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Ken Pepiton Feb 23
Duty calls, teacher hat,
same as the preacher hat,
same as the mathematical wager,

still on, Pascal. Safe bet, but… once

a few million kids at once learned
that tic tack toe and thermo-nu-clear war,
were in the set of bets that blinks can lose.

In a New York movie, some geek kid,
reacted by becoming Barry Rudd,
the purchased man child in the legendary

Child Buyer Project, novelized after Hiroshima,
by a master of the craft, story building
from ash and salt and sand,

into glass houses none throw stones from,
in the mind game of fragile circumstances,

thin ice, no ice, open sea, pity the bears,
celebrate the sea lions and otters and seals.
Just marking when we all knew some common sensibles.
Robert Jun 2019
a knight in shining armor
visited me today
he said
**** I'm taking yo girl
Sorry, I'm drunk.
Since 3rd Grade, I like you.
I don't know what you did to my heart.
First day of 4th Grade, I thought my feelings were gone.
5th Grade, you still make my heart flutter.
6th Grade, I tried to like someone else.
It got successful but why were you still the number one?
7th Grade, you still never failed to make my heart flutter.
As we keep getting closer, the pain became closer to me too.
8th grade, I had second thoughts if I still like you,
Because I felt it's more than like already.
9th grade, still thinking why I have feelings for you when you flutter and break my heart at the same time.
10th Grade, as much as my feelings grew deeper,
The pain started to grow more.
Ever since 3rd Grade,
I started to have feelings for you,
Also, the pain started to grow too.
What should I do..bunny :(
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