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Katja P 3d
The life so short.
If watch for others live.
The own lives finish could be closer but never ever will enough. Because you live not own life. Because you live a life of others.
Katja P 3d
It getting what it give.
If see mistakes of others.
And never see mistakes.
Which under own nouse.
If see the only negative.
And all around is darkness.
Then we cannot to talk at all.
Because I'm on the light side.
But it still in the darkness.
Laid In my bed all alone but with so many beautiful thoughts running around In my head lost In a fantasy world
created by
A place where I hide since my sweethearts been gone a
place of safety away d
troubles of life free
to live as I
The closest I've ever been to what people call freedom free to roam my dreams at night
explore all
my fantasies
with my Helen at my side
though she's far away she will sometimes come back to visit my dreams were we can live life over again
for I know when she
I hear her footsteps approaching from afar and we can love all over again we go walking out hand In hand off to park we'd go to to
to we're  
we first
Aishah Jul 6
you with your hair parted down the middle
keeping boys in your cradle
carrying toxic spirits of the people
you cuddle on your shoulders
bit by bit
they split into acid
and gather at your feet
you couldn't fly no more

I took a blade to my wings
and tied it up on your back with strings
I spun from my dreams

I jumped the gun for you

bearing the gift I received
from my mother's womb
for us to build a tomb
so you could bury
the weight of mess you carry
on your fingertips

but you
you possessed my feathers and painted them black
smearing curse words, front and back
making my scream your soundtrack
of life, saying
nothing is going to hurt you, baby
but I will
because your naivety
is my cigarettes after ***

your new favourite thing
is to stomp on my heart
and lighting it in flames using the lighter
you burned your cigarettes earlier
making a bonfire, sitting around with that new lover
you told me was dangerous
because I had him first

the audacity

and to think that I considered you
my best friend, my godsend
all the time we spent collecting strength
has come to an end

so now, for my own sake
because I know you didn't care
I cut you off
and then I cut my hair
for those who had to live with betrayal for a while. this is where you and the situation part ways.
Aurora Camet Jul 4
You're on your own, nowhere to go.

Where to run, you just don’t know.

Scared, crying and lying to yourself.

Leaving all you love on the shelf.

You’ll be okay, I swear.

Whenever you need me, I’ll be there.

Just call out when you can’t stand.

I’ll be there to hold you hand.

You’ll never be alone.

You can make this world your own.
Johnny walker Jun 28
Spend most of my time In and out dreams one dreams ends and another begins I'm flying around from dream to
I spend so much time going from dream to dream one dream ends and another begins no longer no what reality really
Spent my life In a dream within dream so unreal my life has been for my dreams are made up from own
Priyam Jun 26
I am my own enemy
Watering fresh dreams
With stale efforts

I am my own foe
Reaping the fruits of
The dead seeds I sow

I am my own rival
Dying of thirst
But trying to drown first

I am my own nemesis
A perpetual decadent
A fool, A pessimist
who was really "me" in that sense
i was hurting "me"  in that mess
they all wanted me in that fence

Check out my poetry blog for the full version of "imperfections" and more.

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
Thank you everyone for reading.
My instagram: @eminkusaslan
Take care -E
don't tell me "you're 'fine' "
tired of wearing this mask on me
there is nowhere you can find m..
c-come back and **-hold me

Check out my poetry blog for the full version of "imperfections" and more.

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
Thank you everyone for reading.
My instagram: @eminkusaslan
Take care -E
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