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Beckie Davies Dec 2020
correct me if i'm wrong
but i cannot be corrected
sorry but i'm not actually sorry
i cannot help being right
do not correct me
Maegan deme Nov 2020
Let me start out by saying-
that I have absolutely nothing to say
Now maybe that should be a bad thing and,
don't get me wrong it most definitely is for poetry.
not for everything else.
I don't have anything to say anymore
because I've said it all, all I want to, Needed to say.
and I can't seem to want to write because my writing is supposed to help me think and organize clumps of words

into lines

and lines
into stanzas
and stanzas into-


but its gone,
I asked myself where the magic went
and the only conclusion is
that the magic wasn't there to start,
my emotions were.
my fuel fracked and burned up
because the poetry helped me live.

and now I don't know how to live without it.
I'm addicted and can't even make my own cravings
Bhill Oct 2020
im tired of the conflicts erupting between us all
let's get our act together and answer the needed call
the politics and policies are in grave need of revision
why can't we get together to avoid the mad collision
throw away all the so call facts and see what's going on
quit throwing your temper into the fray and creating a nation that's gone...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 278
Colm Jul 2020
Humming by the rivers run
My feet at a loss for words most forward
Nothing is left in the wake of everything
And I’m certainly not bored
But stop
And by the meadow besideme you may see
Like water or breath
Like droplets of sunlight behind concrete cold
Or faith and love and homeruns high
I need this time like the trees need the sky
And in not knowing I
Find that I cannot breathe in this sort of life
Tony Tweedy Apr 2020
I came upon the page and thought to write of who I am and who I was.
I thought it best to explain the things that people saw when they looked my way.
How I came to be what I see in my own reflection.
I gave benefit of doubt that they would or could then have some understanding. Perhaps naivety was my flaw?
The more I wrote the fewer looked.
Is it simply me or the openness that makes it so?
Is it what they see or the not wanting to really know?
Could it be that honesty is a frightening thing?
Am I better off to keep secrets and carry a facade?
Would then perhaps more be interested in who I am?
Would they then have the time to stop a while?
Or is it simply having seen they see no value?
And yet it is that I still need to fill the page...
and to hope someone will see me and stop a while.
To be noticed. To be known. To connect. Not by some pretence... but for who you are... not what they gain.
Karli Z Feb 2020
[ ]
like the space,
i am square
because i was
was not there.
be there or be square. I'm so sorry for this garbo post, but it needed to be done.
Traveler Dec 2019
I realize this may sound
Well. Somewhat unnatural

Can you at least
Allow me to watch you

How soon love
Gets forgotten
Then Shall I bid you
Good night my love
Traveler Tim
Our days roll away like dropped coins.
Individual moments are continually lost,
Often never to be reflected upon again.
But the epochs of a full life remain,
Safeguarded by the cushions of our couch,
Waiting for when we are in need of a treat.
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