Purcy Flaherty Jul 2017

I was just in the closet July 1988
Not a word was said; a couple of whispers,
And an obvious desire to fuck,
Mop buckets and the stink of her pussy,
Harsh staggered breaths tell the truth,
Petulant hands and harsh fingers.
Nickers and pants half pulled down,
Hard truths pushing through,
I had to fuck her from behind,
Very confined, quick, clumsy, erotic, release.
Her mate waiting outside, bold as brass,
We both staggered out; she looks at me real tough and says,
I’m next and fuck I was back in the closet 1988

Two brazen cleaners take the new boy in the closet in 1988
Audora Jan 6

Her body was a garden
of subdued light

Pitter patter my tear drops fall,
that's all you hear but what I feel,
is a stab,
stab stab stab,
a stab in the darkness,
in my heart,
Pitter patter my heart shatters,
Pitter patter,
he put my heart on a platter,
what was I thinking,
My tears fall like rain drops on a window cell,
a dreary day,
fogs up my mind,
the ashes of my burning heart,
leave me blind,
blind was I

Me when I was about 10 when someone desired to play me and get on my fathers good side....
Polka Jan 1

"they have no one to blame
but themselves"
is a common phrase
too common, too dismissive
it acts as a haze
a haze that masks the truth
that truth that maybe there is someone to blame
that someone is the one
who committed the fucking act in the first place.
"They were drunk and vulnerable, they should have expected rape"
Or maybe the heartless bastard shouldn't have broken trust in the first place.
"Drugs are terrible, they should have stopped before someone died"
Addiction is a disease, a plague, blame the disease not the transmission.
"They could've done this, they should've done that"
A victim should never double as the suspect.
So don't go pointing fingers in situations you don't understand.

Marie Dec 2017

I wonder,
If I were born to walk the moon,
Would you shoot for me?

No worries,
it's just a game of hearts
And I'm a little rusty.
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