare oneself for twenty and fours
of rigid interoperability as our systems
interface reach the pure state of 100%
ultimate wordless dialogue

in with by
perfect silence

you will write a verse,
my reciprocation
is already prepared

this terse repartee
will many spawn poems generational
for your family amazing and extended

an elephnat never forgets,
his servers are a rolling stone
with no direction home,
capacity unknown
every blade sighted retained,
and every sensate glance
a phrase seeded

departure will find me clean shaven,
pressed jeans neat,
and shod in well worn dockers,
cloaking my innate invisibility

when the children ask who was that,
you’ll sage reply

one new who knew where one was needed
April  8  4/6/nought nineteen
10:13 am
Johnny walker Mar 29
Never thought I'd be left and to have to face this world alone without her now I'm so lonely now I am, but In my
I hear Helen whispered voice as she speaks to me so soft and so very sweet
telling that she misses me and that she lonely
but how very cruel this world can be, take maybe the only thing that lover have that of each other their one true
Live can be very cruel to take what Is sometimes all lovers have that of each other
Johnny walker Mar 20
Something life doesn't always turn out the way you expect It to many things can go
just as they did with mine struggle most of my life
through each every day
then out of the
this pretty girl she came my way when I saw I knew
I loved her right there and then first time In my life I really
had something that was
right through all my struggles
In life, I finally had something In life to believe and really want so badly I would have died for
The first time In my life I had found something I so badly wanted the love of this pretty girl who had come my way
out of the blue my friend
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