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Safana Jul 21
In the court chamber,
a love and the
law are
and cases
are filed and
Then, are placed in a
Brilliant suitcase, and
No more law
For  love
Cattatonicat Jul 2
Why are you teaching them
We hate each other
Why are you teaching them
Their country doesn’t care about their health or education
Why are you teaching them
Their worth is judged by how much they produce

Teach children to feel
Teach children to love
Teach children to forgive
Teach children to learn

Teach children that they can tell
How truly alive they are
By the state of their heart
Asia Meditz Jun 4
I’m used to feeling stared at
Even when there’s no eyes upon me
I’m used to feeling judged
When no one is thinking about me
It’s just life, I’m fine.

Even when I’m alone
And there’s no way someone can see me
I do things as if I am being watched
So that whoever can see me isn’t thinking negatively
It’s just life, I’m fine.

There’s no point to it
And sometimes I seem a bit paranoid
Or maybe anxious
But hey
It’s just life, I’m fine
tanvi sharma Jan 17
from embracing the stage and dancing my emotions
to being scared of it,
from sketching for expression and heal depression
to being detached from it,
from talking my heart out
to keeping thoughts sealed in,
from loving people for the good in them
to always pointing out the faults,
from going out and enjoying
to staying in and sulking,
from loving my body
to criticizing it from every angle,
from trying to improve myself
to fix myself.
when you are sick of what you've become and miss your old self
Sunset Meadows Sep 2019
What is normal?
Is it even real?
Why can't we just be ourselves
Not be judged
By strangers
People who know nothing about us
They don't know the uncomfortable feelings
The hate already being thrown our way
Inhumane words
Hitting our shields
They're breaking now
Being smashed
I know mine is almost done for
It might as well be gone
Yet the knives are still being thrown
Heading right for me
Hitting the target
Trying to hit us
Right where it hurts
Will there ever be a day
When we are no longer judged for us
No longer tossed away like expired food
Kicked out of our own home
Seeking shelter
But then being abused
For just being who we are
When are we going to stop being the target
Stop being the abused
Can we not be humiliated and judged
Why can't we just be?
Just be who we are without being hated
Let me know what you think.
leyana Jul 2019
I made mistakes
Then people call me fake

I do things to make them happy
In the end they'll laugh behind my back

They call me many things
But, there's one thing that keeps ringing

I am a nobody
Just an invisible person
William A Poppen Jun 2019
Without the label of a teacher
Nonetheless things are pointed out
With care and diligence

Comments meticulously exacting
As though there is a sixth sense
About what is detailed

More than busy, attention is thorough
Rigor seeps from every statement
Oozing inside the listeners skull

How much perseverance can
Be understood while feeling
Crushed beneath a microscope’s slide
*A recent word of the day
Poetic T Apr 2019
I was just bolts with a jar of mortality
       sitting on top of a conscience frame.
Were they just following programs to
              fulfil a outdated programme.

Like watching black & white programs
              on an old 4K television screen.
Incompatible to even comprehend that  
            the actions & consequences
                                  were known when the switch
    was no longer, like a god everything was preordained.

But for one to know everything, one must know
           the intricate nuance's of action and consequence.
They had no emotion, no feeling. Not knowing that
              what was forgivable, to give one a second chance.

Instead they just hollow pointed there intention across.
A full stop in the heart,
                               and a silence of thought in the head.
For when the genie was released every action was a
                           ripple of what could become.

And they thought to stop crime was to see the actions,
               of one and all.  So a child,
                                                   was read on mannerisms
Psyche profiles where constructed and without a moment
                                                          ­­         cries where silenced.

The protector of all who now judged,
             Tears of infants fell silent.
I was the machine with a heart,
             beating to the reality that all where guilty till
                                                                ­­          charged.

We were few, but we judged the machines before us,
              unworthy were those that took a life.
For an algorithm that was corrupt of humanity.
                         Serving with the strength of conviction,
but we would see deep within and see the seed that
              could grow not clip it blossom before it could grow.

Machines were once the morals of mans sentences,
            now there are those who see morality.
          But have the steel to back up on the convictions.

Morals are mans strength not a weakness,
            I'm just bolts with a jar of mortality.
              but before all were guilty...
Slabs now hold the misjudgement of so many.
             we see beyond 000,s & 11111's
were not numbers were more than that now.
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