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maybe it's about time you knew
all those days i spent hiding from you
it was all because i was ashamed
i was terrified of the look i'd get from you
i was paralyzed knowing you'd hate me forever
for all those hurtful words i said
for all the lies people told you
i am sorry
but how could i accept forgiveness after all these years
you were utter perfection
my dearest love and i tore it apart
but i am no longer afraid for your soul
i see you've been swept off your feet by an angel
and she adores you with everything she is
i'm so happy
but i am also heartbroken and jealous
of a love, i could not give you and denied to you
i suppose jealously gets us all
deception playing around with our little minds
it was about time i told you what i feel
maybe one day when i run into you on the street
when you look at me the way you used to
and everything will back into place the way it was
even though you're so close
i know i'll never be enough for you
of course, i still think about you every day
because all those days i spent hiding from you
made me want you even more

now you know
such a foolish child i was
oh how we neglect young love
but it's so raw and real

-your sunshine
carole 6d
One day,
I allowed myself to let go.
I was no longer a label.
I was no longer a dancer.
I was no longer beautiful.
I was no longer a poet.
I was no longer a woman.
I was no longer black.
I just was.
Daksh Dec 1
Bouquets, fragrances
Soft clothes and winter

Smell was in the air
Trying to get cozy
When I think about you
I shake;

It was winter
The windows were lonely
And the roofs were sad

This time I didn't shake
felt warm
In the iceing chill

Where hearts turned to cold
And love to ash
Desyrae Dec 1
your honey brown eyes
something I was
in love with
Maxim Keyfman Nov 30
and turned off the lights in the daytime
turned off the light and it was snowing outside
it is snowing outside today

and I'm still still waiting

aL Nov 30
Am I a fool
To be puzzled still
On how you just be?
Not even trying,
To be so charmful.
Master thief of attention
Redeemer of dead affection
Hoping I could catch the name
Even in eleventh hour
New joke it is
Erica Girone Nov 29
I don’t remember peace
Chaos has never left my side
Not ever a sense of release
Not ever a place to hide
Watching my joy decrease
As my age multiples
I can feel myself breathing
But am I truly alive
Sunshine Nov 19
he was a poet. she was his muse.
they danced like a wind song. carefully through the world.
a rushing storms of love. nothing in between.
except for the secrets. little lies about another.
his poetry turned sour. her anxiety-ridden soul.
they cried tears in the dark. they played slow songs.
he was her poet. she was his muse.
they stood lies and tears.
thinking of tomorrow and tomorrows sweet regret.
nevermind the love. nevermind the others.
he was a caring soul. she was a wild one.
they whispered carelessly. she held his hand.
without the pain. without the hurt.
he would have been better without her.
she would have been better with him.
she was a liar. he was perfection.
for he is a poet & she is a muse.
im sure you know who you are.
xoxo sorry ive been away so long

Sketcher Nov 13
I was used used as a temporary coping device.
I am trying not to be ignored, but also trying not to be seen as clingy.
I will continue feeling pain without changing anything and just see what happens.
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