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H N Aki May 14
We live within a world full of glass.
Where light and sight
are strayed when they pass...

The things we see;
monsters that loom...
Twisted creatures all around me.

Razor shards sting;
gashes with each step.
Screams from the people ring.

through the pieces lives the demons face.
A terrible, ungodly sight.
Yet, it took me to a familiar place.

Just then became plain to see
the closer I came to the shard.
This is a world of mirrors

The creature is me.
Sometimes we have to remember to look and realize that we have demons. It's the best way to keep them at bay.
faa Mar 5
My state forevermore
I, who became
Broken shards
Of an intentional slip, that i bore
The Sky’s burden
Atlas’ *******
Next to my bruises, my scarred
Shoulders had endured
Scathed, scorched
I was scorned
These pieces
Can never be pieced
Or witness a day of peace
After all
Glass shards
Are no jigsaw puzzles
Eleanor Feb 22
on a glass green sea
serenity in spite all

and yet,
serenity is not destined to stay

as glass turns to shards,
crying out for salvation
dying out
for no one responds

with the realization
the sea was never truly serene
Rowan S Jan 26
I used to think I was messy broken

Let me explain

Like a stray rock,
chipped from a bat in some sandy back lot
Through a window
Now shattered

Through. Done. Finished.

My splintered little pieces scattered to the winds
And me, running after those small bits
Like they were loose handouts in a windy parking lot
Scrambling to catch hold of
My life
My dignity
My sanity
My love


The only way to amend
Is complete replacement

For I am now irreparable
The intensity with which we shatter,
Those what’s-left-of-us shards that cut you deep,
Brokenness and jagged edges matter,
When prices paid with pieces feels too steep.

Only two things cause our own destruction—
We’re broken from without or from within.
The damage goes beyond reconstruction,
We can’t build what we built before again.

Cracked into piles of debris on the floor,
The remnants of escaped emotion’s cage,
Whose seething burn couldn’t take it anymore,
Disposing of it disrespects its rage.

We’re broken so that something is released,
Those shards remind us what we have to do.
To put them back is just what matters least,
But don’t cut yourself making something new.
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Gale L Mccoy Jan 7
I am in the middle of a wake
a paper weight holding down
the pondering, wandering thoughts
of a man who commuted suicide

in the magrins
people write their sorrows
in a dialect I recognize
but do not fully understand
I read them
because they hand them to me

it is not my sorrow to take
I have no right to it
but it is their sorrow to share
broken off into shards
passed hand to hand
in hopes the sharp edges
may dull in time

I will hold each shard given
warm them in my hands
dull the edges on my flesh
before I return it to the teller
So that they are one step closer
to a picture that no longer
hurts to touch
E B K Nov 2018
I know we shattered
because you moved away
and I didn't bother to call you

I know we shattered
because one day I came over
and you weren't the you that I knew

I know we shattered
because we drifted apart
and I don't know
what happened to you

I know we shattered
because I only texted
for me and not for you

I know that we shattered
because I f*cked up
and you are still a part
of my broken heart

and I am now surrounded
with shards of glass
and my hands

                         ­           r
                               i        p
                             p          i
                                 n  g

and staining the floor
The end of friendships, for me, seem just as painful as those of relationships.
Celeste Briefs Oct 2018
fire bursts forth from my chest
in shards of lightning,
cracking open the thin shell of the sky
the world begins to shake beneath my feet
as I emerge, unchained and unbroken
into the primal waters
chaotic harmony
fertile soil of the universe
Poetic T Sep 2018
Eating every petal,
tasting falsehoods
               of what they meant.

Every thorn crushed in
our last meal,
           hoping shards
cut deeply on the misconstrued
                 hope you would ******* pain.
fux Sep 2018
Live day by day
Cuz you never know
Today could be your last day
Seen too many lifeless bodies of good people
Guess this is not a place for the good ones
If you want to tell me something you should now
My time’s runnin’ out
i can’t tell if i will die in your hands or by them
If you’re reading this then it’s too late,
If you’re not my attempt failed
Everything ends,
I just hoped this would end with my death
That’s all he wrote.
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