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How can you be hopeful when your always surrounded by others sadness?
How can you help those who first need to help themselves?
How can you continue to progress in life when everyone around you stays put?
What can you do, when your working on yourself?
How can you bring others with you in life?
How can you let go of those you care about?
Sometimes, the simple answer is the best answer for you,
You say ***** it,
And go off on your own.
Nat Lipstadt Jun 2014

no bequest requested.
no grant, no teach,
no need or greed asked
just a hey listen up,
if your attention is elsewhere

this is an
prayer that
my eyes only utter,
my tongue,
can only watch
and must approve

in fact,
this is more
of a post
than a prayer,
updating you
on the state
of what we Earth temporaries
call the heart, mind, soul
and even our,
crafted carrier,
my body

Mine enemies call me
cursed, embittered,
they are right - but fools,
they are
so much more than wrong,
for in this they err grievous,
for they cannot see their own
bile provisioning their end

ask for no interference
from the sidelines
neither from the
sapphire mother sky
that raised me up gloriously
this morning

nor the emerald earth
that this day
both gives and gets
common bounty
gives me sustenance,
as much spiritual
as grained cereal delights

lest you think this
just one more
me-centric rants,
let us recall this prayer,
is his very own,
prayer of gratitude

woman's head
rests on my chest,
her blonde highlights,
highlight our bed
and our

take and tuck her tresses
from eyes and forehead,
gentle them into place,
behind her ear,
and my hand journeys on
to the skin,
flesh of her backbone,
where my fingers
spread wide,
five messengers unique,
advising all of the 120 provinces of her
heart, mind, soul and body,
she is my beloved,
and I pray,
I am hers

learning still to
live with my means,
such as they are,
sometime mean,
sometimes extraordinaire

even this skill,
to express

is a gratitude
that though
comes and goes
like summer breezes
that as now we pray,
cools my AM coffee
while studying the
patterned mystery
of the bay's
Ave Maria waves
from that

where my heart, mind, soul
drink wet inspiration
from the still-oak-tree'd-strong-surfaced waters,
the blue glue of
our common delighted,
uncommon existence

this skill,
at this moment mine,
to share and
not to keep,
for have I not,
been blessed,
by comrades-in-arms
that kneel beside me,
asking, imploring
to be stronger yet,
for their sakes,
for them!
I pray for
best they-can-muster
sustenance of peace
of heart, mind, soul
and body

here now,
my shills,
my failing skills
cannot help express
in new ways,
a gratitude
that has a shapeless shape,
no measurement app enabled
for their comfort,
our comfort,
best grasped as
an unbounded divinity,
how so I wish I could pray for them better

focus this prayer
on the good ones,
who so greatly honor us
with a greater-than-a-creator,
gift glorious of

this walnut crack'd shell,
this container ship of
heart, mind, soul,
here there,
a few leaks sprung,
no nicotine patches
to cover

this dented car,
this dented body,
new dent every day
from only-you-know-where
still gets me there,

other than taking care better,
it plods along and houses
the rearrangement of this prayer's words,
and that is what is called
plenty good enough,

prayers that are too long
go to the back of line,
so here we be,
but here we do not wait!

for prayers of gratitude
are instantaneous fulfilled,
and thus granted even before
they are completed
the love I feel for all of the people, friends and poets in my life that give me
their best, their perspective...they know who they are..
7:32am on the dock by the bay, another blessing for which I don't have the words but keep on trying...they are..see below...
PostScript -  the pleasure of your affection for this writ, palpable and heart pounding but it only reflects the spirit that working wordsmiths share in loving camaraderie so deep in the hidden roots of this place. For which I swear I will never to cease to write upon this favorite optic topic a loving challenge...very humbly do I thank you
Jieun Mar 8
Why can't I
be your perfect

the daughter
you always wanted
and will always be proud
to have

instead i was the
you regret keeping

i became the
you feel ashamed
to call your own
yellow soul Jan 30
If I were a bird
I know where I would fly
I would fly away
Empress Asa Jan 16
I don't know what is the meaning of no more time in my dream..
I just realized this morning..
I must be strong like before..

I am alone, so I need to cheer me up by my self..
I am alone, so I need keep my own spirit..
I am alone, so I need to be strong..
I am alone, so I need keep my mind always positive thinking.

I just realized..
Maybe if this is my destiny..
Maybe if he said yes on the first meet, he can own me..

I just realized..
I can no longer waiting for empty room..
I need to take care of my mind..
I need to take care of my heart..
I need to take care of my body..
I need to take care everything by my self..

But if he said yes and want take the responsibility, maybe he can own me..
He must understand what kind of effort to protect me..

If he said yes on the first meet..
Maybe I must leave all my things before..

If he said yes on the first meet..
Maybe I must give up all my dreams before..

If he said yes on the first meet..
Maybe I must change my passion..

If he said yes on the first meet..
Maybe he can own me..
Even though I will hurt my self..
I don't care anymore..

I am tired....
You also don't care about me..
You doesn't love me..
This is how
It’s gonna be, forever
Me struggling
To get over my fears
Walls build so high
Always on defence stride
Too closed off
Never let someone in
Sometimes I myself
Feel foreigner to
My own being
Irene J Nov 2019
you did nothing wrong,
it was me who loves the idea of loving you.

I keep avoiding the reality,
hoping that the idea of mine came true.
But the reality, it's far from happening.

I destroy my own soul.
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