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Flame Feb 2021
They say girls are like flowers,
But I’m unlike any flower
That you have ever known

Flowers bloom in the spring,
And use the sunlight
As a light source
And a means to grow

I bloom in the darkness
Wrapped underneath my covers,
Beside my pillows,
In a room,
Locked from the inside,
So that I
Can be alone

Flowers need water
From streams and lakes,
From clouds through rain,
After which a vibrant rainbow,
Always awaits

My water comes from pain,
But has the power to heal
As it falls
From the eyes,
As tears,
Drop by drop,
To the roots
Beneath the surface,
And far below

Make no mistake,
Like all flowers
I bloom,
But I operate beyond constructs
Like seasons
Or time
Or weather,
Of the physical

My journey is that of
And growth
That can only be seen
By the beholder,
And to those
The beholder
Decides to show
Isla Winters Jun 2019
Consistency was never my thing,
Any context says so,
Certainty was just a fling,
But anxiety is waiting at home.

Consistency is repetitive and boring,
Always knowing what comes next,
But I found solace in its simplicity,
So I didn't like the sudden text.

The text was short but not sweet,
Dark in its words,
It only consisted of one question,
'Hey...have you heard?'

It was from someone I didn't expect,
A somewhat old friend of mine,
But from those four words,
I knew it was time.

She was going through alot,
From what I remember,
And we both lost a person,
That late December.

It ruined the consistency of things,
What happened then,
Because all were left were rings,
And my heart empty and aware.
Melody Mar 2019
My Dearest
Love Me , As I Love You
Cherish Me , As I Cherish You
Offer your mornings , As I do
Redeem your nights , As I do
Only and solely ,
When it’s our beloved truths
Not replicated to appease fate.
Thank you, it’s an older piece of mine.
Anine Aug 2018
This is a childish play
Well, i guess you could say
It's a bit immature
But how can I be sure?

Honestly I forgot the day
The time I first saw you.
But you were noticed by my eyes
At that moment then I knew.

Questions filled my head
I think a hundreds of them.
Making sure it wont get in my way
Trying to push you away.

But I know I can't.
I already liked you now.
I tried to gather up my courage.
I should but how?

You knew before I come to say it.
Let's just say I was to obvious.
Actions speak louder than words.
If only you'll notice me, Yan.

I found out something.
You are already waiting for someone.
It hurts, I know.
Now, will these feelings be gone?

I said it. Now what?
Limited time is all I have.
I haven't talked about it yet.
Please turn back the time.

You were going to wait for her.
That was what you told me.
I feel so crushed and broken.
But I'm okay, as long as you're happy.
This was like 4 months ago.. And hmm yeah.. I think I already forgot how I felt about him.
Patty P Jul 2018
He was the weeds
                                            standing next to a Rose.
                                                           ­                           @)--'--,---
                     ­                                                                @)--'---,----
Opposites attract
Jikai Zheng Dec 2017
Yes, we can talk in secret
You brought me flowers?
Thank you

No, you're not like them
Not like the other guys
Yes, you're special

Well, you got a mole right there
No, the one on your forearm

Serious, though
I like your mindset

Oh, more?
I think you have the prettiest eyes
You blinked

Yes, I love them
Close my eyes?
Now, me

Really? Kind?
That's lame
Okay, fine

I do believe you
Cool, I'm cool
You, too

I'm down
We can go now
Yeah, just us
fm May 2017
there's a passion in my veins
burning through me like liquid fire.
I rise to the top
so close I can taste the sweet taste of stars,
but then the taste turns bitter,
and I am second best.
and **** I'm so tired of feeling like I'm not a first
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