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adept 2d
u can love her
just don’t forget me in the meantime

that always seems to happen
what have i done to deserve this
I wasn’t looking for love but it found me.
This was the place where I first saw you,
Now places turning into memories, and memories filling my mind.
Was the nights this long or am I going crazy.
Am I in your head or am I alone, on my own with your smile in front my eyes.
I wasn’t looking for you but you found me.
Bede Sep 20
When I walked to the restroom
The way he smiled at me
Tore my soul to shreds
He looked like he won you, he smiled as a Victor. I trust you when you said you didn't have a backburner, but his smile, his smile still hurt.
Aurora Camet Sep 11
Life isn't simple.

Nothing is ever easy.

When was it easy?
Who ever said anything was easy?
Helen Was my everything my night and day I just
loved her In every way totally devoted I actually become obsessed with
Even though she gone I've now become obsessed with writing poems dedicated to
her none stop writing poetry stories of her life our life together
Seanathon Aug 22
Care, without a world in the air

And one leg propped up upon the other

      As if the universe didn't exist

      As if the words and thoughts were as one, unminced

And so I am introduced to you once again

My future friend

Tuesday 12 - Was in a meeting
Johnny walker Aug 21
Done my share of pretending
at school so I would put on my mask and  became the the great pretender In order to avoid any
Became the classroom clown
quick witty just fooling around almost like an actor taking lots of different challenging
I was a great pretender and became very good at It so much so It would wind up the bullies to point of
But nothing they could do to hurt me for I had my on fan club to whom I made laugh so they protected
as time passed I grew strong learned how to get along able to talk my way out of any heated confrontations for I was truly the great
Äŧül Aug 17
The caste-based discrimination,
Warranted by caste-based reservation,
In the Indian nation;

It brings people on the roads so often,
Their feelings refuse to soften,
With blood of men, roads soon glisten;

Few wanting newer reservation,
Some wanting more reservation,
None thinking about deservation;

They all cry reservation aloud,
Getting alms, they feel proud,
Disaster is hidden in a shroud;

Politicians cash in on the issue,
If you're needy, they won't miss you,
Arrange your own teary tissue;

The caste politics they're playing,
Truly careless they're behaving,
Threats they're manufacturing;

Caste-based reservation is like a fire,
These crutches will take none higher,
Remember, remember this lone flyer.
The world needs to worry about the Indian caste-based reservation system, which instead of banishing the misinterpreted Varṇ Vyavastha, further making the caste lines more pronounced.

Read my novel that critiques the Indian system.

My novel is a love story of how a young man protects his fiance and fights with death once again on the flight to Hamburg as (currently only fictional) terrorists attempt to hijack it.

In the novel, "7 Seconds: A Typical Guy, Atypical Life" by Atul Kaushal, 7 July 2017 is the date that Akshant Kautilya takes the flight from New Delhi to Hamburg and is engaged in a struggle against the hijackers who demand repealing of the Indian caste-based reservation system.

If you prefer reading the hard-copy version then you can now read my novel in its hard-copy version apart from its eBook version.

My HP Poem #1760
©Atul Kaushal
Johnny walker Aug 12
I wished Helen could made
to the summer she should have at seen her last one but to pass away In the cold and dark of winter just didn't seem fair to me always felt she had been
For Helen loved the summer it was then she came to alive
like a flower seed  she'd lay waiting for the spring to arrive for the sun to melt
the snow ice all
Her pale skin of winter kissed away by the warming of the sun just like a flower that's blooms In spring but life Is Sometimes cruel for she missed the best
summer we had In many
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