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derblue Jul 2021
The first time we met, you were only a nuisance in my world.
The moment you spoke, I made a face full of disgust.
Who could stand that level of obnoxiousness.
Days, Weeks, Months have passed then we meet again.

We met again on a different circumstance.
You said Hi, I said Hello. You were intrigued by who I was.
Asked questions to our common friend, you were in awe.
Little did you know so was I. The vibe you gave off, the things we have in common. Hmmm is this kismet?

The timing was truly perfect. They said it plays a big role.
The only problem was we weren't right for each other.
We tried, we pushed into it but it was already a disaster right from the beginning.

We were only a mere chapter of each other stories.
You knew me as the fatty girl at the apartment; me on the other hand knew you as the motherfuc*** who keeps blabbing
Alex Oct 2020
do you think, when god created us,
they immediately realized their mistake?
the angels must have hated us
they should
they do.

imagine being the perfect epitome of a being,
only to be cast aside for those who create nothing but unbridled chaos.
"it’s what makes them perfect"
they said once, when one of the angels asked about it
"the chaos?" Gabriel asked
"their humanity."

i'm convinced none of them understood exactly what “humanity” means,
and we don’t either.

the day that i reach the end of the road,
when i meet earth, and my soul is the only thing left
and it just so happens
that the god I write about turns out to be real,
i hope they let me ask this question just once
Leocardo Reis Jul 2020
She was short
Short haired
Short tempered
Short lived.
Simon Soane Jul 2020
I remember us sat looking at Manga cartoons like it was yesterday. But now?
She's gone away.
And I'm just a ghost
in a shell.

When I watch Akira I still hear her.


the fading sound,

our era.
Simon Soane Jul 2020
I miss you,
you don't
street signs disappear,
the road smooth,
bump less,
and then nothing.

Leaves stay on trees
throughout every season,
and forms
and rules
one crying pattern
of loss:
please come back,
I miss you.
Mark Wanless May 2020
saw an episode
of my life
and was not impressed
Nicole Gaudiano Apr 2020
We were the greatest love story of all time
A true tragedy, not ever really standing a chance
But the fireworks!
The showmanship!
It was truly a sight to be seen
But no one, absolutely no one could have guessed we ended like this
Just a story
Something to be admired for a moment in time
The fireworks fade
The show ends
Bongani G-kay Mar 2020
Lucky i was

Rough tough year
It was for me
Tears and fear of being alone.....
I had .....
But you came along
Gave me everything
I ever asked for
Anything i didn't had

I was the head
You were the neck
Gave me balance
You did
Take care for me
You were for me but changes
Changed me
I took advantage
And those were not my intentions
It was the stage
I was growing
Glowing in the dark
Everyone started to noticed me
Through all you stayed
You never left
As they did
They played me
As i was playing you....
Guilty came
Soon you found out
About my affairs
Out of our relationship
It wasn't fair
Even though..... your lies
I trusted you...
Since the day
I layed my eyes
On you
I saw the real amoung
The fake...
You gave you couldn't take
Now i want the chance that comes second
To make
A difference from last
Its the past
We can wipe it away like dust
Even though it keeps coming again
In our memories with pain
We can't complain
Its life
To us....i wish we can say that with glasses of Champaign
And we will drown the pain
Along with our past that passed....

Appreciate those who are real to you
jacquelyn Feb 2020
now i'm just a ghost in your bed
can you feel me where i used to lay my head
do you miss me
i hope you miss me
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