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Rainswood Sep 2021
problems of others
are not mine to own.
they are their very own
My new daily mantra
Zoe Mae Aug 2021
Leo cracks a joke
But the moon's not in the mood
Grudgingly she grins
It's true that my heart
was never free without you.
But who else cares now,
after all, life is what we live by ourselves.
Even caring is just an illusion.
Even though we once shared one hope, it turns out that only one of us always gets a share.
O mercy turned into ruins,
those who were once one are now scattered.
I don't mean to say this,
but why don't we live in many points of view.
Can't we just use it however we want?
It's unfortunate that they always follow the mob.
Happy are those who have their own way.
Indonesia, 17th August 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
LearnfromBOBD Jul 2021
Everyone's alive are living a life like its forever
When the owner knows the expiring date laughing often like we won't cry again
Buying luxuries gadget like we are brave
Buying expensive rides like they are only reason
Building houses like they can move it
Shopping expensively, oppressively
Standing to some great feet,
Being notorious.
Your shadow lying on the floor
giving warning, 6 feet is real
Your breathe is been measured by the hours of time.
The steps your feet takes is been counted.
Your happy moments, frustrated moments, sad moments and winning moments are noted.
Your life is designated to a specific death moment
Equipped with some amount of people to attend.
You won't know the person bathing you,
No can't know the coffin carrier,
You don't know anything. Anything you own is left behind
The ant on the ground has power over you.
You became a friend to the sand.
A very long time friend missing you.
Now you know who you are
Actually nobody,
The breathe of God gives Life
Makes us somebody.
Be good and be good
Give even if it is your last
Be happy when you do.
Help even if not returned, don't make no harm
Death is not the opposite of life,
part of it.
Death opposite friend coffin carrier nobody own breathe shadow
Dark Dream May 2021
I heard your eyes
their whispered echo
Through my halls
Up to my walls
They said sweet nonsense
or maybe profound
spicy and a dash of sorrow
Was it trust you said
That could be here
To take a hand
Make your new land
Then tell me
That your eyes
are mine
writteninribon Jan 2021
You own every part of me,
Take my heart for it only beats to you,
Take my eyes for you are all that I see,
Take my hands just so you could hold them tight,
Tale my everything for you are all I need.
i knew that night that she owned me. the night where i moaned her name and she moaned mine, i knew it was time to surrender. i am hers as she is mine
JL Dec 2020
To look is not to see,
To hold is not to be.

To have is not to possess
And to own is not to free!

But to hold and yet see
What it means to set free,
With no aim to own, must be
The true nature of love..
Lunar Nov 2020
Do I know
Who I am on my own
Before I've met
Any other I have known?
Who am I, as a person? Is there even a portion of me that isn't influenced by others, or made up of pieces of the people I've let into my life? I'm afraid I don't know who I am tonight.

Let me be myself and write a poem for me.

A M Ryder Nov 2020
Seems unreal
And abstract
A string of zeros
That exists in some
Strange place of its own
Cross Boundry Oct 2020
seem to fall from my tongue
more easily than my own
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