Lure Pot 23m

They deserve better than I can be.
How many times I have just wanted to shoot myself.
It would save them the trouble of having to deal with me.
I can’t give them what they want
I can barely give them what they need
I don’t know how to do this
My monthly income barely covers what everyone needs.
I am so tired…
I give my all but it is not enough.

Maybe God does not like me.
It’s the truth.
I am a divorced mother of four.
I have no family no help.
I already work two jobs at least 75 hours a week.
I have no time to sleep.
When I do I have night terrors.
My husband did not want me.
Why would anyone else.
My kids they love me but they go without things they need.
I am about to pick up a 3rd job tomorrow.
I can’t do anything right and I am ugly.
Tell me he loves me?
No one loves me….

I have begged him for years
Where was he when I lived on the streets when I was 12?
Where was he when I was raped when I was 17?
Where was he when I needed him to take me from my husband?
And was stabbed two times in the chest and one time in the kidney?
Where was he when my husband punctured my lung and broke my ribs?
Where is he now?
When I am out of medication and have no help no family?
Nothing to tell anymore…

I  am alone…
I will always be alone…
I am but a speck of dirt to God.
All who are heavy burdened come to me and I will give you rest.
I use to be a Sunday school teacher.

I am sorry….
I am so sorry….
Rah maybe God will help me one day
I wish God will take away this life sucks
Yes I do believe on God.
He is the Almighty.

Sorry I have to find time in-between work and taking care of the kids.
It’s not as easy for me as to be for you.
I don’t have much time.

He was my rose

Beautiful from afar


I'd always bleed

After touching him

But it doesn't imply my falsehood,
Under the wicked sky I live,
Truly unruly my life is right now.

I am very much incompatible.

And not just with herself,
Maybe with everybody else.

Hard are the days alone,
Ageing I'm but gracefully,
Perhaps I'm best left single,
Pouting is an opportunity,
Yes it is inviting me too.

Bask in the calm sunlight,
Ending is another phase,
Indeed this is satisfying,
Nightmares are fading,
Giving me happiness.

Sorry I'm not about her,
I am no-one to crib,
Not about her studies,
Gleeful I must remain,
Long life brings smiles,
Era of my life is common.

My HP Poem #1632
©Atul Kaushal
Madeon 7d

I run into the melody.

the crimson sounds hug me.

i ever struck a still place.

it was a singing rose.

Where are they
I knew them well
Close to me
Life long
Now scarcity
All gone awry
What I loved
Is now 2,400 away

Lure Pot Jun 21

I've seen you with Tiger
You were so smiling
Seen with Bill Parker
You were so charming.

I've seen you with Bill
Shining all red smiles
And seen you with dill
Expanding about miles.

I've seen you Heather
Smiling with Tiger
Seen with your brother
Like funny forever.

You Tiger and Bill
Melt me and kill
Be happy Bill Tiger
And ever you Heather...

Lure Pot Jun 20

I like your smiles
I like your beads
I like your look
I like your mood
I like you cook.
I like your food
I like your case
I like your mind
I like your eyes
I like your kind
I like your friends
So I want you always.

I miss the moment
That was so decent
I miss your touch
I miss you so much.

You are happy and glad
You are cool never sad.
Your eyes, brows and noes
Like so lovely red roses
I miss your sweets look
See your pics that took.
Hey, pretty queen sweeting
I'm still here and waiting!

Zan Balmore Jun 19

Move. Shift. Effortless.
Leave. Return. Don't.

Where the love was grown.
Dejected earth.

Cry. Wallow. Fatigued.
Return or Don't.

The flora found the trashcan.

Have your empty earth.

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love ya'll
chris Jun 1
n w

where did you go?

you said you would stay by my side
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